Chapter 800: Reprocessing

    Chapter 800: Reprocessing

    This was not absolution or transcendence. It aiding that which needed to be aided. It was soothing ailments and helping the afflicting to a place of warmth and joy.

    She opened her heart to and felt herself become one with the essence of her protogenia. In this moment she was truly Guanyin, the Queen of Heaven. She was truly a Paragon.

    The white light continued to glow. Group after group of the afflicted were presented before her for cleansing, millions at a time. Once their bodies were healed the seal that locked their spirits was removed, and their consciousness returned.

    The experience of having their bodies so thoroughly poisoned was catastrophic for these unfortunate people. The pain had been so tremendous they'd wished for death. Their minds were returned but that horrible experience was seared into their hearts. They tried to control themselves, to lock it away, but the progenitor had tainted them down to their genes.

    Seeing the pain visited upon their friends and family they wanted to lash out, to destroy everything within reach. The will that was returned to them still followed the genetic manipulation they'd undergone.

    But as the light of Guanyin continued to shine upon them they felt like parched ground under a cool rain, felt the soothing energy flow through them. Its light helped them to find themselves beyond the haze of rage and pain.

    Then they saw the beautiful image suspended in the sky. Beneath her gaze they felt an unprecedented sense of belonging. In all it lasted but a few moments before they were suddenly someplace else, but none of them would forget the angelic visage that had brought them back from madness.

    Salvation. Real salvation! Whoever that was had shown them the path to a new life, a rebirth from the ashes of their suffering. They searched the skies and even from a great distance could see the thousand-meter dharma image shining her light upon the land.

    It wasn't clear who the first one to throw themselves on the ground toward the image was, but soon the others followed. One by one they prostrated themselves before their savior. Tears fell, and cries of pain and happiness rippled through the crowds. But this was only an expression of grief over their experience. All other negative emotions were washed away. No rage or vengeance remained.

    These Western believers had found new faith.

    The golden light continued to influence the pure white of Qianlin's Discipline. Her aura also continued to rise in strength and prominence and spread even farther toward the horizon. Lan Jue could feel the reprocessed energy from Qianlin surging through him in suffocating waves, purer with each passing moment. They had only just broken through, but also he sensed their Domains getting stronger.

    Improving ones abilities once becoming a Reflection of Heaven and Earth was difficult, as the Terminator could attest. It required a deep understanding of one's protogenia to progress. Lan Jue and Qianlin were already possessed of great insight, and this flood of unending energy was serving to galvanize their protogenia further. It was something neither of them could have anticipated, nor would they have believed it unless they felt it themselves.

    Although it wasn't near enough to evolve their protogenia on a qualitative level or promote them to Nirvana, it certainly would shorten the length of time necessary to reach the next level.

    Up to now Lan Jue had lead them in their cultivation. Qianlin followed his direction and benefited from his guidance. Now, though, Lan Jue was the one to ride upon her coattails. He drank of her recycled energy to fuel his own growth.

    Lan Jue had a peculiar sense, and peered out into the distance. There he was the scores of people kneeling before their goddess - the one in his arms!

    More and more of the infected were delivered into the cleansing light. As they did Qianlin grew stronger, and the scope of her influence grew. Minute after minute passed in this way, scores of Western victims returned to health. After recovering from the incredible scene, the ground forces set about gathering and consoling the masses.

    The populace walked around in a daze. This was their homeland, and though the aliens had razed it to the ground, they saw that there was an opportunity to rebuild. The aliens hadn't had control for long, not long enough to devour all the life that had existed here. If it had, the progenitor would already have moved on.

    Once they were gathered together ships began arriving with food and drink, which were dispersed among the survivors. Then the remaining Westerners set about seeking out friends and familiar places.

    In the future they would still need much more help, but for now they were safe.

    Lan Qing had taken the initiative in recording everything they saw on Angel and sending it to the other Alliances.

    Both of them were still in the midst of conflict. The government had lost the faith of the soldiers and the people, and unrest was widespread. The victory over the alien forces had pacified some of that anger. This latest news, however, calmed them.

    The vision of that woman, blazing like a goddess in the heavens, healing the afflicted, was inspiring. It caused tears to stream down the faces of the people all across human space. It was a scene that united humanity, an uplifting promise that they would always have the strength to save those in need.

    The turmoil subsided. At last humanity began to speak in one voice, urging support for this righteous battle.

    Lan Qing and Kang Hui hurriedly made their requests. Their initial appeals were not for more troops, but for food - a lot of food. There was undoubtedly more people to save on other planets, and they would need food and water. Other aid would mean nothing if they starved.

    The keen observers knew, of course, that this was just the beginning. The enemy was still out there, and no one was safe until they were exterminated. Reconstruction would come when the alien menace was cleansed from the universe, but the weight of that responsibility rested solely on the army.

    Lan Qing had finally earned himself a short rest. He sat on a nearby sofa and shut his eyes.

    His mind raced, going over everything that happened and all that was to come. The first phase of their plan was complete. Now they had to wait for their scouts to return with news. Most important was the location and status of the three alien planets. They couldn't proceed until they knew where their targets were hiding.

    The possibility of the planets teleporting again was included in Lan Qing's plans. In fact, he wouldn't be very worried if they did.

    The reason was simple; if they did teleport, it meant they weren't evolving. No matter where they went the amount of energy required to teleport would be massive, and likely would capture the attention of universal protogenia.

    In addition the aliens had suffered a significant loss against the humans in the taking of Angel. Many of the vital crystals they relied upon were now in human hands.

    The Northern Alliance still had Bastion ships to spare. If the aliens reappeared in their territory they could at least defend themselves. The East also had their own countermeasures... Although they only had a single bastion, that didn't mean it wasn't without more furtive defensive capabilities.

    The East had a high population, but they were concentrated in a relatively small area. They were the first Alliance to prepare for the alien invasion, so they'd had ample time to install planetary defenses like railguns at the places most likely to suffer an alien attack. The planets themselves would be their protection against the enemy.

    It wasn't enough to completely repel the aliens, but if it came to it this would at least buy them time.

    As for the allied forces, they would retreat the moment confirmation came that the enemy had teleported away. The Eastern planets would be put on alert, and their railguns - though limited in capabilities - would come online to provide what defense they could. But in addition, the East had a trump card - an ace in the hole that Lan Qing had suggested they prepare.

    In the most populated areas, the East had constructed enormous transmission arrays. The Wine Master and Photographer had been involved in their design and creation. The best transference power gems money could buy went in to their construction, and no effort was spared to put them together. In fact they were made to be used multiple times, if necessary. It functioned similarly to the one Lan Jue and the others had used in their excursion to the Shattered Starfields.

    Its corresponding power gem array was built into Middle Heaven. It was modified so that molinite could be used as a power source.

    With the Wine Master and the Luo Xianni working together, they could teleport targets over incredible distances. One trip could carry ten people.

    That is to say the moment Eastern space was invaded by the enemy, ten of the most powerful Paragons could be transferred from Middle Heaven directly into the fight. They at least would be able to hold off the aliens for some time. The enemy home worlds would be too weak to attack with overwhelming force.

    The Paragons would need only hold the line until the allied forces returned. Then, the military come close in on a weakened enemy fighting on two fronts.

    Of course there was the possibility that a sneak attack would cause great devastation to Eastern worlds. But so long as they could survive until the military got back, they could turn the tide of battle.

    According Lan Qing's determinations, the risk the East would assume in such a case would not outweigh the possibility of a decisive human victory. After all, it was very likely the alien home worlds were attempting to evolve in this very moment.
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