Chapter 843 : “Trumped Up Charges (4)”

    Chapter 843 : "Trumped Up Charges (4)"

    That Jun Wu Xie must have held a grudge against the lass, or why would Jun Wu Xie want to take her life with her very first strike?

    "You did not do it. Someone wanted to frame it on you." Fan Zhuo said suddenly.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded. "I did not even touch her in the slightest and at the moment just before I attacked, she collapsed." She had been moving extremely fast then and she had indeed closed in to come near Qu Ling Yue. In the eyes of others, it would look like she had struck Qu Ling Yue using her blindingly fast speed.

    But no one knew it better than Jun Wu Xie herself, what the exact situation had been at that exact moment.

    Jun Wu Xie's words made Qiao Chu and the others suddenly fall deep in thought. They had initially thought that Qu Ling Yue had done something which made Jun Wu Xie lash out at her. But hearing Fan Zhuo's and Jun Wu Xie's words now, they were rudely shaken awake.

    If Jun Wu Xie really wanted to retaliate against someone, she would most definitely not employ methods that attracted so much attention to herself. She had almost never revealed her true intentions before others and it was even more impossible that she would commit to an attempted murder without any preparations beforehand.

    Thinking back on it, the incident with Qu Ling Yue was truly unlike Jun Wu Xie's usual style.

    "Do you know who is the person behind this?" Hua Yao asked.

    Jun Wu Xie replied: "If not the Emperor, then the Fourth Prince. I had just rejected the Fourth Prince's invitation recently and with his proud and arrogant temperament, he will not let it slide just like that. For them to have schemed to put me in jail today, more things are sure to come after."

    She was getting deeply curious just how much more the Emperor and the Fourth Prince are capable of.

    "I do not intend to leave this place at the moment. Fei Yan, help me keep a close watch on Qu Ling Yue's side. They wouldn't dare to allow anything to really happen to Qu Ling Yue." Qu Ling Yue's unique identity made her a person that not everyone dared to harm. The reason they had chosen to use Qu Ling Yue was firstly because Qu Ling Yue was her next opponent in the tournament, and secondly, they were intending to use the powerful Thousand Beast City behind Qu Ling Yue to blow up the matter.

    If it had been any other youth in this incident, it would have been easily covered up and nothing close to anything of this scale would have happened.

    "Do we need to enlist Lei Chen's help?" Qiao Chu then asked.

    "Regarding this matter, Lei Chen would not be able to interfere. Why do you think they chose Qu Ling Yue? As the Young Miss of the Thousand Beast City, if anything happens to her, the people of the Thousand Beast City would surely be dragged into the farce. Lei Chen is merely the Crown Prince of the Yan Country and he is not able become involved in it. Moreover, the Emperor will not give him any opportunity to stick his hand into the matter either." Jun Wu Xie explained calmly. If Lei Chen could do anything about the situation, she would not still be sitting in that cell at that moment.

    "Is that old Emperor becoming dotty? Does he have to play the game in this way? Aren't Lei Chen and Lei Fan both his sons just the same? Don't tell me he already knows that Lei Chen is not his biological son?" Qiao Chu asked, a sinister smile playing across his lips.

    Both of those boys were not related to the Emperor in the slightest, and if that old man found out, he would surely die from that unimaginable rage.

    "If he knew, Lei Chen would be dead by now." Jun Wu Xie looked at Qiao Chu helplessly. [When would this overgrown kid grow some brains?]

    "The Emperor only wants Lei Chen to step down from his position as the Crown Prince and doesn't really want to take his life. But, on the other hand, Lei Fan might not be sharing that same thought." Jun Wu Xie had only interacted with Lei Fan once in their short first meeting. But with just that single meeting, Jun Wu Xie had been able to gather that Lei Fan's temperament and personality was unlike normal people. She had barely just rejected his invitation to be his study partner and the next moment she had found herself thrown in jail.

    He had acted really fast.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed and they suddenly glinted with an unidentifiable emotion.
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