Chapter 62: Spirit Caller Power Gem

    Chapter 62: Spirit Caller Power Gem

    The early morning was a little cold, but fresh and clear.

    Lan Jue pedaled his antique bicycle, leisurely meandering towards the university campus. Zhou Qianlin sat behind, smiling prettily. She would, on occasion, pull funny faces at his back.

    "What are you going to do today?" she asked casually.

    "It's a secret."

    "Fine then." Zhou Qianlin huffed. "By the way, how often are your classes?"

    "Two days a week," he replied.

    "So few? That's intentional, right? You make a terribly incompetent bodyguard." She muttered in malcontent.

    "I've done some looking around," he said. "The campus looks relatively safe. Besides, I can't usually leave Skyfire Avenue. If you need something I'm a call away."

    As he spoke he managed the bicycle with one hand and reached back with the other to hand Zhou Qianlin something.

    Zhou Qianlin reflexively reached up and took it.

    In her hand was a pendant of some white metal, inlaid with an occidental topaz. It was simple and delicate.

    "What's this," she said crankily.

    "It's a power gem. Called a Spirit Caller. C-Ranked. Two gems are linked together, and when worn share their thoughts with the person on the other end. The link can't be broken or interrupted. I've already linked it with another, and it should work anywhere on the planet. So long as we're both on Planet Skyfire, all you need to do is infuse it with your will and you'll link up with me.

    "So this is a Spirit Caller power gem." Zhou Qianlin turned the pendant around in her hand, staring at it appraisingly.

    "You know about them?" He sounded surprised.

    Zhou Qianlin nodded. "I've heard of them. Even though they're ranked as a C, their rarity and function makes them no less valuable than your average B-ranked power gem."

    Lan Jue chuckled. "Are you impressed?"

    "Nope. Standard for a bodyguard." Her tones were matter-of-fact, but she didn't hesitate to slip it around her neck. The pendant was cold, she could feel it through her clothing. It drew a small shudder from her and he thought that the pendant had just been in Lan Jue's hand caused her to blush.

    "If that's what you think then throw it away!" Lan Jue growled. He pressed hard against the pedals and the bike shot forward.


    Five hundred meters from the NEU.

    Zhou Qianlin's sleek hair swung as it was caught by the wind. She called towards Lan Jue. "I'm off!"

    "Mmhm. I'll be here to pick you up tonight." Lan Jue was still in a poor mood.

    She gave him a cunning grin. "Bodyguard, if you aren't afraid I'll make you lose face, I'll just wear my school uniform to attend your dinner." A fair, clear laugh tumbled from her lips as she turned and made her way towards the university.

    Lan Jue stared at her back, slack-jawed. "Am I bodyguard or a baby-sitter? I must have been having a stroke yesterday, why else did I invite her to dinner. Now I'm responsible for how she dresses? Ugh! Let me go get you a bikini, see if you dare wear it!"

    By the time he'd ridden his bicycle back to Skyfire Avenue, the day was in full swing. Beams of radiant sunlight beamed down upon the street. The fine buildings were blanketing in the golden glow of the sun.

    He went directly to Zeus' Jewelry Shop. As he entered and the melodious doorbell sounded, four pairs of pretty eyes turned towards him.

    Today it wasn't just Ke'er and Xiuxiu who manned the store, but Lin Guoguo and Mika were in attendance as well.

    Each of the four beauties had their difference, but at this moment they stood in one line, a team in fine black skirts. Lan Jue stared back at each of them in silence.

    Mika, with her flowing red hair, pink eyes and black-framed glasses.

    Lin Guoguo, adorable with her short green hair and pale green eyes.

    The elegantly beautiful black hair and eyes of Xiuxiu.

    Finally, the cute and vivacious Ke'er, her short blue hair matching her deep blue eyes.

    Four gorgeous women, four styles of hair, four fine pairs of eyes. Each looked beautiful and refined in the work uniform, the sort of beauty that could make a man shudder.

    Where each to turn around, they'd reveal the golden lightning bolts sewn in to their skirts.

    "Hey boss!" All four, with hands folded before their skirted waists, bowed as he entered. The sudden inundation of bosom shot his blood-pressure in to the red.

    "Eh..." Lan Jue took a frightened step back. "Whaaat's going on here?"

    The four women rose in unison. Ke'er spoke first. "Nothing! This is how we're supposed to act, isn't it?" She giggled prettily.

    Lan Jue rolled his eyes. "You all never show any respect, and suddenly this? There must be a reason, so go on spit it out."

    Each young woman smiled devilishly at the accusation. Lin Guoguo covered her mouth, speaking in quiet tones. "Boss knows us well. Really it's nothing, just... if you're planning to go somewhere we'd like to come along. It's be so long since we've traveled to any other planet."

    "Knock it off," Lan Jue muttered helplessly. "You guys get three holidays a year. Where do you want to go that you can't get to?"

    It was Mika's turn. "How is that the same? We go by ourselves, or the boss takes us out to play. Boss, I was the one that found the mineral vein for the power gems. If anyone should go along it should be me."

    "I wanna go too!" Ke'er's pretty face was scrunched in discontent.

    Lin Guoguo batted her big, pretty eyes at Lan Jue. "Boss, you should do what you like," her pretty voice whispered. "If you don't want to bring Guoguo, that's fine." Her eyes had grown watery as they trained on him.

    Only Xiuxiu stood quietly, smiling at Lan Jue. But her eyes alone spoke volumes.

    Lan Jue shook his head. "I knew it. Wolves in sheeps clothing, all of you."

    Mika snickered, and bounded to Lan Jue's side. She pulled at his wrist. "Boss, you've been different lately. More energetic. We just want to help that grow! Come on, taking us along will only make you look better - we're all pretty girls!"

    Lan Jue looked defeated. "Alright, alright. First we'll research the location of the mineral deposit. If we really go, then we'll all go. I guess it has been a long time since I've taken you all out."

    "That's right, Zeus' Amazons left the mercenary world years ago. We're afraid people will have forgotten about us! Even to the point people even dare come in our shop to cause trouble. Hyaa!" Ke'er jabbed her tiny fists fiercely through the air.

    Lan Jue motioned with a flourish. "Shut the doors. To the back room, let's see what's going on with this mundus ore vein."

    "As you wish, boss!" The four women called in chorus, excitement filling their sweet voices.
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