Chapter 746: I Know a Way

    Chapter 746: I Know a Way

    Jue Di grunted and waved his hand. In response a golden light hung over the vital crystal, isolating the toxic energy from its surroundings.

    The Wine Master walked over to them. He produced a dazzling blue stone and handed it to Jue Di. "Take this, your Majesty."

    Tear of Neptune, the s-ranked power gem from the depths of Lyr's oceans. By now these formerly disregarded gems had grown scarce. The East had used most of them for their research.

    Jue Di smiled. "With this I'll be able to use the full scope of my power, at least a couple of times."

    He took the power gem, and as he spoke a pale blue light sprang up around the Tear. The light grew and spread until it swallowed up the black vital crystal. The Wine Master looked on, impressed. Although he could galvanize the energy of the Tear himself if he wished, he wouldn't able to do so in such a balanced manner.

    The vital crystal began to shake once the Tear's power washed over it. Visible strands of black slithered out into the air around it, only to be neutralized by the Tear's aura. It was the Tear of Neptune's primary use, filtering impurities. Only once the Tear cleansed the vital crystal would it be fit for use by humans.

    Zeus-1 soared through space behind Monteux. It was as Lan Qing had said, although their radars still picked out a fair number of aliens nearby, there were nowhere near as many as they'd seen during their approach. There were especially few stronger breeds. In fact as far as they eye could see, they were greeted by nothing but empty space.

    Where the hell did these things go! Lan Jue clenched his fists and scowled. His disquiet was growing by the moment.

    Humanity's struggles against the alien offenders had been long and bitter. Could they really have left, now at this climactic moment? Or was this some trick?

    Suddenly, he sensed a great surge of energy coming from beside him. He swung his head toward Jue Di and was surprised to see his father's eyes had gone pure gold. He felt his perception sweep out in all directions, disregarding the ship and any other obstructions.

    Jue Di's whole body was covered in a dim golden shell of light, and the vital crystal he held was like a star captured in the palm of his hand. The vital energies from within it were swallowed up into the Paragon's body, having been filtered by the Tear of Neptune.

    Far Sight? 1

    Lan Jue didn't know the power, he just came up with a name. His father really was on the cusp of the immortal realm!

    After a minute Jue Di's face changed. "Nothing. I'm sure of it, there aren't any aliens the further in you go. Even if the alien planets could hide themselves, they wouldn't deceive my Sight. There's nothing out there - they likely evacuated long ago."

    Lan Jue sighed. He immediately got in contact with his brother and told him the news.

    Lan Qing's face fell in much the same way his father's had. They hadn't even thought this was a possibility until it was too late. "Admiral Kang Hui has ordered ships to move in to sweep and scout. It doesn't seem like they've found anything, either."

    Lan Jue was at a loss. "What now?"

    Lan Qing seemed to consider for a moment. It was Jue Di who answered. "Let's go back to Middle Heaven. I know a way."

    Lan Jue paused. Jue Di seemed to reconsider. "Never mind, there isn't time. I'll go myself." He stepped forward, and suddenly he was gone.

    Although he wasn't a space-time Adept, when a Paragon reached the level he had their understanding of the fabric of the universe was vast. He was back on Middle Heaven in a blink.

    Lan Qing was waiting for him hen Jue Di appeared.

    "Father, what's your plan?" The enemy was so inscrutable even the God of Knowledge was unsure of how to proceed.

    Jue Di stood proudly before his son. "Before in situations like these we had that old snake-oil salesman to show us the way. He's gone, but his apprentice is with us. Bring me Jun'er. I'll help her and we'll see if we can't find some trace of these things."

    "Alright," Lan Qing replied.

    A short while later, Lan Qing led Jun'er to meet his father. When he saw her his stern face broke into a fatherly smile. He dropped to his haunches. "Jun'er. I'm Grandpa Bupang."

    "Hello Grandpa Bupang." She said. Jun'er was smiling, but there was some anxiety in her reply.

    Jue Di seemed to sense it. "Do you feel something, Jun'er?"

    She shook her head. "I don't know, just a really bad feeling. Like something bad is going to happen."

    When she said it, even Lan Qing felt his stoic heart tremble. And for good reason, little Jun'er was the successor to the Eye of Tomorrow.

    Jue Di's smile never faltered. "It's alright Jun'er, don't rush. Let grandpa help you see a little clearer. Why don't you call your master."

    "Ok!" Jun'er muttered a few sentences under her breath. Suddenly, a bright light appeared before her that coalesced into the image of the Eye of Tomorrow. She held the tiny image in her equally tiny hands. Her pretty face was lit by the undulating eminence of her master.

    Jue Di placed his calloused hand on the little girl's shoulder. "Take it easy. Take your time, search your feelings. Tell us everything you see."


    Jun'er felt a flood of warmth pour through her body from the middle of her back. The gentle heat was very comforting as it flowed through her to her eyes. In response, the image of the Eye of Tomorrow sharpened. She shut her eyes. Immediately it was as though a dense fog had lifted.

    "Purple planet. They feels scary." She muttered.

    "Where are they?" Jue Di urged.

    "So many... so many tentacles. Wrapped around a planet."

    "Many people are dead. It's... it's so scary. So many people are dead Grandpa Bupang."

    "Don't be scared," he said soothingly. "Bupang is here to protect you. You're going to be fine."

    1. 'Thousand-Yard Stare,' but in English that's used for people with PTSD. Jue Di doesn't strike me as a guy with PTSD.
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