Chapter 640: Lucifer’s Terror

    Chapter 640: Lucifer's Terror

    "I wasn't going to do anything. No ill-will. It's all a misunderstanding." Lucifer raised his hands and sputtered the words. He was practically falling over himself in capitulation.

    "That's good." The general answered in a soft voice.

    Lucifer shot a glance toward An Liu. "Can I go in?"

    She suddenly remembered his invitation in her hand. She handed it back. "Go ahead."

    Lucifer painfully noted that An Liu didn't look once at him. The whole time she only had eyes for the golden general - like she was fixated. It made him even more furious. With a dissatisfied grunt and long strides, he stomped into the museum.

    "Why are you still staring? Don't you have a job to do?" The general glanced her way. The moment their eyes met a deep red crept into An Liu's cheeks. Her subordinates noticed, and could only stare slack-jawed. It was the only time they saw their boss they called the ice queen act like a woman at all. Was this real? Who was this guy who could make her act this way?

    "If I have time I'll come and find you for a cigarette." The general offered the sentence quietly, before leaving her alone in silence.

    An Liu hadn't managed to say a single word. She also never once took her eyes off the army man.

    It's him... it's him. It's him! He came...

    She felt a flutter in her chest. An Liu's cold, aloof heart was suddenly afire. She could hear it thump against her chest, faster and faster.

    What is going on... An Liu, what are you thinking? It was only a cigarette!

    Lucifer stumbled into the museum. Unlike the others, he wasn't interested in the majesty of the building's interior. A lingering fear kept him looking over his shoulder at the door, waiting for that man to enter.

    A Paragon! That man was certainly a Paragon, strong enough to end him if he'd wanted to. But, how could he not know of this mysterious Easterner? What's more he was a part of their military. It made him feel like there was much more about this Alliance he didn't know.

    Keeping a low profile was the best course. It was a shame about that woman, though. Her Discipline was pure, rich with primordial yin energy. IF only they could cultivate together, the benefits to his progress would be significant. Evidently that was not an option, however. Skyfire Avenue was famous for its secrets, he had to tread carefully.

    Skyfire Museum was a press of people from all over. They'd arranged a waiting area, and the various assessors milled around waiting for everyone to show up before they could begin.

    When Lucifer walked into the waiting area, he immediately picked out several familiar faces. First among them was his old foe, Metatron. The others were all Adepts as well, and strong ones. No one was more sensitive to the energy fields surrounding them than Adepts, making them the perfect investigators. Every powerful organization was desperate for Talents, especially those who had experience with the crystals first hand.

    He looked over at the Archangel. Miranda sensed his stare, and looked right back. Neither of their faces changed, but the hatred in their eyes was unmistakable. A surge of rage welled up inside Lucifer, and he strode toward the Pontiff's representative.

    Metatron regarded him with a guarded demeanor. "Get away from me," he said.

    Lucifer replied with a dry chuckle. "You think I want to waste my time with a hypocrite?" His words were harsh, but the Fallen Angel still took up a spot on the sofa beside his enemy. They hated each other on a fundamental level, so Lucifer chose to ease his own irritation by getting under Metatron's skin.

    As for Metatron, there wasn't anything he could do about it. This was Skyfire Avenue - he wasn't about to start trouble.

    People continued to stream in. Eighty-four representatives meant eighty-four interested organizations carefully paying attention. Most of those eyes were on Lucifer and Metatron, but when the next person entered their focus shifted.

    The Terminator's hard, cold eyes slowly drank in Skyfire Museum. He was an in immaculate tailored suit, but it still looked like someone tried to dress up an iron statue. A Paragon and one of humanity's leaders had come himself to represent his people.

    Metatron muttered under his breath in surprise. He came himself?" Neither the Pontiff nor Satan had come because they knew they were high-value targets. They would be walking onto foreign enemy territory, surrounded by the strongest humans in the universe. Evidently this didn't trouble the Terminator. It was a testament to his faith and self-confidence. He believed nothing would happen during the auction.

    As the Terminator walked in, another figure descended from the museum's second floor. Spectator's turned their focus from the Paragon to this very small newcomer.

    She couldn't have been taller than a meter and change, her head barely peaking over the bannisters. Bouncy little steps brought her before the Northern leader. "A long time, Big Uncle! How have you been?"

    When he saw her, the Terminator's calm eyes were suddenly a little distraught. But his dark expression gave way to a smile. "I've been well, and how about you Jun'er?"

    "Very well, thank you," Jun'er answered happily. "But I have been very busy. A have to study a lot every day. I still can't see, but teacher says that because I'm blind once I become Clairvoyant things will be clearer than ever." Her eyes were sightless, but from the outside you couldn't tell. She didn't look like a blind person; her eyes were full of light and life.

    The Terminator shook his head, battling the gloominess in his heart. She had been chosen as the Clairvoyant's successor after all. He'd questioned his decisions before, but seeing this vibrant young woman now any regrets were gone. How could he bring himself to destroy something so beautiful with his own hand? Anyway, Skyfire Avenue's rise was already assured, and that meant the East would rise with it.

    "Terminator. It's been some time." A deeper voice caught the Terminator's ear. He lifted his head and spied the Wine Master heading his way.

    The Cosmagus was dressed as fastidiously as ever, but the real eye-catcher was Jun'er. She was enveloped in a long dress that sparkled with gemstones of all sorts and sizes. She sparkled like a little universe beneath the museum's soft lights. The Terminator kneeling before her was a striking image to everyone who looked on.

    As the two Paragons appeared, no one remained seated. They all rose to their feet and offered their respects to the leaders.

    The Wine Master addressed everyone. "Thank you for your patience. Wait for just a while longer. Once everyone's arrived we can begin."

    A few more figured descended from the dais above as the Wine Master made the announcement. Sharp-eyed guests recognized them quickly. Gasps were quickly muffled as people tried not to call attention to themselves.

    The Epochrion led the group. Once a Northern Alliance Paragon she now represented Skyfire Avenue. A step behind her followed a gentlemanly pair. Beyond being mighty Paragons themselves, the two were famous throughout all of human society. Of course, they were the Arcane Magnate known as the Keeper, and Skyfire Avenue's Bookworm, the Karmic Scholar.

    Four Paragons stood among them as standard bearers for Skyfire Avenue. This was real power! No one dared dream of causing trouble.

    The guests had all more or less arrived. An Liu slipped in and nodded at the Wine Master.

    The Epochrion walked until she stood before her old partner. She greeted him with a gentle nod. The Terminator spoke first. "How does it feel to be home?"

    The Epochrion heaved a sigh. "I've always loved it here. I was always a part of this place, and it will always be a part of me. I don't suspect I'll be leaving again."

    "Oh but Auntie Clockmaker, you're still so young. Not old at all," Jun'er tittered. She couldn't see, but her perception far surpassed any normal person's. She knew everything going on around her, though not as sharp as one who had working eyes.

    "So long as you like it. When you get as old as we are, it gets to be even more important to do the things that make you happy." The Terminator said with a smile.

    "Yes," the Clockmaker replied, nodding.

    The Wine Master's voice interrupted. "Thank you for waiting ladies and gentlemen, it appears we're all in attendance. In just a moment we will give you all an opportunity to verify the items we will be auctioning. I will warn everyone a final time, any transgressions will be met with a punishment ten times the cost."

    The promise was particularly potent coming from a Paragon. After witnessing four such powerhouses appear at once, no one dared make a move for fear it could get them in dire trouble.

    "Jun'er, you are our leader. You should start us off." The Wine Master gave her a small nod.

    "Alright." Jun'er replied in bubbly tones. She flicked her wrist, and something appeared in her tiny hand.

    It was a crystal orb, with flecks of silver suspended within. Its light shimmered alluringly, and everyone in the museum couldn't look away. Silvery images came and went, detailing the past and revealing the many paths of the future.
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