Chapter 761: Extinguishing Vitality.

    Chapter 761: Extinguishing Vitality.

    Lan Jue could feel the difference in the Pharmacist since the last time they fought together, when she faced Monarch. Her abilities had risen to new heights, and Occisus' manifestations were more biting than ever. It galvanized his own Banishing Blade, which hummed within him and stirred his spirit.

    So powerful!

    The Pharmacist' face was calm as always, standing tall with sword in hand against the flood of enemies. Wherever she pointed her weapon a thousand-meter swath was cleared and alien bodies fell away. Her own image trailed behind her as they raced ahead, after images that were becoming clearer with every moment.

    The Wine Master was shocked to discover that her level of cultivation was visibly improving as she fought. What was this ability? How did she become stronger the longer she fought?

    He did not know that this was the Pharmacist's Righteous Slaughter Domain, imparted through her connection to the Banishing Blade. She was different from Lan Jue in that she grew up with Occisus, all of her powers revolved around the sword. The legendary weapon had caused her great pain, but had also imparted great power.

    Her Righteous Slaughter Domain was simple and direct. The longer she fought the fiercer she became, with every moment increasing her lethality and Occisus' cutting power. This meant the more time she had to accumulate lethality, the more dangerous she became for her enemies.

    At this point, as her own image continued to solidify behind her, she was already as strong as a Reflection of Heaven and Earth. It was the same for the strength of her Domain, further empowered as the deadly aura was recycled into energy. To defeat her one would have to have power enough to subdue her abilities or a weapon mighty enough to contend with her own. In all of humanity's history there were only three other weapons capable of doing that. Two were in the hands of her friends, only Ultus was unaccounted for.

    Thor was unstoppable. Soon they had covered half the distance to their target. All the while Lan Jue scanned the radar and was relieved to discover many groups of survivors like the ones they saw before. There was still a chance many of them could be saved.

    But as they continued on Lan Jue saw another problem. The fungal growth beneath them was getting thicker as they approached the back side of the planet. The darker color and poisonous aura did not bode well. Lan Jue was sure the progenitor leeching energy from this planet was going to be among the strongest he'd encountered.

    If they could kill it, liberating the planet would be easier. Every dead progenitor was a boon to their mission. Clearly the infection of the humans was performed through the power of the progenitor. Without it they could not subject the humans to that awful fate. What's more a vital crystal from those beasts was so useful even his father could employ its benefits. They were treasures to the Paragon community that made them all the more terrifying in battle.

    Lan Jue's eagerness burned at the prospect of such a prize. Between himself, the Pharmacist, and the Wine Master they could do it. If they could defeat the progenitor their mission would be a flawless success.

    However, the closer they came to the far side of the planet the more numerous and dangerous their enemies. Monsters over three thousand meters long began to appear, as mighty as Paragons with more energy at their disposal. Titans were arrayed against them, as destructive as Capital ships. In fact Capital ships would struggle against them.

    Still, the Pharmacist continued to show them how life energy can restrain life energy.

    A massive dragon-like monster dropped from above. It roared and a blast of energy spat like flames from its mouth. The Pharmacist's beam of light was dispersed, forcing Thor to come to a halt.

    The Wine Master rose to his feet. As he was about to join the fight he heard a dragon's roar issue from the Pharmacist, a roar so loud it shook the mecha they stood upon.

    She raised her blade high overhead, the light from its point spreading far and wide. A perfect copy of herself shimmered behind her, three meters tall with the same cold expression and valiant aura.

    Reflection of Heaven and Earth! Power that surpassed even the Wine Master's newly acquired level. He sucked in a breath, shocked by what he witnessed. This was...

    The Pharmacist turned around and gave the sword to the manifestation of her dharma. The moment Occisus slipped into her hands its light bloomed. Ting! Ringing metal on metal sounded as reality shook.

    The aliens all around them suddenly froze, unable to control their own bodies. The sound even made the Wine Master gulp in fear. It felt as though some unthinkable power was awakening.

    Lines appeared in the pure white light emanating from the sword. They were hard to see, indistinct, but the images they traced were beautiful in their simplicity. They had to be runes from the blade, invisible until the Pharmacist had the power to reveal them. Rising to the power of a Reflection must have unlocked more of Occisus' potential.

    The Pharmacist knelt. Her dharmic image took over standing beside Thor with sword held aloft. The dragon barring their path screeched and made to flee. Like all living creatures it was possessed of instinct, and its instinct was telling it to avoid certain destruction.

    However, its size was an obstacle and fleeing was slow. The image of the Pharmacist flicked her wrist and a beam of white light shot through the sky.

    The borders of reality around the streak of light changed, one half retaining color and the other drained to black and white. All sound died and any beast within the realm of black and white was so thoroughly destroyed as to leave no trace. Only twinkling vital crystal remained to mark where they had been. They hung in the air for but a moment before they too, were destroyed. Shattering like glass their contents coalesced and flowed like a river into Occisus.

    The aliens on the colorful side of the schism looked on, unscathed. The dragon was unfortunate enough to be caught between the two. Half a mangled carcass remained.

    So violent...

    The Wine Master gulped. What... what is this power? Dimensional? No... it's not that simple. She erased their life force!

    In a single stroke the Pharmacist had slain over a thousand foes. Her unique sword style had always left witnesses with a deep impression, but nothing compared to what the Wine Master had just seen. He wondered if he would have been able to survive, if her were on the wrong side of that sword. It was frightening to comprehend, so much that he struggled to quiet the dread in his mind.

    "I need to rest." The Pharmacist spoke in matter-of-fact tones as the signs of her protogenia faded from the air. Obviously it was the first time she had used such an ability, provoked from the sword as the strength of a Reflection of Heaven and Earth was channeled through it.

    Seated in Thor's cockpit, Lan Jue was just as dumbfounded as the Wine Master. It was the first time he'd seen such a level of destruction, beyond anything he'd imagined. What was his own sword capable of, once he broke through? To say he was anxious to find out was an understatement.

    The Pharmacist had cleared enough space for Thor to try and hide itself again. The mecha darted toward the ground to try and lose its pursuers in the convoluted terrain.

    The Wine Master shot the Pharmacist a furtive glance and suddenly felt the weight of his years. The world now belonged to this young generation of heroes. They might they possessed already far outstripped their predecessors.

    IT was true for the Pharmacist, as it was for Lan Qing and Lan Jue. Lan Qing's talent and potential almost ensured he would achieve the same level of power as his father. The effect on the world of Adepts would be tremendous.

    The alien invasion had already brought one of humanity's alliances to its knees. Recovering from this would be a nearly impossible task for the West. Meanwhile the East and its mighty heroes were poised to take advantage of the unfortunate situation. Their dominance was assured.

    But first, the threat to humanity's existence had to be dealt with.

    Once Thor reached the surface it was easier to conceal itself. It sprinted forward as fast as possible, all the while sensing the change in its surroundings. Lan Jue continued to monitor Thor's radar and mark the locations of survivor camps. It would serve them well when they returned to save them.

    Above them the number of enemies had thinned. Clearly the feared whatever power had obliterated the others. Lan Jue took the opportunity to press forward, sticking close to the ground. It slowed their progress but kept them safe, making it the right decision.

    "Something feels off. Wine Master, keep an eye out." Lan Jue's voice called to him within Thor.
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