Chapter 818 : “Don’t Ask for Death and You’ll Live (1)”

    Chapter 818 : "Don't Ask for Death and You'll Live (1)"

    After confirming their alliance with Lei Chen, the rest of the Spirit Battle Tournament would be the time for Jun Wu Xie and her companions to shine.

    However, when Jun Wu Xie stepped into the fourth round of the tournament, the unexpected happened once more. The youth who was supposed to battle Jun Wu Xie in that round had pulled out from the tournament just like the others before him, and it was even more serious this time!

    The youth had not just simply failed to show up for the match, but had lost his very life in a corner of the Imperial Capital. This was the first time a murder had occurred at the Spirit Battle Tournament ever since the inception of the competition and that news had attracted the attention of all the contestants immediately!

    The last few rounds of forfeiture had been connected to Jun Xie and the reason behind those disciples' decision to pull out had already been heatedly debated by everyone. The incidents had also been linked to the Yan Country's Crown Prince Lei Chen as well as everyone suspected that it was Lei Chen who was secretly pulling strings behind the scenes, forcing the youths to give up their chances in the tournament with both bribes and threats. But this time, things have gone too far.

    Someone had actually lost his life for it!

    The crowd at the arena had actually curious to know what was going to happen and they were now highly enraged! Those disciples who had advanced to the fifth round were indignant as all of them did not know who Jun Xie's next opponent would be! It was obvious to them by now that Lei Chen had in order to let Jun Xie win, taken a life. Wasn't that a message to all the rest of them that if they continued to compete in the tournament, the road forward for them would only be death! ?

    When the matter that had still not be entirely clear to everyone, was suddenly stained with blood, fear rose within the disciples who had advanced and made them highly tensed and jittery. The incident had now come to a boil. The disciples from the various academies had initially only been despised the Zephyr Academy for ingratiating themselves with Lei Chen, but now, the Zephyr Academy was being mercilessly cursed at and spat upon.

    The kind of damage suffered was no longer a trifling matter, once the Zephyr Academy shouldered the crime of having caused another person to die, no matter how powerful the Zephyr Academy's disciples were seen to be at the Spirit Battle Tournament, it would not be able to redeem their tainted name!

    Immediately, Jun Wu Xie summoned Lei Chen over, to question him on the actual circumstances behind the incident.

    This time, Lei Chen was completely innocent. After having sealed their alliance, he knew that he could no longer take things into his own hands and continue with any underhanded methods. He had given up on his earlier intentions and this time..... he had not even gone near to the youth that was supposed to fight Jun Xie in the fourth round. In fact, he did not even know who Jun Xie's opponent was going to be!

    "It wasn't you?" Jun Wu Xie asked, looking at Lei Chen.

    Lei Chen only barely came short of swearing to the Heavens. He said crying tearlessly: "It really wasn't me! However dumb I might seem to be, I wouldn't have chosen this moment to have done something so overboard! Wouldn't I just be adding fuel to the fire if I did?"

    Jun Wu Xie was deep in thought. If it was not done by Lei Chen's hands, that the deed could only have been committed by the hidden hand that wanted to drag Lei Chen off his position, the Yan Country's Emperor. Only he would be capable of that at such a time.

    "He is really rather merciless isn't he?" Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed. The Yan Country's Emperor had in order to force Lei Chen to come off his position of being the Crown Prince, secretly laid his hands on contestants that had come here to partake in the Tournament. If news of this leaked out, the Yan Country can forget about hosting anything like the Spirit Battle Tournament henceforth.

    "What are we to do now? The academies taking part in the tournament had already raised a protest and the matter has been brought to the attention of my Father. If he really uses this to force me to submit to his wishes, then....." Lei Chen was feeling highly antsy and he was too nervous to think of any way out.

    Jun Wu Xie was however still completely calm. Her placid calm was however causing Lei Chen to become more nervous.

    "You're not worried? This entire incident..... is affecting you as well you know?" Lei Chen looked expectantly at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie was still seemingly unaffected as she slowly said: "You do not have to bother with the matter. I will handle it. If the Emperor insists on finding fault with you about the disciple's death, the only thing you need to do is to just drag it out as long as you can, and that will do."
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