Chapter 846 : “Peerless Genius Doctor (2)”

    Chapter 846 : "Peerless Genius Doctor (2)"

    Lei Chen froze a moment and the shock in his eyes faded away, quickly replaced with a questioning look.

    "Lin Palace? The Lin Palace that commands the Rui Lin Army?" Although the Yan Country was the largest country, but over the years, they had not dared move against the Qi Kingdom rashly. The Qi Kingdom was just a small country and not matter whether in terms of economic or military strength, they were incomparable with the mighty Yan Country. It was for the lone reason that the Qi Kingdom possessed the infamous notoriously ferocious Rui Lin Army that in the past decade, no one dared move against the tiny Qi Kingdom.

    The fame of the Rui Lin Army had thundered through Lei Chen's ears as well.

    "That's right." Qiao Chu nodded his head, smiling from ear to ear.

    Lei Chen's eyes was filled with an additional tinge of respect when he now looked at Jun Wu Xie. "A pleasure, Miss Jun."

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    "Young Master Qiao, when you said you wanted to recommend me a prodigious doctor, you don't mean....." Lei Chen's eyes were showing a tinge of uncertainty.

    Qiao Chu replied proudly: "That's her."

    "....." Lei Chen was suddenly flabbergasted. He had really thought Qiao Chu would really introduce him to a prodigious doctor but he had never expected..... that it would be this young lady from an extraordinary background, who made all flowers pale in beauty and Lei Chen was suddenly feeling like a balloon with its air let out, deflated.

    "Young Master Qiao, this is not the right moment to be kidding." Lei Chen admonished gently.

    "I am not joking. Wu Xie's medical skills are superb. Trust me, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed." Qiao Chu said.

    Lei Chen really felt like crying. [This Qiao Chu had always been so straightforward and candid but this was not a good time to stir up any trouble. Qu Ling Yue's injuries were extremely severe and the most famous of doctors in the Yan Country were gathered by Qu Ling Yue at that moment. Even the Imperial Physicians were staying with her day and night, not daring to show the slightest neglect, but even then, none of them had been able to at least stabilise Qu Ling Yue's condition, completely stumped on how to treat Qu Ling Yue's injuries.]

    [And here was Qiao Chu, having brought a beautiful young lady even younger than himself claiming that she was a genius doctor.] Lei Chen was tearless as he almost cried before Qiao Chu.

    [If he were to guess at Jun Wu Xie's age, she would be about fourteen to fifteen at most and even if she had practiced Medicine from a very young age, how would she be able to compare with the Imperial Physicians in the Palace?]

    Lei Chen was really at a loss for words as Jun Wu Xie's identity was stopping him from bluntly voicing out his thoughts and he could only stare forlornly at the reckless Qiao Chu in utter despair.

    Jun Wu Xie could see Lei Chen's worries and she asked in a soft tone: "Does Your Highness doubt my medical skills?"

    Lei Chen smiled awkwardly.

    "In Your Highness' current predicament, I'm afraid to say you should not be over worrying on these things. The fact that I have revealed my family background shows that I hold a certain degree of confidence. If not, wouldn't I just be senselessly drawing two highly powerful enemies to my family's Lin Palace?" Jun Wu Xie's tone was calm and firm, and she had touched on the crux of the matter.

    Lei Chen was taken aback as he hesitated a moment, before he subconsciously turned to Qiao Chu.

    Qiao Chu touched his nose consciously and said: "It was Jun Xie who asked me to invite her here. He had said, that Miss Jun would be able to completely resolve this crisis entirely." If truth was to be told, Qiao Chu had still not been able to understand why Jun Wu Xie would want to appear before Lei Chen with her real identity. But from the way things stood now, Jun Wu Xie had done this to dispel any of Lei Chen's misgivings. Afterall, for someone of such a young age wanting people to believe in her skills in Medicine, she would need strong stakes to back her up.

    And the entire Lin Palace's reputation, was the biggest stake she could bring to the table.

    "This is arranged by little brother Jun?" Lei Chen's tightly furrowed brows finally relaxed. Towards Jun Xie, he had always somehow held an unconditional level of trust towards him.


    Lei Chen bit on his lip as he considered the situation and turned to look at Jun Wu Xie briefly before he said: "Qu Ling Yue's injuries is a matter of grave concern and its implications are far reaching. But since little brother Jun chooses to believe in you, I will do as he think is right. I beseech Young Miss Jun to stabilise Qu Ling Yue's grave injuries and help us resolve the terrible crisis."
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