Chapter 616: What is Lan Jue’s Dharma?

    Chapter 616: What is Lan Jue's Dharma?

    The Wine Master learned the most from his experience. At last he saw how the creation of a dharma was performed, he just needed time to let it sink in. Once they returned to Skyfire Avenue, he was determined to give it a try.

    The Adepts of the Bloodiron Khans and Star Division completed their meditations after seven days. Star Division's soldiers were particularly helped, since an Adept's ability to comprehend protogenia was directly related to their individual strength. Their depth of understanding depended on how much they could control.

    Fourth level was the minimum the Bloodiron Khans would accept. Comparatively Skyfire Avenue demanded sixth level. Based on that alone there was a significant difference in quality. However, the nature of Vairocana's light was enlightening for everyone.

    Lan Jue sat in meditation for three entire days. His father's instruction had opened a door to a new world of understanding.

    Dharma was a reflection of one's own protogenia. Understanding a Paragon's dharma gave insight into their underpinning truths, the trend in their protogenia. Lan Jue had never considered these matters, he assumed being a Paragon was a straight path up. He was waiting to deal with it until after he broke through.

    Lan Qing's display was a motivating force, however. He hadn't known that this pure protogenia could be coalesced in a situation like that.

    One step strides the sky - his brother cast a very long shadow! He commanded every ounce of natal protogenia, wasting none of it. Easy street to the next level of Paragon.

    But what dharma? That was the most important factor.

    Lan Qing's Vairocana dharma was clearly a middle finger to the old gods from Jue Di, but it was already inherent in his brother's blood. He succeeded because the truths had been passed down in his DNA. Dharma was the single most important factor of a Paragon's ultimate strength, so one could imagine what awaited Lan Qing.

    Traditionally, Paragons took the protogenic energies of their breakthrough and channeled them into themselves. This remoulded and evolved their Disciplines into Domains, catapulting them into stratospheric levels of power.

    However, this limited the path of future growth for these new super humans. The struggle for insights became harder and harder.

    Jue Di was able to became Jue Di by coalescing pure, natal protogenia into an dominant dharma - the Great Sage, Equal Of Heaven 1. After he formed the Warrior Buddha dharma, he achieved Nirvana within ten years. Five years after that - the Infinite!

    Once Lan Qing had reached the peak of ninth level, Jue Di had begun to impart his knowledge of dharma creation. It took three years of careful cultivation, which resulted in his meteoric rise today.

    Lan Jue was not at the peak of ninth rank, but his insights into protogenia were many. He had been changed by the thunder essence as well, and its echoes of empyreal lightning. Jue Di used this knowledge to puzzle out the most suitable dharma for his second son. Something that would fuse well with his Taoist training and thunderbolt Discipline. He would even use the immortal qi of the thunder essence for its basis.

    Lan Jue's greatest hurdle lately was the search for a Path. He had experienced so much, there were too many options for him to see clearly which served him best. In three days, Jue Di solved this problem for him, ensuring his future would be smoother.

    Three days of consideration opened Lan Jue's eyes to truth. This was the benefit of having a wise master. Many were the torturous and wicked roads, and if Lan Jue had chosen himself he would never have found the right way. He would have no reference. But that was not the case. A fortuitous meeting with Jue when he was young, the things he was taught, the treasures he uncovered... things that were useless to the world at large, but priceless to an aspiring Paragon.

    A clear blue light shone from his eyes, illuminating the room. Motes of silver danced on waves of deadly energy. After absorbing only a small amount, already Lan Jue's Discipline had undergone a significant transformation. Completely transformation would require time, but the absorption of the yin-yang lightning was speeding up. Once his Discipline became the yin-yang lightning, he would dissolve the thunder essence faster. Breaking through to Paragon could be expected soon after.

    Lan Jue was most surprised to see how it affected Qianlin. With the accepting nature of her powers, it didn't matter what energies flowed through them during joined cultivation. She was able to use whatever methods he was to improve herself. It was a burden off his shoulders, since he didn't have to worry about her keeping up.

    The blue light faded away until everything in the room returned to normal. Lan Jue unfurled his legs and rose to stretch. It'd been days since he awoke from meditation, but even still the thought of his brother's success inspired him. Once Lan Qing mastered his dharma, it was unlikely there would be any Paragon that could contend with him! He shuddered to think of what his three mantras could do then.

    I need to make sure A-Cheng and A-Li hear about this, Lan Jue thought. I shouldn't be the only one to feel the pressure of falling behind. He trusted both of them implicitly, and didn't fear either of them letting his brother's success slip outside of their circle.

    He dialed in Chu Cheng's number. Soon his friend's lazy voice answered. "Hello, this is Chu Cheng. I'm cultivating and can't answer your call right now. If you have something that needs my attention please leave a message, but it will be a while before I get to it. Sorry."

    Cultivating? A-Cheng was still locked away? He hadn't spoken to either of his close friends since returning to Skyfire, but he would have thought Chu Cheng would have awakened by now.

    He tried Hua Li's number and got a similar result.

    Lan Jue couldn't help but smile. Could this mean his distant brothers had also come to some realization of themselves? First my brother and now them. It's starting to look like I'm at the back of the line!

    Unfortunately he couldn't stay here and cultivate. The alien menace still loomed large and humanity needed as much information as they could. He still had a job to do. They'd already spent six days on An Lun, and every day the scouting mission had been on his mind.

    He stepped out of his small dorm and got in touch with the Wine Master and Su Xiaosu. Lan Qing was still meditating and was unreachable. Soon afterward all of the Paragons converged, including Jue Di and Luo Xianni.

    "Are you ready to go?" Jue Di asked.

    Lan Jue nodded back at him. "We need to head in for a recon mission on the alien forces, and get back as quickly as we can with some information. We need eyes on them if we want to be prepared for their next attack."

    Su Xiaosu was definitely going with him. Her knowledge of the Starfields was unparalleled, and that would come in useful weather they were advancing or advancing or retreating. His Amazons were coming as well along with their resident tech genius, the Accountant. This would serve as their base scouting party.

    The Wine Master and Epochrion had also pledged to come for security. The Pauper was also committed. He had just become a Paragon and was itching to try out his new powers.

    "You don't need to come, mom. You stay here with dad. "Lan Jue told her. He didn't know what she did it, or maybe it was Jue Di, but lately the two were as inseparable as new lovers.

    "Of course that's not ok. I'm going with you." Luo Xianni's refusal was immediate. "Those aliens are very dangerous. The only way I'm not going to worry is if I'm with you. You don't call me mom for no reason! I'm responsible than others I could name."

    "If you don't mock me, does it hurt?" Jue Di asked, honestly curious.

    She gave him a mocking stare in reply. "I have years of complaints backed up."

    Jue Di just sighed. He knew that in a war of words, Luo Xianni would beat him handily every time. She had absolutely no filter, anything could come out of her mouth.

    "I'll go as well." Jue Di said.

    "What?" Lan Jue looked at his father with surprise. He hadn't anticipated his father would want to come.

    Jue Di explained. "A-Qing has completed his breakthrough. He is more than capable of protecting himself now, there's no need for me here. I'm curious how strong these aliens are." A cold, hard light shone behind the ultimate Paragon's eyes. A flood of murderous intent hung over everyone, making them shiver.

    Both the Epochrion and the Wine Master were thrilled by the news. With Jue Di with them safety was no longer a concern. Also, Jue Di's power was known to them only by disreputable reports. It was said he was able to destroy whole planets by himself. IF that were true, what was to stop the man from dealing a killing blow to the aliens while they were out?

    Lan Jue was, of course, ecstatic. Their party was a small but immensely powerful one. In fact, you couldn't find a more capable team in all of human space. The Paragons with them spanned the gamut; one who walked the Infinite, one immersed in Nirvana, one Reflection of Heaven and Earth and two within the Realm of Protogenia. After them came a slew of ninth-ranked Adepts. At least in terms of individual ability, this was humanity's dream-team.

    "Don't forget me! I'm coming!" The Driver was late getting the news, and came trotting over to them.

    "You shouldn't," Lan Jue said. "With all of us gone the Star Division needs a commander."

    The Driver was firm. "No, I'm going. Star Division still has the Coffee Master and Bartender, that's good enough. Besides we're just leaving them here to drill."

    Of course he would be determined to go. After only a few days of instruction from Jue Di he felt the difference. Just like before, he wasn't going to let this opportunity pass him by. Not to mention, he and Lan Jue still had work to do with the yin-yang lightning. This trip was going to take some time, perhaps enough time for them to complete the transformation of their Disciplines.

    1. Essentially, the Monkey King. The Warrior Buddha and Great Sage, Equal Of Heaven were both him. This would fully explain his **tier qualities since the Monkey King was an annoying little ** with god-like powers.
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