Chapter 804: Saving Heaven’s Light

    Chapter 804: Saving Heaven's Light

    Lan Jue and Qianlin became translucent, then invisible. Only Guanyin and the Emperor of the North Pole Star remained visible in the sky with the Banishing Blades in their hands. Guanyin was crystal clear, but in contrast the Emperor of the North Pole Star was diaphanous.

    The hum from Demortus and Captus filled the air as they stretched out together - not to attack, but to lead. They directed the stream of technicolor light that descended from on high toward its singular aim.

    One of the monsters, thousands of meters long, sensed the danger approaching. It turned to flee, wildly raking the air with its metallic claws. But the torrent of light swept passed before it could escape, piercing through its forehead and beyond. One after the other all aliens in its path were cut down.

    The two dharmic images rose higher into the air. White light radiate from the Queen of Heaven and fell upon a vast expanse of land. Sizzling mists arose from the bodies of all aliens caught within the light. They screeched and cried in pain, flying aimlessly toward succor. The other humans, bathed in the light of Guanyin, felt their protogenia swiftly recovering.

    The Emperor of the North Pole Star indicated a direction with Captus. Meanwhile, a blue cloud gathered ominously over its head. Several bolts of typical-looking lightning were cast from it. They sought out and incinerated the monstrous creatures as they writhed within Qianlin's Domain. All victims of lightning were erased from being, with nothing remaining to mark their existence but a vital crystal.

    The Emperor's Domain, the Palm of Five Thunders, was lightning based. Although it was far weaker and less dramatic than the cloud that had appeared during Lan Jue's ascension, the appearance of All-Heaven Lightning still struck a cord of fear even among the Paragons.

    Even Lan Jue and Qianlin hadn't suspected defeating the progenitor would be this easy. The Harmonious Swords were draining, but now that the two of them were Paragons and commanded the forces of the universe, the technique's cost was reduced while its efficacy skyrocketed. They could continue to fight even after employing it.

    With the death of the progenitor, the nearby aliens were uninclined to race in and throw their lives away. Lan Jue and Qianlin exchanged a look before raising their swords once more, but the Pharmacist's voice stopped them. "Let's charge in!"

    "Alright!" The Pauper fell in beside Lan Jue and Qianlin, with the Pharmacist on the other side before all four leapt into the air. The Driver remained behind, and with a shivers dozens of lightning bolts erupted from him. They didn't seek out aliens, rather they struck the many vital crystals strewn around the battlefield and recovered them. Primarily they wanted the progenitor's crystal, a real treasure for humanity that simultaneously robbed power from their enemies.

    Lan Jue marked their path by pointing with his weapon. Where he indicated, a sea of power rushed through - focused flow. In the same moment Qianlin's weapon exploded into tens of thousands of twinkling lights - Ten Thousand Swords as One, Demortus' cutting power spread far and wide.

    One focused and heavy, the other light and diffuse. As the two of them shared an intimate look their techniques melded and the rainbow light appeared once again. It shot into the sky and painted everything in myriad shades of color.

    Nothing could withstand its passage. Anything remotely near the rainbow was massacred. By the time the Driver caught up to them the column of light was so wide it swallowed all five Paragons into its bosom. Suddenly they were moving at incredible speed, and in a blink they had swept through the atmosphere back out into space.

    Most of the enemy forces were gone, only a few stragglers remained. They made no move to stop the humans, for they did not dare contend against the rainbow light.

    In the distance they could see flashes of pink and violet clashing. Waves of staggering energy were released with every blast. When Luo Xianni saw the rainbow light split the darkness of space she knew their mission was complete. In a flicker of pink light she rejoined her team.

    The Violet Prince was hot on her heels, and reached out with his hands. A piercing violet light fell over the humans.

    Lan Jue and Qianlin didn't wait for permission, and again struck out with the Harmonious Swords. For a third time a beam of rainbow light was born. But the Violet Prince didn't balk, didn't back down. The two beams met each other halfway.

    At first contact the rainbow light buckled beneath the intensity of the purple beam. However, soon signs of weakness showed in the Prince's attack, as its edges disintegrated before a rapidly strengthening Harmonious Swords technique.

    The Prince could sense it acutely, his life essence boiling within him. The power he contended against was sometimes focused and sometimes scattered, a fact which stopped his strength from assailing it directly.

    He roared in anger and frustration, pouring even more of his capabilities into the violet stream. As it seemed he would overcome the humans' powers there was a burst of blinding light. His prey was gone.


    Lan Jue and the others reappeared in a flash of pink light. This time they were safely aboard Zeus-1. Luckily all six had restrained their powers when the flash appeared. Otherwise the sudden burst of power from so many Paragons would have undoubtedly obliterated the ship and everyone on it.

    Their mission was a complete success.

    The Driver extended a thumbs-up toward Lan Jue and Qianlin. After their breakthrough, their powers were simply incredible. Both were irreplaceably assets on the battlefield. Their actions also proved that an Adept's powers could counter and restrict the aliens', capable of causing fatal damage. With the Banishing Blades they were even able to deflect the powers of the Violet Prince, whose strength far outmatched theirs. The technique still wasn't even perfected.

    Lan Jue chuckled wryly. "We only had about forty-percent of our energy left. The Harmonious Sword technique is incredibly draining."

    The two of them could not be fused and use the technique at the same time - after it, It required a pair. This meant the technique was driven by the force of Reflection of Heaven and Earth. Still, they were able to use their inferior powers to contend against a much stronger foe - at the cost of great effort.

    The Pharmacist smiled at them both. "Very good. Now as your power increases you should continue to train the technique in order to call on it's true might."

    Lan Jue nodded in agreement. After three consecutive uses he felt exhausted. Much of the energy they poured into the technique wasn't directed into the attack. In fact, it required tremendous strength and concentration to keep the manifestation stable. Qianlin had suffered for a long time in a coma, and though their hearts were as one they needed to continue training their cooperation. Individually they were very proficient with their styles, but together they needed practice.

    However the foundation of the Harmonious Swords technique was a union of hearts. Thankfully this was something they had already achieved. The technical aspects of it were much easier by comparison and just required mutual cultivation.

    Zeus-1 picked up speed and vacated Sheol's gravity well. Lan Jue took the opportunity to get in contact with Lan Qing and let him know what happened.

    "A-Jue, you can't come back yet. The Terminator has run into some trouble, powerful enemies they've so far managed to keep off. We can't move the troops in time so you need to get there as soon as possible. The bastions are headed back to rejoin the armada, and when we do we'll move in for support. You should head there directly."

    When Lan Jue heard the news he couldn't help but feel anxious. The elation they felt for a successful mission quickly subsided. "Alright, we're on our way."

    "Mika, change course for Heaven's Light." Lan Jue ordered.

    Mika whipped her head around and looked at him, surprised. "Boss, Heaven's Light..."

    Lan Jue interrupted her concern. "Don't worry, the situation now is unclear. Lan Qing has asked us to go and aid the Terminator's team. Quickly now."

    "Aye, aye." Mika complied, her heart racing. Her father was with the Terminator. Although she hadn't been a part of the Dark Citadel or that man's life for years, it was where she grew up. That man was her father.

    Her mind harkened back to the conversation they'd had before the mission began. Suddenly her heart sank and an inexplicable sense of oppression settled on her shoulders. She wouldn't accept it but the heart was not susceptible to her deception. She still cared for him, she wanted him to live.


    Zeus-1 veered off of its intended course, burning full speed for the next planet in the system - Heaven's Light. They were a streak of brightness against a black backdrop.

    Lan Jue could feel Mika's anxiety. He replaced Lin Guoguo at the captain's chair and lent the ship his powers so it would move faster. The ship was too small to support much of a Paragon's abilities, however, so Lan Jue was more than enough to give it the juice it needed.

    After making their overtures against Sheol, the bastions had since turned around and were returning to the fleet. Their next target was Heaven's Light.

    According to the information they'd gotten, the Terminator had encounter no small obstacle to completing their mission. They were beset in enemy territory and were fighting for their lives. Normal aliens were not the concern, for they certainly could not harm these Paragons. What was frightening by the Terminator's report was it meant more powerful foes had come up against them.

    Three humanoid aliens had appeared.

    All three were avatars of the planets; Monarch, Empress and Consort. The last two were similar in appearance to the Violet Princess, beautiful and deadly, but slightly older. The only way to tell them apart was by their hair, one purple and one red.
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