Chapter 51: Fresh Meat

    Chapter 51: Fresh Meat

    Bang! Tang Mi's fists viciously pounded the control board of the simulator, her face twisted in to a mask of rage.

    She'd changed her account , chosen a saber-mecha, all to satisfy an urge. Lots of people did it, and they called them landmines; if you stepped on one, you're in for a bad time.

    There have been those who have suggested action against this kind of behavior, adding a real-name system to DreamNet. This would ensure each Id number had only one account, but until now the DeamNet management authority hasn't approved. This was something that would affect all three Alliances. It wouldn't be an easy change.

    Tang Mi definitely didn't expect to be the one stepping on a landmine. That Nooblet guy, who was he? He's a bastard is what he is, an outright bastard!

    had never been in a situation like this. She thought about the replay, about how he'd chopped her up in to tiny cube-sized pieces, and she just wanted to disappear in to a hole somewhere.

    Tang Mi

    "Who! Who! Who!" Tang Mi screamed at the screen, alone in the virtual cockpit. She knew at the very least it was someone from the school, else they wouldn't have been able to enter the sim training yard. You could only get here by using one of the school's special simulators.

    But the school was huge, how would she be able to find this Nooblet?

    Tang Mi took a slow, deep breath to even her temper.

    She could not suffer the presence of this enemy. He needed to be destroyed.

    Her arm raised, and in the space of a moment her communicator was ringing a number.

    "Little Mi, what's up?" A man's voice, simple and sincere, sputtered from the communicator.

    Tang Mi audibly ground her teeth as she spoke. "I don't care where you are, or what you're doing. Find a simulator and log in to DreamNet immediately. Find me in the university novice arena. There's someone we need to humiliate."

    "Huh?" Surprise was evident in the man's tone. "The novice arena? Tang Mi, you're playing the landmine again, aren't you. I told you before not to bother with that boring garbage. Why don't you listen. And what? You run in to another landmine that gave you a spanking?" The man knew almost immediately what had happened from Tang Mi's voice alone.

    "Are you coming or not?!" she screeched.

    "You wouldn't be that way right?" The man's voice sounded more surprised as the conversation continued. "Spend all your time by the river and you're bound to get wet. Go cool down. I'm in the middle of something."

    "Tang Xiao, your little sister was just turned to scrap metal by someone using the Brunois Assault. If you don't come in here right no and avenge me, you'll wish you were dead. I'll tell Qianlin all about how you wet the bed until you were ten, and you wont have a ghost of a chance with her. You have an opportunity now that her engagement has broken off. I may not have much to offer to help get you two together, but at a word from me you'll die alone! HAHAHAHA!"

    "... give me three minutes." The voice had suddenly turned serious. The communicator went silent, and Tang Mi re-entered DreamNet.

    Just you wait Nooblet. If I can't beat you, then I'll call someone who can! Tang Xiao's a Master-Ranked mecha pilot and he'll deal with you. You can bet your ass!



    Lan Jue expertly stabbed his titanium blade through the brain box of his ninth opponent, bringing the match to an end.

    That's number nine! One more and it's off to the intermediate arena.

    If A-Cheng and them knew I was in here messing with newbies they'd have to pick their jaws up from the floor. Lan Jue's face twisted in a strange smile. Man being a landmine was fun! Hah! It's been a long time since I've seriously trained in a mecha. Next time I come in here I'll have to do it with a higher level account. This novice area hardly even counts as a warm-up. But it's good practice for skills and mind-hand coordination. Give me a month and I'll be back at peak ability.

    In the last three years he'd undergone almost no effort towards cultivation or training. His Discipline may still raise of it's own accord, but he'd hardly practiced mecha operation. A lot of his skill was already deeply ingrained in his muscle memory, but he'd still grown somewhat rusty.

    Tenth fight, begin.

    A light flashed from somewhere, and he appeared once more in a fresh arena. Once more his opponent was a saber-mecha, unfitted and fresh. It was the same as all the others, only that one fight with the Brunois assault had stirred him at all.

    Fresh Meat. The name flickered above the saber-mecha's head.

    The guy must be shameless, Lan Jue thought. A smile touched his lips. Shamelessness was good. It meant they had a good mentality.

    "You're that landmine, eh?" The voice that echoed across the field was honest, simple, and carried in it a sort of quiet magnetism.

    This was the first time since beginning that someone had spoken to him with the intention of holding a conversation. Lan Jue did not reply.

    "You want to be a landmine, you better be prepared for the consequences. You've been bullying my little sister, and that means I'm going to have to chop you in to little pieces!" Fresh Meat's Saber-Mecha strode forward, cross-stepped, then turned a full circle to stop with it's shield across it's chest and the titanium allow sword pointed towards the heavens.

    "Not bad eh?" His adversary's voice was had a fair measure of pride.

    The guy really is shameless, Lan Jue thought.

    "You didn't answer so I assume you agree. Time for your betters to get started." As he spoke, his mecha suddenly picked up speed, racing headlong towards Nooblet in a straight line.

    Lan Jue narrowed his eyes, his curiosity clear. The guy had superior control over his mecha. There was no wasted movement, no wasted speed. He certainly liked to talk nonsense, but he had some skill.

    "Ah hey buddy, by the way something interesting happened today," Fresh Meat said as the distance closed between him and Lan Jue.

    Lan Jue rasied a brow. Wasn't he here for revenge? What did he hear that could have anything to do with me?

    Fresh Meat continued. "We had a guy in class today who really needed to fart. Definitely a fart. Then she came upon an excellent idea; she'd fart, and clap her hands at the same time to hide the sound. She reeled back and clapped... and just as everyone turned their head to look at her, she let 'er rip!"

    "Pfft!" Lan Jue couldn't help but snort a laugh. At that moment the magnificent glint of a blade filled his vision, blinding him to the figure racing towards him and any means of escape. Lost in that split-second glare, Fresh Meat's leg shot out and viciously connected with Nooblet's mechanical groin.
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