Chapter 807: “The Yan Country’s Crown Prince (4)”

    Chapter 807: "The Yan Country's Crown Prince (4)"

    A gust of the night breeze blew past bringing a slight chill. The two guards suddenly felt a heavy sleepiness attacking them and in a blink, they were leaning against their spears as they succumbed to it.

    When they were finally sleeping so soundly their head actually lolled slightly to the side, Jun Wu Xie and her companions strode out uninhibited through the doors of the West Mansion.

    The land area the Crown Prince's Residence sat on was large and there was a certain distance between the West Mansion and the Crown Prince's sleeping chambers in the East Mansion. Although it was late in the middle of the night, the guards patrolling the interior of the Crown Prince's Residence were not resting. But those patrolling guards had not noticed that a little palm sized black cat had studied their patrol routes and the time they took to complete them. Exactly a minute after a patrol had just passed a long corridor, Jun Wu Xie and the companions quickly slipped past it and proceeded on towards Lei Chen's sleeping chambers.

    Lei Chen had drunk quite a lot that night and he was completely unconscious as he lay sleeping in his bed, not moving in the slightest.

    After they made the two guards at the entrance sleep, Jun Wu Xie walked unrestricted into Lei Chen's bedchambers. A single candle lit the room and the faint light eased the pitch dark a little.

    The moment Qiao Chu passed through the door, he saw Lei Chen lying unmoving on the bed, fallen in a deep sleep, and a evil smile suddenly appeared on his lips.

    That night back at the feast, they could see that Lei Chen could hold his liquor quite well and they knew that with Lei Chen's nature, he would not allow himself to get drunk. But on that night, it was no longer up to him. In the cup of wine that Jun Wu Xie had pushed before Lei Chen, Jun Wu Xie had secretly drugged it. No matter how well Lei Chen could hold his liquor, he would not be able to hold up to Jun Wu Xie's drug.

    "With him in such a state, how are we going to be able to ask him anything?" Qiao Chu came to stand beside Lei Chen's bed and squatted down, as he poked at Lei Chen's red flushed cheeks with his finger.

    He was sleeping really deeply!

    Qiao Chu highly doubted that the completely knocked out Lei Chen would be able to adequately answer any of Jun Wu Xie's questions.

    They had come all the way here to this place that day not for the free wine and food, but to create an opportunity for them to locate the fourth piece of the map whereby Fei Yan would produce a replica of it before they cut off ties with Lei Chen.

    The intricate internal complications of the Yan Country were not  of Jun Wu Xie's concern. Her goals have always been crystal clear.

    "Help him up." Jun Wu Xie said.

    Qiao Chu immediately reached out and easily pulled Lei Chen up.

    Lei Chen's head was lolled to one side and he did not show any signs of regaining consciousness.

    "Pry open his mouth." Jun Wu Xie said after that.

    Fei Yan stepped up and opened Lei Chen's mouth, seemingly highly familiar with that action, and Jun Wu Xie immediately dropped an elixir into Lei Chen's mouth.

    Qiao Chu helped Lei Chen to a chair at the side of room to sit down and he stepped away to the side, looking excitedly at Lei Chen.

    "Little Xie, what did you give him?" Qiao Chu asked curiously as he hopped to come stand beside Jun Wu Xie. In Jun Wu Xie's hands, there would always be some strange and curious elixirs, many of them were elixirs that he had never even known to exist.

    "Something to make him talk." Jun Wu Xie said expressionlessly, not really in the mood to satisfy Qiao Chu's inquisitive curiosity.

    The rest of the companions tactfully stood on one side and waited patiently, completely handing the entire situation into Jun Wu Xie's hands, knowing that all they had to do was just to wait for the results.

    Just shortly after, the unconscious Lei Chen suddenly moved. He slowly lifted his head and opened his eyes. But those eyes were not focused on anything and had no life in them as he just stared numbly straight ahead. There was the slightest expression or emotion on that handsome looking face and at a glance, he looked just like he would as if sleepwalking, and was not awake entirely.
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