Chapter 766: Gathering

    Chapter 766: Gathering

    "Alright." Kang Hui answered without hesitation. In times of peace, inviting one bastion commander to board another would be out of the question. These were special circumstances.

    Tyrannosaurus was guided by the small ships to where Middle Heaven and Poseidon waited. Before long, the two mighty bastions were looming outside their window.

    Kang Hui had seen Middle Heaven in the last fight, but it was his first time seeing Poseidon. He was shocked after seeing its size and the preliminary data they'd gathered on it. It... it's even stronger than Terminator had been?

    Kang Hui thought the power he was bringing would be superior to what the East could provide. But here he saw even Poseidon Group had come under the auspices of Eastern dominance. How strong was Middle Heaven, really?

    He didn't notice when the Terminator walked up to his side, not until his meaty hand landed on his shoulder. "We may not like it, but the East's rise is unavoidable. If we survive, their Alliance will achieve incredible levels of strength and prestige. There's nothing anyone can do to get in their way."

    Kang Hui was quiet for a moment, then nodded his head. "Right now, my only hope is defeating the aliens. I'm not worried over the East's future. Besides, their ascent will lift all of humanity."

    The Terminator's craggy face broke into a smile. He was no longer the somber, burdened man he had been. After achieving Nirvana he had been filled with joy, the problem that ailed him washed away. Yet, now he was able to discernibly feel the pressure of universal protogenia bearing down on him.

    It was a sensation that defied explanation, dormant until he used his powers then suddenly clear in his own protogenia. It spontaneously devoured his life force, unhindered by his strength or will. It was an enlightening experience that directly led to his support of Lan Qing's plan. Now that he knew universal protogenia to be real, he understood that it restricted the aliens as well as him. That now was the time to act.

    Deep in his heart he also yearned to know about this realm the creatures wished to create. If they could do it, then perhaps humans could rediscover the secrets as they had in ages past. He had only just achieved Nirvana. Jue Di, a man of the Infinite, was likely even more interested than he.

    The Terminator hoped he might have an opportunity to confer with Jue Di at some point during this conflict. Few were the Paragon's interests in this universe, now. Meeting the man and helping to create a realm for them was top of the list.

    Three bastions closed in on one another, with Middle Heaven - the largest - occupying the center. Poseidon was on one side and Tyrannosaurus was on the other. Between them and their twelve fleets, a host of soldiers spread across an impressive swath of space.

    They were short five bastions compared to the last fight, but were comparable in the number of support vessels. In fact, their fleets were likely more effective than last time. The ships from Poseidon Group had weapons and systems that would make Northern engineers green with envy.

    Under Lan Qing's invitations, commanders from all three represented powers arrived on Middle Heaven. From the East was Lan Qing and the Keeper, representing Skyfire Avenue. He was their foremost scientific and formerly one of the Eastern military's most lauded researchers.

    For the North, Admiral Kang Hui and the Terminator came themselves. Chu Cheng was left behind and assumed command of Tyrannosaurus.

    Hua Li came to represent Poseidon Group's interests. With him was Mo Xiao.

    They gathered to discuss their plans.

    The meeting room was a simple place, with no frills or luxuries to speak of. It was here that the fate of humanity would be deliberated.

    Lan Qing begun by nodding his greeting to everyone in attendance. "On behalf of everyone aboard Middle Heaven I'd like to welcome everyone."

    Nods and thanks answered. He went on.

    "The situation for our people has become critical - our days as a dominant force in the universe are numbered. In order to protect ourselves from this threat we must create a plan, thus you have all been invited to help in the formation of that strategy."

    "Admiral Lan, has Lan Jue returned?" Hua Li couldn't help but press the question.

    Lan Qing shot him a glance. "No. He's on his way back now."

    This seemed to relax him. "So long as he's safe. What did he learn?"

    "We'll have to wait for him to return before we know," Lan Qing replied. "Encrypted messages we received seem to suggest the information they have is imperative to our cause. He also says he's confirmed our suspicions. The only thing he was not able to uncover was the precise condition of the enemy."

    He explained that any specific information was not safe from alien interception through long-range communication. They would learn more when Lan Jue was back in the safety of the ship.

    The Terminator spoke next. "You're saying that they've confirmed the aliens are evolving as we speak?"

    Lan Qing nodded. "Yes. That's why we need to have this meeting now. I'll explain what we've come up with so far, then we will discuss the specifics and address any concerns you may have. We'll make final adjustments when Lan Jue returns, based on his information. By then it will be time to act - time waits for no man."

    The Terminator nodded. "I agree. Please share you plan with us, Admiral."

    Lan Qing's low voice echoed through the room. "At present our plan is predicated on direct force. We hit hard and push in. Our forces cannot contend against the alien home worlds in a direct battle, and if they get involved our chances are slim. But we have no choice but to take that gamble.

    "For this reason we first had to determine whether or not the aliens are in the process of their evolution. This greatly reduces their ability to fight back. What this means is our staunchest obstacles will be the fragments of those planets, the so-called royal family; the Violet Prince, Princess, and other avatars of their home worlds. It is important to note that these aliens possess capabilities at least Nirvana-level or higher."
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