Chapter 543: Righteous Protogenia!

    Chapter 543: Righteous Protogenia!

    If one had to describe Jin Tao's fighting style, one word would suffice - insane. The others in his crew weren't any better. They were like a pride of lions, tearing apart any alien beast that crossed their path. They didn't move on to the next until the first one was a bloody mess.

    The unyielding pack of animals and the aid of the other brigades made it impossible for the aliens to advance. Everywhere they turned, destructed awaited.

    The fighting reached a fever-pitch. For every alien that was killed, ten more took its place. It was like the entire planet was rising against them. They were certainly deficient in numbers, but each fighter was prepared and well trained. They were strong, and though their fighting wasn't as cohesive as a normal military division they relied on individual strength to advance and their mecha suit for defense.

    Majesty and Zeus-1 were also integral as they soared overhead. Whenever the beasts seemed about to overrun the soldiers, one or several beams of light would crash down and obliterate great waves of them.

    Third and Fourth Brigade were now in the fight. They were there to shore up the weaker parts of their defensive line against being flanked or overpowered.

    The best way to learn about war was to participate in it. They needn't worry about morality against these foes. They would not surrender or plead for their lives. No one held back or harbored regrets.

    This disregard allowed them to fight like demons. Aside from the A.R.C. students, one would be hard-pressed to find an Avenue Adept who didn't have at least some battle experience. They had the benefit of exquisite training and air support, and none of these creatures were overly difficult. Star Division didn't seem to have anything to fear.

    All of this was even before considering the Paragon that flew among them! The Gourmet, the Pharmacist, and all four brigade leaders was the backbone of their strange company. When Lan Jue created the Division he did so with the core principle that they must be invincible. They could not be allowed to lose or morale would suffer. If spirits remained high their progress would be quick, but that required victory. Insubordination, despite Lan Jue's fears, was not an issue. Everyone worked well together, and they were only getting better with time. Squad Leaders were effective in keeping their people in line. The Star Division's cohesive force was starting to show.

    Of course, Lan Jue had not anticipated the appearance of their true enemy. Thankfully none were as strong as the beasts he'd encountered on Taihua, but that didn't mean they were out of the proverbial woods. Enough ants could take down an elephant, and these things were much larger than ants.

    Still he was pleased with what he was seeing. Lan Jue ordered Majesty to patrol overhead and monitor the situation. He commanded the ship to engage if any sign of stronger enemies were spotted.

    Meanwhile, the progenitor's tentacles continued their wild assault. Wherever the Pharmacist's swords chopped one down, another took its place. They seemed endless. What's more, the violet creatures that were killed within the sick zone were quickly consumed and used to creature reinforcements.

    He left Majesty and Zeus-1 handle it from here.

    He turned to the Gourmet at his side. "Alright, that's good enough." The three powerful Adepts were in no hurry to deal with the progenitor. First Lan Jue wanted his soldiers to experience the enemy. They had to become familiar with the beasts they were trying to eradicate. Analysts were also busy getting all the information they could to make future encounters easier.

    "I'll do it!" The Pharmacist exclaimed.

    Lan Jue turned to her. "Alright." At first he'd planned to go in himself, but the Pharmacist was just as well. He wanted to save the Gourmet as a trump card in case there were any stronger aliens lying in wait.

    The Pharmacist's mecha split as its chest plate opened. A beam of light issued forth and deposited the powerful Adept in midair. The myriad swords she'd summoned returned to her like rivers to an ocean.

    The Pharmacist adopting a fighting stance, hands in front of her. As the swords approached they tried to overlay one another and occupy the same space. As they combined the ten-meter long sword began to swell. With every copy it consumed the sword's aura became more oppressive. It bore a sharpness that filled the area with the promise of destruction. The progenitor's tentacles were suddenly hesitant to engage.

    From the weapon's point, a beam of light issued up toward the heavens, and the sword began to rise higher. The woman's eyes were alive with scenes of the cosmos, and then her sweet voice called to the sword. "Banish the demons!"

    A rune was scrawled in light at her back, burning against the darkness. Motes of errant light began to gather around her sword. The next moment it was off, leaving behind a glimmering after-image.

    Night had fallen on Tempest, but was assailed and split by a beam of light. Occisus, headed right for the progenitor.The creature appeared to know the danger and writhed grotesquely. Its flailing tentacles did everything they could to try and keep the sword at bay.

    But it was fruitless. A wake of smoldering fire and shimmering starlight was left behind in the sword's passage. The two-hundred meter long weapon carved through the night sky, ultimately burying itself in the monstrous bud and disappearing.

    Time seemed to stand still. The creatures below were suddenly wracked with convulsions. Combat slowly ceased. The soldiers could feel the tremendous power radiating from overhead and lifted their eyes. Many of them could only stare in wonder.

    This power...


    Lan Jue could feel the purity of it, like she was molding the essence of protogenia. She wasn't a Paragon, but she had long ago come to comprehend her own protogenia. It was the first time he'd seen her use it.

    Righteousness! Yes, the Pharmacist's power was virtue, a righteous heart! 'The universe is possessed of righteousness, which it bestows upon the myriad creatures. From the lowest rivers to the loftiest mountains; from the basest life to the soaring stars. In men it is called integrity, and it permeates everything.' 1

    No wonder. No wonder she was accepted by the deadly Occisus. I relied on that righteousness and an invincible heart!

    Just then, several glossy beams of light shot from the wound left behind by Occisus. It spread throughout and began to burst forth in blazing fissures. As the creature's exterior was ripped apart, the star-like brilliance within drawing every eye.

    Within the bud was a second creature, but markedly differing from the others. Instead of being some towering beast, this one was roughly shape of a man. Albeit a stubby, bloated man. Its arms were noticeably shorter than you'd expect, and thick. They managed with some effort to lift the Pharmacist's glittering sword.

    The creature's whole body shimmered with a crystalline violet light, absent the sickening quality of its children. Something flickered within its chest, visible only occasionally. Black, writhing veins ran up and down the length of its stunted legs. That must be how it sustained itself, and the black substance nutrition from its surroundings.

    "Ey!?" The Pharmacist blinked in surprise. She raised her right hand in preparation to strike it down, when suddenly Lan Jue cried out.


    Thor was gone in a flash. It shot through the air in a golden burst of lightning and reappeared in front of the progenitor. The beast continued to struggle keeping Occisus at bay. Sparks of violet became more erratic and intense as the fight went on.

    Thor came closer and was able to pick out more detail. Compared with the mecha, this crystalline beast was much larger. It looked weak physically, but the waves of power radiating from it were fierce and powerful. Normal attacks likely wouldn't do it much harm.

    Thor swept its enormous sword, issuing forth a boom of sharp energy. The blast crossed the distance quickly, but the alien wasn't its target. Instead it screamed through the air toward the black veins extending from the creature's legs. When they collided many of the pulsing veins were blown apart. Great geysers of purple-black fluid were flung into the air.

    A corona of golden electric light buzzed around Thor, burning away any of the fluid before it made contact. Suddenly without support the beast appeared on the verge of collapse. It was brought to its knees and the crackling light burned even fiercer.

    "Sister!" Lan Jue called out. The Pharmacist knew what he was going to say.

    Thor reeled back, then plunged its mammoth blade toward the progenitor's chest. However, when it made contact Lan Jue was surprised to find how sturdy it's 'flesh' was. His sword couldn't penetrate.

    An irritated grunt huffed from the mecha. Under Lan Jue's control Thor exploded with golden light that extended through its weapon. All of the electric energy concentrated at the tip until it blazed brighter than a sun.

    Crack! At last the beast's skin split and the golden blade slipped through. In that instant the seven stars affixed to the Occisus glowed. Starlight flooded the beleaguered monster until it detonated into a fine dust.

    Floating amidst the cloud of ruined progenitor, was an orb of gold. The remnants of Thor's piercing sword.

    The ground below was a ruin. After Lan Jue cut away the creature's arteries the beast below had all toppled, dead. Their bodies melted away into the violet landscape. Thor blasted high over the battlefield. The mecha flipped it's sword and the tip landed squarely in its palm, along with something else.

    1. A line lifted from something called 'The Song of Righteousness', which near as I can tell was a manual for living a righteous life.
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