Chapter 847: Gaze of Gold and Fire

    Chapter 847: Gaze of Gold and Fire

    If the Violet Prince and Princess joined their brethren in an attack on Middle Heaven, the bastion was doomed. The two of them burst onto the field after breaking free from suppressive fire, summoning a screen of purple-black energy. The screen blocked the alien warriors from Middle Heaven's railgun fire and even reflected the blasts back toward their origin.

    Once pressure on their flank was eased the alien forces surged ahead. Their target was the bastion. A seething hatred burned in the Prince's eyes as he led the charge. These hateful humans must be destroyed!

    His avatar generals had been so thoroughly destroyed by the bastion that even their vital crystals were disintegrated. Each one of those doppelgangers were repositories of tremendous energy, now lost. Such energy would be needed to support the home worlds after their evolution, in order to create the universe they envisaged.

    Losing five avatars was a sharp blow.

    Middle Heaven couldn't retreat as fast as the aliens could advance. As the two sides neared a clash seemed fated.

    All of a sudden a host of drones came screaming passed, enough to blot out the horizon. They were Middle Heaven's ships, reinforced with drones from Poseidon. They came in guns blazing, pummeling the monsters with miniaturized Soft Water bombs and laser cannons. Zones of glittering crystal blue were pierced by burning laser trails.

    The sudden addition of thirty thousand fighter drones changed the dynamics on the field. The alien horde was violently blocked in their charge by the hail of fire, and even the generals found their path forward blocked by smears of golden light. Jue Di.

    Jue Di was a conduit of his enormous power. His body was covered in course golden hair, and his Compliant Staff glinted dangerously in his hand. The mighty weapon seemed capable of splitting the universe in two.

    The Violet Prince paused in a moment of fear. The first time they met the Paragon nearly killed him. It was Monarch who saved him then, with a timely intervention.

    At the time his transformation into human form was still new, his powers had not completely adapted. Still the Prince knew he was no match for this human. Jue Di was the strongest foe he'd ever encountered.

    Jue Di's eyes were wells of burning golden light. He swept them across the field and over the alien elite, who each felt his gaze pierce them.

    They couldn't control themselves or hold back. Suddenly their humanoid shapes gave way and their bodies swelled, revealing their true selves. At three thousand meters long each the field quickly grew crowded. Chaos ensued as the alien formation was jostled around.

    Gaze of Gold and Fire! One of Jue Di's penultimate dharmic abilities.

    The Paragon pointed forward with his staff, and suddenly he was a flash of sparkling golden light. Before anyone could react he shot across the field, reappearing above the Violet Prince. He hovered there for a moment with a tyrannical presence so intense it rivaled the weight of a mountain.

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    The Violet Prince felt his breath catch in his throat. Crushing pressure bore down on him, on everything around him, and even before Jue Di's attack arrived the Prince felt like his body might explode.

    As the pressure mounted the Prince felt the changes in his Domain. His powers hinged on the play between creation and destruction, but the creation portion of his powers were being staunchly suppressed. With half of it locked away the Prince's Domain was under the enemy's thumb. He could also feel the acute danger of universal protogenia coalescing around them. But if he was feeling it so was Jue Di - it was a danger that threatened them both.

    The Violet Prince lifted his arms high, and his eyes burned with violet power. Suddenly his humanoid body exploded to monstrous proportions. Beside him the Violet Princess was also changing, though her transformation was more dramatic. Her body shimmered with violet and golden light as it reshaped itself into a herculean blade before settling in the Prince's hand.

    His reaction was quick. The moment the sword touched his palm the Prince heaved it at the Compliant Rod and the two crashed into one another.

    Boom--!! An explosion of residual power burst out in all directions once the two weapons met. It was so intense the newly transformed avatars were blasted backward, so say nothing of the normal aliens which were summarily torn to shreds.

    In the darkness of space dark gold and purple gold battle for supremacy. The more they fought against each other the wider their sphere of warring power grew. Jue Di - with nothing but a stick - was holding back the leaders of the enemy horde.

    Jue Di hovered in space, unchanged. Across from him the hate-filled eyes of the Prince glared back. Neither budged.

    The human moved first, whipping his body halfway around and striking thrice with his staff. It was so fast the images of their passing hung in the air for a moment as light struggled to catch up, fast as lightning.

    The Prince was quick, but even still he only had time to lift up the Princess-sword in his hand to try and ward off the blows.

    Boom- boom- boom! Three ear-piercing explosions followed one after the other. The other alien elite had just recovered from the last explosion and were suddenly blasted backward again.

    Three Thunderclap Impact!

    With so many powerful foes pitted against him, Jue Di had to keep the situation under his control. He couldn't take them all at once.

    The Violet Prince took three staggering steps back before steadying himself. A faint ringing reverberated from his sister-turned-weapon.

    With some space between them Jue Di's staff stretched to three times its original length. The monkey-like Paragon whipped it around him to carve out a circle. When it was completed he sensed within it the enigmatic power of yin and yang joined together. To the aliens it was a chaotic vortex.

    In response the alien general cut wildly through the air to one side and a half-moon shock-wave of power was released. It produced a tear in the fabric of space and time to protect him from the vortex's influence. However the lesser aliens were not so lucky, as they were thrown violently about by the chaotic forces.

    Meanwhile bolts of azure blue had started to rain upon the right flank. Poseidon had repositioned and was joining the fight on this front. So far it had not employed its mecha transformation and was still using traditional weapons fire. Together with Middle Heaven it was effective in keeping the enemy at bay.

    On the other side of the battlefield humanity was gaining an edge. Paragons, fleet ships, and Tyrannosaurus hammered the left flank with everything in their arsenals. Under such an overwhelming offensive the aliens were losing ground. They couldn't get close enough to do any damage, but they were being obliterated.

    Once Jue Di's circle was drawn he stood still behind it. Continuous, high-level combat had captured the attention of universal protogenia and he was feeling it.

    After so long the Paragon knew his body intimately. He was drawing on the progenitor's vital crystal to support his life energy, but it was still being drained. He was only one man, and by virtue of his power alone he was holding back nearly all of the enemy's strongest. It was not getting easier as time went on.
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