Chapter 810 : “Serendipity (3)”

    Chapter 810 : "Serendipity (3)"

    Lei Chen had under the influence of the drugs, shared everything he knew to the very last detail towards Jun Wu Xie's questions, revealing everything he possibly could. Based on what she had gathered from Lei Chen's words, Jun Wu Xie was able to deduce that the original copy of the map was highly possible to be in the possession of the Yan Country's Emperor.

    "The matter had just gotten a lot harder to do. If the item is in the hands of the Emperor, it would be a lot more difficult if we want to come into contact with him." Fan Zhuo said looking at Jun Wu Xie. "From the way things are now, we might not be able to distance ourselves from Lei Chen for the time being."

    Jun Wu Xie nodded, "Only through Lei Chen, would we stand a chance of meeting the Emperor."

    The Yan Country's Emperor had not been feeling well in recent years and he had rarely left the Imperial Palace. Without Lei Chen as a link, the only way they would be able to come into contact with the Emperor would be to forcibly break into Imperial Palace. But they were unclear of the situation within the Imperial Palace and suddenly charging in haphazardly might only result in them being ambushed by the expert exponents by the Emperor's side.

    Without having complete confidence they could pull it off, Jun Wu Xie would never choose to take that step.

    "We can still choose to continue making use of Lei Chen, but Lei Chen is currently being targeted by someone and if we continue to be linked to him, the reputation of the Zephyr Academy would also be....." Hua Yao trailed off as he looked meaningfully at Fan Zhuo.

    "I believe that even if the Zephyr Academy's name is maligned now, its name will be cleared one day. Moreover, even if someone was intentionally defaming the Zephyr Academy, so what? As long as we win this year's Spirit Battle Tournament splendidly, everyone can only keep their mouths shut." Fan Zhuo knew that Hua Yao was worried about his concerns for Fan Jin, hence, he was just replying Hua Yao with a gentle smile, appearing unconcerned.

    "No need." Jun Wu Xie interjected suddenly.

    All the companions turned to look at her.

    "Little Xie, did you say there's no need?" Fan Zhuo asked, his eyes filled with puzzlement.

    Jun Wu Xie was looking at Lei Chen thoughtfully as she asked the companions: "Do all of you think we would be able to get the map from the Yan Country's Emperor that easily?"

    Jun Wu Xie's questions threw them all off guard and they sat there stunned a moment.

    Except for the map that Fan Zhuo had given them, before they got their hands on the other two pieces of the maps, they had needed to go through a daunting battle with the possessor of the map. The Imperial Palace cannot be compared to the Crown Prince's Residence as it would not allow them to come and go as they pleased like it was with the Crown Prince.

    "If the map gets lost, the Twelve Palaces would not let the matter rest that easily." Jun Wu Xie said without expression. To people like Ke Cang Ju and Ning Rui, those maps had been like the biggest opportunity for them, but at the same time, the greatest danger. If the maps handed over to them were carelessly lost, it could be imagined just how furious the people from the Twelve Palaces would be!

    Hence, no matter whether it was to fight for more benefits for himself, or whether it was to protect his own life, the Emperor of the Yan Country would definitely protect that map with everything he had.

    And if Jun Wu Xie and her companions wanted to take the map away for the Emperor, there was no doubt that it would have to be through a fierce battle.

    Jun Wu Xie's gaze swept over Lei Chen's face. If she was able to push Mo Qian Yuan up to ascend the throne, she would not mind doing it once again with Lei Chen. But before that, she needed to know more about the situation within the Yan Country.

    On the surface, Lei Chen's position was firmly etched. But judging from the previous instances of someone having intentionally gone against him happening, and the circumstances revealed by Lei Chen himself in the interrogation with the truth serum, it was clear to the companions that the Crown Prince's title and position was less optimistic than it would seem on the surface.

    Sensing Jun Wu Xie's undecided stance and demeanor, Qiao Chu gulped loudly as he asked warily: "What you intending to do Little Xie?" Without exactly knowing why, seeing that kind of expression on Jun Wu Xie made him strongly feel that something very terrible was about to occur very soon.

    Jun Wu Xie instead shook her head. She gauged the amount of time that had passed before determining that the effects of the drug would be wearing out soon, and they would not be able to continue with the session today.

    "Return first."
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