Chapter 824: Winning Buddha Legacy

    Chapter 824: Winning Buddha Legacy

    Because of this, their strength was limited. For now Lan Jue was relying on the strength of his fellow Paragons, and waiting for his enemy to make the first move.

    Lan Jue had faith that he and Qianlin's Harmonious Sword technique could resist the Prince and Princess, despite their power gap. He'd done it before, all that was needed is to give his mother and father a chance to act.

    Their foes could vaguely sense his mother's presence, but they didn't know his father was also near. Jue Di was the strongest human alive, and had explored the secrets of the Infinite for an untold number of years. One on one, neither the Prince nor Princess had what was needed to best him. Only Monarch was a threat.

    Lan Jue had hoped that either one of the royals attacked him. If they did, his mother and father could move in and cut them down. If one of these alien generals could be destroyed it would be a great victory for the humans. What's more, their vital crystals would definitely be of great help to Jue Di.

    Unfortunately his hopes did not come to fruition. He did not expect the two aliens to defend each other so well, enough to ward off his father's full attack.

    When Jue Di's staff came crashing down, Lan Jue felt the force of it. Not even the Harmonious Swords could defend against something like that. His father's strength was truly awe-inspiring.

    He knew where his father's inheritance was derived from. It was the essence of a mighty being passed down from antiquity, no less mighty than the Buddhas of old. He had been called the Winning Buddha - Great Sage Equal to Heaven! 1

    Jue Di's astrum was a weapon of his own creation, modeled after the golden staff that was favored by the Great Sage. In regards to strength it was no less potent than a Banishing Blade, and in fact had some advantages the swords did not.

    Yet, it still was not enough to kill the Violet Princess.

    Jue Di was not put off by the failure of his sneak attack to end her life. He hovered in the air with an imperatorial air, and though he did not press the attack he had become the center of the battle.

    When the ultimate Paragon revealed himself the humans' spirits soared. The aliens sensed his stupefying aura and hesitated. Their leader, the Prince, scowled. Four flashes of purple lit up the space around him revealing four figures, but only one of them was an avatar.

    The avatar took a step forward, and in a blink it was past the Prince and standing in front of Jue Di. Flickers of purple light hung over its figure.

    But its powers were only Nirvana-level.

    "You are also a robust creature. You have achieved such heights, why do you remain in conflict with us? Our realm with certainly have a place for the likes of you. Together our people can overcome the tyranny of the universe! Sure you understand this truth?" The monstrous voice it spoke with had a peculiar quality to it, an allure that inspired capitulation.

    This was Monarch's voice, or some shadow of it. Though the alien patriarch was not present it could speak through these copies. As he gazed upon the shell of light that crackled around the beast Lan Jue suddenly understood - it had been Monarch that saved the Violet Princess.

    The revelation struck him like a ton of bricks. Were they not in the midst of their evolution? How were they able to express their power so far away? It meant that they were a threat regardless of where they were. Did this portend that Lan Qing would be facing the power of the three alien home worlds in his own campaign? What chance did they stand now?

    Lan Jue felt like he was being drowned in an ocean of despair. A terrifying chill filled him.

    Jue Di's response was calm. "Not bad. Contending against universal protogenia is important to us as well. But you have your people, and I have my own. Your methods of overcoming the universe are based on the destruction of humans, my brethren. Already you have slain so many. Do you expect me to stand at your side after the atrocities you've committed? Those who are not of our blood do not hold the same ideals. Even if you succeed to creating your realm it would be no place for me - we are not the same. A whole new universe wouldn't be big enough for both of us."

    A chilly tone entered Monarch's voice. "You aren't strong enough to stand against me. Once we succeed and I rise to new heights of dominance, I will consider halting the destruction of your species. It would hold no more interest for me. But I will only let you live if you cease your resistance now."

    Jue Di laughed openly in the monster's face. "What are you, three years old? Nothing but empty words. You would simply go back on your word the moment your realm was created. My people and I would be slain. Our destiny is in our hands, so continue your evolution if you can. We'll see who dominates in the end."

    The avatar glared at Jue Di with cold, feral eyes. After a moment, it nodded. "Very well!"

    The purple aura drained from the avatar and it returned to normal. The host of aliens around them began to slither away, breaking off the attack.

    The titanic monster struggling with the Terminator roared. Its tail broke free, shed like a lizard's. Then it and its smaller brethren returned to the Prince's side where they receded into the darkness of space as one.

    They were retreating. Jue Di's authoritative appearance had pushed them back, resulting in a stellar victory for humans. Many alien creatures were destroyed, while mankind had emerged without casualties.

    Lan Jue did not give the order to pursue. The enemy's retreat was slow and orderly, and there was high chance of an ambush if they chose to go after them. Their mission was to protect Angel, which they had.

    "Let's head back." Jue Di grumbled at them.

    Star Division set about gathering vital crystals from the corpse of their fallen foes. Only then did they head back to the safety of the planet.

    Repelled! The enemy had been pushed back! The good news flew to all corners of Angel. They had really fought back the tide of destruction!

    But Lan Jue and the others were not overjoyed. This was only the start, information about the others was their new priority. Once news of the armada's situation got back they would decide whether or not to join Lan Qing on Middle Heaven.

    They learned of their status soon. Though Angel was safe, the armada was locked in a deadly stalemate at the front lines.

    "Excellent!" After hearing about Lan Jue's success a fierce light shone in Lan Qing's eyes. Now that their rear was secured, they could push forward without worry.

    Hua Li and Kang Hui also got the news.

    "Shall we begin, Admiral Lan?" Kang Hui's deep voice queried.

    Lan Qing nodded. Now was the time for them to do their part.

    A few moments later, Middle Heaven began to stir from its silent vigil.

    The Violet Prince, Princess, and at least some of the avatars were absent from this battlefield. Lan Qing's forces faced only a few of their top echelons, marking this as their best opportunity to press ahead. He'd been waiting for news from Angel, and now he had it.

    An angry orange glow sprang up behind Middle Heaven, pushing the warplanet forward toward the enemy. Their foes did not have human worlds to hide behind this time, their only option was direct combat.

    The three bastions started ahead at the same time, with the twelve fleets in neat formation around them. All together they slowly advanced.

    On the enemy's side their formation shifted. Creatures that were leading the charge split off from the main force and began to trace a route toward the armada's flanks. The beasts in the rear were revealed.

    Soldiers huddled by the windows of their ships saw the monstrous aliens appear from behind the front lines. Each one of them looked like giant winged crocodiles over ten thousand meters long. All told there were twelve, and each one bore a humanoid finger standing on its head. Avatars of the three planets.

    Twelve enormous beasts, and twelve avatars to command them. 2 Twenty four Paragon-level monstrosities headed their way. Most were equivalent in strength to Nirvana, but at least three bore the power of the Infinite.

    Seeing so many powerful foes arrayed against them caused Lan Qing to suck in a breath. Their forces were more capable than he'd anticipated. This showed that the aliens had never employed their full strength against the humans. Perhaps they hadn't needed to before. Now, however, their presence spoke volumes.

    Kang Hui scowled at the scene. He'd downplayed Lan Qing's warning when he'd told them the aliens had not yet showed their full hand. He suspected the Admiral of being overly cautious. If they had the strength, why didn't these monsters simply overrun the humans from the outset? Lan Qing had shared his reasoning but Kang Hui only agreed on the surface.

    The truth of Lan Qing's words was proven now. The terrifying might of their enemy was revealed to them. Comparatively the humans didn't even have twenty-four Paragons to answer with.

    "Should we ask the Paragons to join us, Admiral Lan?" Kang Hui asked.

    1. The Monkey King. Really the Monkey King was a total asshole, which fits into the earlier narratives we have of Jue Di. He stole, he beat people up, he was an agent of chaos. I could never get far enough along in his story, but I'm told he's forcibly reeducated by a Buddhist master later - after being buried under a mountain for a thousand years.

    2. They're like sci-fi nazgul
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