Chapter 851 : “Peerless Genius Doctor (7)”

    Chapter 851 : "Peerless Genius Doctor (7)"

    "Humph! The pot for the herbal concoction we gave Miss Qu is just there at the side and anyone who knows a thing or two about Medicine and is familiar with the smell of herbs would not have much difficulty knowing about what we gave her. Moreover, there are so many people here and words are bound to be leaked when Miss Qu's injuries and the concoction she is given is no secret. Anyone who wants to know about it would just have to ask around a little and speak to the inn's waiters and servants to get a full picture." Imperial Physician Li said with a sneering laugh. No matter which way he looked at it, he did not feel that anyone in this world would be able accurately determine a person's injuries and even tell what kind of medicine and herbs the patient had been given within such an impossibly short period of time.

    Jun Wu Xie wasn't aggravated by all of this in the least and against Imperial Physician Li's skepticism, she merely turned her body indifferently, to look towards Qu Ling Yue who was lying on the bed.

    Suddenly, she bent down at the waist and her hand gently reached out near the area around Qu Ling Yue's neck.

    Jiang Ying Long who was standing on the side cried out in shock, and shouted loudly: "What are you doing to Qu Ling Yue?"

    However, Jun Wu Xie turned a deaf ear to his shout and her snow white hand swept over Qu Ling Yue's neck at an extremely high speed. A dull glint flashed behind her fingertips whereby a silver needle pricked into Qu Ling Yue's ear. At the same moment the needle pierced into the flesh, it was withdrawn in a lightning quick movement by Jun Wu Xie.

    She had executed her needle at an extremely high speed and no one within the room had noticed her actions.

    Jiang Ying Long had already shot himself towards Jun Wu Xie and had grabbed Jun Wu Xie by the hand.

    "Even if you are someone whom His Highness, the Crown Prince brought in, but with the current condition that Qu Ling Yue is in, she is not someone you should be touching. If anything happens to her, will you be able to answer for it?" Jiang Ying Long said through narrowed eyes, filled with a burning rage within.

    Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes slightly and her cold eyes met Jiang Ying Long's raging ones.

    Lei Chen was secretly afraid for Jun Wu Xie in his heart. From the aggressive and challenging tone that Imperial Physician Li had been taking against him, he knew for sure that the man sitting high up back in the Imperial Palace would have already relayed his orders to not allow him, Lei Chen, to get involved in this matter, and that was why Imperial Physician Li had dared to act with such impudence.

    "Oh? Then I would really like to ask this teacher of the War Banner Academy. For you to be so against me for trying to conduct treatment on Miss Qu, and not even willing for me to check further into her condition, aren't you afraid that you might be missing on an opportunity to really save her? If anything were to really happen to Miss Qu, I would think that the people from the Thousand Beast City will not be letting you get off easy as well." Jun Wu Xie said expressionlessly, her face a sea of utter calm, except for the cold chilly gaze that she was staring at Jiang Ying Long with.

    Jiang Ying Long's face froze.

    Imperial Physician Li opened his mouth to speak at that moment. "What wrong did teacher Jiang commit by being concerned with the welfare of his academy's disciples? Isn't a young girl like you exaggerating things a little too much to make us buy into your story? If you really possess the capability to cure Miss Qu of her injuries, wouldn't that make all the most revered doctors and Imperial Physicians here a big joke? Our lifetime of experience in Medicine would pale in comparison to a young little one like you?"

    Jun Wu Xie replied unhesitantly: "Since all you gentlemen are seniors with exemplary skills and knowledge in Medicine, then if any action that a mere junior like me carries out is inappropriate, would any of you highly respected gentlemen not be able to tell? I have coincidentally here an elixir, and was thinking that it is perfectly suited for Miss Qu in her current condition. If all of you here do not trust me, you can very well take the elixir and inspect it carefully. If you find anything inappropriate in it, I am willing to be subjected to any punishment you gentlemen deem fit." Jun Wu Xie nonchalantly pulled out a white porcelain bottle from within her clothes, and tossed it into the hand of Jiang Ying Long.

    Jiang Ying Long caught it, highly flustered. His gaze was filled with conflict as he looked at Jun Wu Xie. He did not believe that Jun Wu Xie, at such a young tender age, would possess any extraordinary skills in Medicine, but what she had proffered was an elixir, and that was not dependant on any skills or knowledge of Medicine on her part.
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