Chapter 848 : “Peerless Genius Doctor (4)”

    Chapter 848 : "Peerless Genius Doctor (4)"

    The youth had never seen such a mesmerizing young lady before and just one look had suddenly shut out all the noisy clamour around him to completely disappear, and his senses only registered the figure of Jun Wu Xie he was seeing in front of his eyes.

    "Zi Xu, what are you staring at?" Lei Chen noticed Meng Zi Xu's gaze staring fixedly at Jun Wu Xie and he was forced to speak out in reminder.

    Meng Zi Xu snapped back to attention in a fluster, and when his eyes met the cold clear ones of Jun Wu Xie's, his face immediately flushed a shade of red.

    "I..... I..... I was just looking around, Your Highness." Meng Zi Xu lowered his head, admonishing himself for have lost control. Junior Qu was still lying there in the room and he was actually still in the mood to stare at girls, to the extent that he had even gawked foolishly at her. He really deserved to be slapped!

    "Mmm." Lei Chen was not in the mood to stay and chat with Meng Zi Xu at that moment and he continued to lead Jun Wu Xie forward to come before Qu Ling Yue's room door.

    The doctors and physicians gathered in front of the door were startled when they saw Lei Chen appear and they hurriedly bent their backs to bow and Jiang Ying Long who was questioning the other physicians on Qu Ling Yue's condition noticed the figure of Lei Chen approaching.

    "I wasn't aware that Your Highness the Crown Prince had arrived and I have been tardy with my greetings, I beg for Your Highness' pardon." Jiang Ying Long greeted politely. He was one of the people in charge of the War Banner Academy for the Spirit Battle Tournament.

    "Teacher Jiang is too courteous. I came here today to see how Qu Ling Yue is doing." Lei Chen said with a smile. He was not on very familiar terms with Jiang Ying Long. Jiang Ying Long had joined the War Banner Academy only after Lei Chen had left the academy.

    "I am grateful to Your Highness for the concern shown." Jiang Ying Long said, smiling courteously, and his gaze quickly turned to fall upon the figure of Jun Wu Xie, and contempt flashed a brief moment in his eyes before it was quickly hidden. "The physicians were just about to check on Qu Ling Yue's injuries and if Your Highness does not mind, we can go in together."

    Lei Chen nodded.

    The doors leading into Qu Ling Yue's room were pushed open and among the bunch of doctors, a few of them were Imperial Physicians and they were highly revered for their skills and knowledge in Medicine, hence, they took the foremost positions as they walked in.

    Jun Wu Xie went into the room and once she stepped in, she could immediately smell the thick stench of blood.

    And under the bloody stench, she detected the familiar smell of herbs, but it was rather light.

    Qu Ling Yue was just lying upon the bed quietly, not moving at all, her pale face completely devoid of colour and her originally rosy red lips had turned sort of a greenish white. It had been just a night, but she seemed to have lost weight and she looked frail.

    They had placed a copper basin beside Qu Ling Yue's bed and several bloodstained handkerchiefs were soaked in it. The water had been tinged red from blood and dark red spots of dried blood could still be seen on the floorboards.

    The physicians took turns to take Qu Ling Yue's pulse and after taking the pulse, their faces were all looking to be at a loss, every one of them shaking their heads with a deep sigh.

    "How is Qu Ling Yue? Has her condition improved?" Lei Chen asked of the bunch of flustered physicians.

    "Reporting to Your Highness, the injuries Miss Qu sustained are gravely severe and all of us have studied and discussed about it for a whole night and we still have not found a suitable treatment for her, and all we can do now is to try to stabilise her condition to prevent her lifeforce from being further damaged. But..... if it continues on like this, Miss Qu's physical body might not be able to take the toil." One of the Imperial Physicians said in helpless frustration.

    Lei Chen's brows furrowed together.

    As Lei Chen was talking to the Imperial Physician, Jun Wu Xie had come to Qu Ling Yue's bedside and carefully scrutinised Qu Ling Yue's pale pallor. That was when she vaguely spotted a very slight bruise just behind Qu Ling Yue's ear. That bruise was hidden behind strands of her hair and was not conspicuous. If one did not look carefully, no one would have noticed its presence at all.
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