Chapter 893: Faith and Fervor!

    Chapter 893: Faith and Fervor!

    Soldiers throughout the armada looked on with eyes red from emotion. But the surprises were not over.

    Scores more mecha suites were dispatched from the twelve fleets. All four bastions released their remaining drones to join the fight as well. Every fleet and bastion had a contingent of ground troops and mechas to equip them with. Together with the drones they were a flexible and dynamic fighting force. Yet, their mission was clear in the minds of every pilot; they were cannon fodder.

    In a matter of moments these brave soldiers created a ring on the outer edge of the Banishing Strategy. They arranged themselves so that the representatives of each adept army were protected as well.

    Every man and woman, whether in the cockpit of a mecha suit or drone, stared grim faced and red eyed at their foes. They did not attack, for they knew that they could not positively affect this battle beyond using themselves as human shields. Every ounce of energy was poured into shields in preparation for the attacks to come.

    In this moment they did not fear death.

    A stifling silence hung over the worlds of man as they watched on their screens. In high-definition they saw these brave warriors preparing to sacrifice their lives for the cause. And a sacrifice it would be, for even though there were only two the soldiers knew they had no hope of defeating enemies that powerful.

    Despair settled in the hearts of the ruling class, especially the politicians, and many had already fled. However there were some who remained, to wait and see what would happen. These public servants were determined to meet their fate with their constituents.

    The East's Chairman Zhou Xueguan was together with the parliament. His hands were curled into tight fists. By his side was the speaker of the parliament, and both men glared ferociously at the images of the screen before them.

    The parliamentary hall was full, with every representative in attendance. They'd been invited to watch the operation together. They'd cheered Zhou Xueguan as their armies won victory after victory against the alien horde. Now however, with the ascent of Monarch and the display of his might, the hall was silent.

    When the battle started to turn there were some in the room who sought to slip away. But before they could, the doors to the hall were flung open and soldiers flooded in. They were fully armed, and trained their guns on the politicians.

    The speaker addressed his comrades with frigid promise, stating that they would die with their people if it came to it. No one would be permitted to leave. They would not be allowed to abandon the East.

    All of this had been prepared in advance, arranged by Zhou Xueguan and the speaker. They had to assure the people, and they couldn't do that if the political class was in turmoil. If the leadership could show steadfastness and solidarity, the people's faith would remain strong.

    The scene from the parliamentary hall was streamed along with the battle, in a small box on the bottom right corner. In a joint announcement Chairman Zhou and the speaker reassured everyone that their leaders were not going to leave them to their fate.

    It had the desired affect and the people calmed. They earned no praise, but it did allay fears that they would be abandoned. In their minds if the politicians were in the same situation they were, there was still a chance things could be turned around.

    Video of Eastern mechas putting themselves in harm's way were streamed into every household. Pride and tears filled the eyes of citizens as they saw the signature yellow of the Bloodiron Khans arrayed against overwhelming odds. They weren't afraid, and so neither were the people. Like the soldiers who fought for them they were filled with passion.

    Eastern soldiers were doing right by their duty to all of humanity. They put themselves in the line of danger, putting down their lives so that their species might have a chance to fight back.

    Heroes. Every single one of those brave warriors were heroes to all of mankind. Tears flowed down a countless number of faces and many citizens were out in the streets to watch the fight together on enormous screens on the sides of buildings [1. This is typical for many cities in China. Skyscrapers may often come equipped with enormous televisions. They're used for many purposes; in the summer they have movies on some and street vendors lay out tables were people can watch a movie and have food. They're also for propaganda and public service announcements. The world cup and Olympics are the time when these outside screens are most popular. However, I think they're beginning to fall out of style. Here's an example, though I don't know why they have it censored.]

    A silver-haired woman in her twilight years pointed to the enormous screen and cried out. "My son's out there! He's one of the Bloodiron Khans!" Her face was wet with tears but she stood tall. Her words, quavering with emotion, betrayed her pride.

    Similar scenes played out all across the East. Panic was gone, replaced by the undaunted fervor reflected in the eyes of those soldiers. They were a people of singular purpose and unity!

    People on what remained of the Western Alliance planets were also emotional as they watched. Their government was gone, but after Guanyin the Queen of Heaven saved their fellows - channeled through Zhou Qianlin - they'd felt more inclined toward the East.

    The stream they were receiving came from the East. When they saw that the Eastern parliament was not fleeing they hung their head in shame.

    Many of their leaders and politicians had fled Europa even before the aliens attacked. Most of those left behind as victims were common folk without the ability to run. They were forced to wait for the end to claim them.

    No one wished for the end of this conflict more than the Western people. They had suffered awfully and were tired of conflict. They prayed for the success of the four sword bearers from the East, prayed that they would be victorious over this hated foe. Their hearts were just as impassioned as the narration from the Eastern streaming video.

    "Look, what are our young comrades doing? They are giving all of themselves so that all of us might be safe. These are our Bloodiron Khans, our An Lun soldiers, our Eastern countrymen. Majesties from Skyfire Avenue fight on the front lines while Star Division and Bloodiron Khan soldiers stand at their backs. Nor do they stand alone, for soldiers from our Eastern army have come to bolster their numbers. I am not a believer, but I pray for these brave souls - pray for our people and our future. Join me in cheering them on and our combined faith will help them win the day. Our enemies will be destroyed."

    The rousing speech reverberated all throughout the East and inflamed passions. Through their actions the government and military inspired the people and gave them faith. Even in defeat they would stand in solidarity.

    This was not the case in the North. They were the mightiest of nations, and as such were rife with powerful political, military and business families. When the situation began to deteriorate these influential people prepared for their exodus. The government did not inspire the same confidence in its people as the East. Though many took faith in the images from the live stream, they were not unified in the way the other Alliances were.

    As the conflict increased the differences between these alliances became more stark. However no one paid much attention as all eyes were trained on the front lines and the battle that would determine the fate of humanity.


    Boom! Layers of pink shattered like glass, a dimension fractured. The Photographer was flung away and spat out a mouthful of blood. Her powers changed constantly to match the ever-increasing Domain of Creation and Destruction, barely managing to keep it at bay.

    The Violet Prince paid her no further mind. He switched directions and launched himself toward the location of the Banishing Strategy. He was loathe to obey Monarch's command but the newly ascended immortal was master. If Monarch perished the immortal realm they build would disappear. He was also acutely aware that he could not contend against his father's tremendous power.

    He witnessed what everyone saw on their screens once he turned toward the Banishing Strategy; it was hidden behind a sphere of metal. Countless mechas and drones were tightly organized so that there was no way to get at the sword bearers except through them. Only the stream of chaotic power was left unguarded, the same stream that had swallowed up Monarch. The Prince had no illusions that he would fare better if he chose that route.

    The Violet Prince narrowed his eyes as he surveyed the landscape. He grunted and chastised humanity for its naiveté. Did they believe they could stand against him?

    He rushed forward, fist outstretched. A burst of purple light emerged.

    A hundred defenders exploded immediately, reduced to burning slag. However the Prince was slowed ever so slightly as he was struck with a surprising thought. These humans were not disheartened. Even in the face of death they persevered!

    The aliens were adept at psychic communication. He could feel their courage and conviction as clearly as though it had come from him.
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