Chapter 830 : “Apologies, It’s My Turn (5)”

    Chapter 830 : "Apologies, It's My Turn (5)"

    As everyone in the first battle district was still gripped in shock, one man among them who had been secretly observing everything that had gone on in there had his face creased up in a deep frown as he quietly slipped out the back door of the battle arena.

    Zhao Xun was walking on one of the main streets on his way back to the academy's allocated inn when he suddenly felt someone coming in very close from behind. He had not even turned his head back when a hand clamped upon his shoulder and he felt a cold and hard point pressed against the back of his hip.

    "Don't make a sound, and just follow me." A low raspy voice sounded from behind Zhao Xun. Zhao Xun's body stiffened and his face immediately showed an expression of fear as he obediently nodded his head.

    The man forcefully pushed Zhao Xun into a dark alley at the side.

    In the dark alley, a black robed man stood with his hands clasped behind his back. The face that had not been too good looking in the first place was now even ominously dark. He stared chillingly at Zhao Xun who had been dragged in by his subordinate and his eyes flashed with rage.

    "Do you know what you have done?" The black robed man stared at Zhao Xun icily, his voice trembling with rage.

    Zhao Xun shivered and his face went pale.

    "I asked for you to go spread more rumours and to forfeit the match. What did you show up there instead?" The black robed man's eyes flared up in rage.

    Zhao Xun replied stiffly: "I..... I..... I had thought..... I could defeat him....."

    "You scoundrel!" The black robed man's eyes widened further as he stared at Zhao Xun. "Who told you you can decide for yourself! Are you already tired of living! ? Have you forgotten my specific instructions! ? Such a perfect plan but it has been wrecked by a bumbling fool! What I wanted you to do was to go ruin Jun Xie name! Tarnish the Crown Prince's reputation! You had instead gone on to provide Jun Xie with an opportunity like this! The news that Jun Xie defeated you today in battle will spread very quickly! His powers as a green spirit will be revealed! Do you think people will still think he is just a douchebag that only knows how to play up to people in power! ? !"

    The black robed man was on the verge of exploding with rage. The plan had proceeded very smoothly up to this point. Zhao Xun had agreed to everything and who knew what kind of madness came over him that he should decide to show up today at the first battle district and gave Jun Xie the chance to show his powers!

    With that one foolish move, all that they had worked for had been completely wrecked! With the kid's green spirit powers revealed, it was enough to dispel all the lies and rumours to collapse into itself!

    Zhao Xun only shivered and did not say anything more.

    "Since you have been so foolish and have shown yourself to be completely useless, there is no need to keep you alive any longer!" The black robed man narrowed his eyes and signaled with a glance to the man holding Zhao Xun down.

    The dagger pressed against Zhao Xun's back suddenly thrust out!

    But just at the moment that the dagger was about to pierce into Zhao Xun's gut, Zhao Xun suddenly seemed to have collapsed from fright and he fell down to sit upon the ground, slipping out from the grasp of the man!

    That man had wanted to grab at him but Zhao Xun rolled out of the way and he immediately tried to scramble and claw his way out!

    "Catch him and bring him back!" The black robed man was shocked, he had not thought Zhao Xun would be able to escape his subordinate's hold!

    Zhao Xun ran heedlessly with all his might and just as he was about to get out of the dark alley, his eyes lit up with mirth!

    "Don't kill me! Don't kill me! I did not intentionally defy your orders! I have done wrong! I should not have gone to the tournament! I should have listened to you and forfeited the match and pushed the blame onto His Highness the Crown Prince! I have really realised my mistake! I beg you not to kill me!"

    In the short moment he ran out from the dark and quiet alley, Zhao Xun suddenly let out a pitiful wail. His loud and clear voice carried far and quickly attracted the attention of many people coming and going through the main thoroughfare!
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