Chapter 627: Exposed

    Chapter 627: Exposed

    Lan Jue was a smart guy, he could immediately from Luo Xianni's reaction that something was wrong with his father. She didn't hesitate to veto his idea. Lan Jue spoke directly to Su Xiaosu. "Keep a distant orbit around the planet. Scan and record everything we can."

    "Aye aye." She pulled the ship into position and continued scanning their target. This was already enough, as they certainly weren't going to risk talking a stroll on the planet's surface. Heaven only knew what lay beneath that toxic atmosphere.

    Lan Jue didn't want to confront his father about it now. He gave the order to keep their distance without hesitation. There would be time for questions when they were in less dangerous territory, but Luo Xianni's reaction had planted a seat of anxiety in his heart. No one knew him better than she did.

    Their scans weren't only directed at the planet. Information was gathered on the flow of aliens that came and went as well. Their cameras were trained on them from a safe distance, hungrily lapping up every detail. The data they were getting was priceless for the future war effort.

    As they continued their orbit, an alien creature blocked their path.

    It was a breed they'd never seen before. The top of it was wide and thick, making it look like a giant umbrella. Dozens of spindly tendrils hung down from a body that rose over a thousand meters and stretched five hundred meters across. In terms of size, it was among the largest yet recorded.

    Zeus-1 stopped. They looked for a way around it, but that was when they noticed the alien behemoth stop as well. Then the powerful psychic pulse came.

    "Aah!" Lin Guoguo screamed, oscillating flashes of golden light glimmering around her. She tore the metal helmet off her head.

    "We're exposed!" Lan Jue was the first to react. Su Xiaosu wasted no time turning the ship around and trying to dash back the way they came.

    The alien was on the move again, and picking up speed. Despite its size, it moved incredible fast and the tendrils below it splayed out behind like wisps of hair. Meter by meter the gap between them shrunk. The humans onboard looked at their radar screen in horror as a host of blips appeared.

    Among them were swordfish, reefs, spiral aliens and more. They tumbled out from underneath the cap of the jellyfish-shaped monstrosity and charged at Zeus-1.

    Clearly this one could carry smaller aliens with it. It somehow was able to store them in interdimensional space. Whatever breed this was, the creature was certainly among the peak of its kind.

    A haze of golden light hung over the ship, and the host of enemies froze. In the same instant Zeus-1 blasted to full speed toward the asteroid belt they'd approached from.

    The situation wasn't yet dire enough to use the Wine Master's teleporter. Lan Jue was also hesitant to show their secrets to their pursuers. The one who'd bought them time was the Epochrion. Through her command over time, she'd slowed them to a stand-still. Out in deep space she was in her element, it strengthened her protogenia.

    The others sensed something wrong and swarmed for the ship. By some unknown means they were able to instantly communicate, so that the aliens that sped in from afar knew precisely where to go. In moments they were surrounded. Space was thick with writhing alien bodies.

    According to the radar, in the span of a moment there were now ten thousand aliens bearing down on them.

    Woosh! A swordfish sailed right across their bow. Zeus-1 was barely able to evade its charge. Lan Jue had taken over the controls from Lin Guoguo. He channeled his powers through the ship, monitoring and enhancing it.

    "I'll try short-range teleportation first to see if we can shake them," the Wine Master called out.

    The aliens swarmed thicker and closer, and through the undulating purple flesh flashes of silver blinded the eye. There was a burst, and then Zeus-1 was gone.

    When it reappeared, the ship was on the dark side of a large asteroid. They didn't stop, racing into the distance the moment they got their bearings. But then an orb of purple energy appeared in their path. As it grew every asteroid contained within was disintegrated. Even space-time seemed carved into slices.

    They felt a heavy consciousness descend upon them and lock on the ship. It didn't bear the threat of direct attack, but it did overwhelm Lan Jue's mind. His face changed as a dizziness consumed him.

    More of them were quickly approaching. Streaks of dangerous purple light were surrounding them again everywhere they looked. Another powerful wave of psychic force struck them and make the Clockmaker grunt. She staggered, but the golden light protecting them only got stronger.

    It was time for Luo Xianni to get involved. She waved her hands and everything around them changed. Zeus-1 was covered in a pink hue, in and out. Whoosh! Reality ripped apart in front of them, and then they were gone. Her powers were like the Wine Master's, but as a Paragon of Nirvana level hers were far more effective.

    When space reconstructed itself the aliens were gone, replaced with a sea of stone. They were back in the asteroid belt.

    Lan Jue gave his mother a thumbs-up, but when he looked at her she seemed uncomfortable. He frowned. Jue Di's eyes narrowed, like he was concentrating on something.

    The universe changed again. The asteroids were gone, and Zeus-1 was thrust into a world of purple, the natural color of this new reality.

    "Humans!" A deep and rumbling voice arose. It bore a harshness like flesh on gravel. Everyone but Luo Xianni and Jue Di trembled uncontrollably at the sound.

    They trembled because the voice came from within them. Within their own minds.

    Outside the windows something appeared floating in purple nothingness.

    Su Xiaosu adjusted the radar, spreading its radius.

    It was a man, or looked like a man. He was tall and strong, maybe in his twenties. His form was covered in deep purple robes, and the flesh that was revealed bore a pallid color. Despite that he bore himself majestically. He was perfectly proportioned, but a frigidness lived in his violet eyes.

    It was his hair that struck Lan Jue. It evoked memories, visions of the long curious hair of the Violet Princess. This man was indeed one of the leaders.

    "I'm going!" Luo Xianni growled.

    "No!" Jue Di lifted his hand and placed it upon her shoulder. Looking into her eyes, he shook his head. "You can't. He's like me."

    Luo Xianni's eyes widened. "You mean..."
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