Chapter 817 : “Secret Intricacies of the Imperial Harem (3)”

    Chapter 817 : "Secret Intricacies of the Imperial Harem (3)"

    After discussing it a little further with Lei Chen, Jun Wu Xie and the others left the Crown Prince's Palace. While they made their way back, the events that unfolded that morning completely filled the minds of the companions.

    All of it had really opened their eyes and revealed to the youths a prime example of the intricacies involved in the struggles within an Imperial Family.

    "I had never realised that there would be so much scheming involved behind the facade of the prestigious Imperial House. Seeing all this is making me feel all the turmoil that Ning Rui kicked up before suddenly seem so trifling." Fan Zhuo laughed despite himself, shaking his head. Compared to the Yan Country's Empress, Ning Rui's insidious deeds suddenly seem so simple and uncomplicated.

    "But there is still one thing that I still think is rather strange." Fan Zhuo said suddenly as he turned to look at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Fan Zhuo without a word.

    "Although Little Xie you had plotted to lead Lei Chen into seeing that he had no other choice but to ally himself with us, but having him reveal all his darkest secrets so readily to all of us, wouldn't it seem to be a little too careless and easy of Lei Chen? Would there be another ulterior motive hidden behind it?" Fan Zhuo asked in caution. Lei Chen had been too open with all the secrets he had revealed to the companions that day, and the only thing he did not do was to jump up and say it all himself personally.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head and said: "There wouldn't be."


    "I made him say all that." Jun Wu Xie replied calmly.

    "....." This time, not only Fan Zhuo was looking at Jun Wu Xie in puzzlement. All the other companions had suddenly turned to look at Jun Wu Xie with strange looks on their faces.

    [She made Lei Chen say all that?]

    "I prepared all that just before we left his chambers last night." Jun Wu Xie looked back at all her companions, her eyes calm and collected.

    The effects of hypnosis might have been rather useful, but the amount of things that Lei Chen knew about the map was too little. In order to allow them to take the next step towards getting the map, Jun Wu Xie needed to seal the alliance with Lei Chen as quickly as possible. But..... she really did not feel like spending too much time dallying back and forth with Lei Chen, so she had unilaterally decided to introduce into the hypnotised Lei Chen's subconscious mind by way of suggestion, just before they left the chambers, for Lei Chen to subconsciously have absolute trust for Jun Xie.

    Although the effects of such suggestions while under hypnosis were not obvious, but if the person held the slightest inclination towards the suggested action in his heart, the suggestion introduced into his subconscious mind amplify that endlessly, spreading from the root. That was what made Lei Chen reveal everything to Jun Wu Xie without holding anything back that morning.

    In the end.....

    They had all been taken in by Jun Wu Xie.

    "Ahem. I swear, I will never go against Little Xie ever!" Qiao Chu raised up his right hand solemnly, his face serious as he sincerely swore to the Heavens above. The longer he was in Jun Wu Xie's company, the more terrifying he realised the little lass really was. All those strange elixirs with their bizarre effects of hers already made her enemies helpless against her and to top it all off, she had that unbelievable little brain of her.....

    Qiao Chu genuinely believed, that even if there were two of him, in Jun Wu Xie's hands, would not be enough to last even single round.

    "Concur." Fei Yan agreed readily, in a rare display of actually being in complete agreement with Qiao Chu for once.

    Rong Ruo said with a laugh: "Fortunately Little Xie is on our side, or we will be in deep trouble."

    Brains, finesse, and limitless potential beyond anyone else. The little lass had been born to wreck at other people's confidence and self worth. Do not judge her just based on that tiny face with its icy demeanor. In reality, that face belonged to a wily fox that was able to trick and dupe you so quickly without even blinking, a most demonic devil in disguise.

    Jun Wu Xie looked on as the others went on with their tirade before she calmly told them: "Rest assured, I will never use such things on you."

    Qiao Chu immediately smiled and was just about to jump up in joy when Jun Wu Xie's words that came right after made all the smiles of their faces freeze in place.

    "I don't want to waste them." Jun Wu Xie told them in all seriousness.

    The companions immediately turned into stone right in their spots.

    [Personal attacks like these are not allowed! !]

    After admiring the crying and tearless expressions on the faces of her companions, Jun Wu Xie turned around and went into her room. Once her back was turned, the corner of her lips turned up in the slightest, showing the faintest tinge of a smile.

    Having this bunch of clowns around, feels..... rather comforting.
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