Chapter 808: “Serendipity (1)”

    Chapter 808: "Serendipity (1)"

    Jun Wu Xie stood before Lei Chen, as she stared at the pair of unseeing pair of eyes.

    "What is your name?" Jun Wu Xie asked slowly.

    "Lei Chen." Lei Chen answered dully as he opened his mouth, without expression on his face, but the voice was clear and crisp.

    Qiao Chu who was standing at the side blinked his eyes in wonder, as he watched Lei Chen's strange demeanor.

    "The effects of the elixir is rather amazing! If we encounter such situations next time, we can just get Little Xie to just feed that elixir to the person and we will be able to know all that we want to dig out from the person!" Qiao Chu whispered softly, pushing his shoulder against Hua Yao beside him.

    Hua Yao did not take his eyes off Lei Chen as he said in a low voice: "Not everything works on every single person."

    Qiao Chu shrugged and did not say anything else.

    Under the weak glow of the lone candlelight, Lei Chen sat in the chair quietly and motionless, only answering whatever Jun Wu Xie asked him.

    Jun Wu Xie asked him three simple questions in succession, to ascertain that the elixir had already taken effect on Lei Chen. Thereafter, her eyes narrowed and she asked in a cold voice: "Have you ever come in contact with people from the Middle Realm?"

    Lei Chen, who had answered the questions without any hesitation suddenly looked like he was stuck, his expressionless face twisting up, like he was struggling.

    Jun Wu Xie was a little surprised at the reaction. The elixir that she had given to Lei Chen was a type of drug that would numb the person's consciousness and nervous system. The effects of the drug would only show when large amounts of alcohol was ingested together and this was the first time she had used it since she was reborn although she had used it often when she was still with the organization, and Lei Chen's reaction caused a strange feeling to come into Jun Wu Xie's heart.

    Under those circumstances, it was impossible that Lei Chen would show any expression as his brain should have completely been numbed and his nervous system would not be able to transmit any emotions.

    "He..... why is he not answering anymore?" Qiao Chu was eagerly anticipating for Lei Chen to reveal the truth to them and just when they were getting to the crux of the matter, he had suddenly jammed up and got stuck.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyebrow raised up and her eyes were locked on Lei Chen's twisted face.

    "Is something wrong?" Fan Zhuo noticed that Jun Wu Xie was not acting normally and he asked immediately.

    Jun Wu Xie answered: "Something's not right."

    "Not right?"

    Jun Wu Xie bit on her lip and said: "Unless he had undergone special training before, if not, at this juncture, he should answer whatever I ask him without a moment's hesitation." In her past life, she had indeed come across a bunch of people who had undergone anti hypnosis training. That group of people had been highly resilient and were immune towards these drugs that manipulated the nervous system, and with just the drugs she used on those people, she had not been able to really hypnotise them fully.

    But after having been reborn into this world for so long, she had not seen any records or heard any mention of anything that hinted at the existence of hypnosis in this world. And if it did not exist in this world, how could Lei Chen have possibly undergone any training against it?

    Jun Wu Xie thought about it a while and she decided to change her way of approaching it. She opened her mouth and asked: "Did you send a team of men to go to the Heaven's End Cliff previously?"

    In that instant that Jun Wu Xie's question left her mouth, the struggle on Lei Chen's face immediately disappeared and his face went back to the dull, lifeless and expressionless look and he quickly answered: "Yes."

    "You gave them a map at that time. Where have you kept the original map?" Jun Wu Xie asked.

    There is no original. That map was was intercepted from the hand of my father's guard." Lei Chen's expressionless face did not change the slightest as he spoke, but those words made everyone in the room to suddenly freeze in shock.

    [The map is not in Lei Chen's hands! ? What is going on here! ?]
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