Chapter 90: Electro-Squall, Thor’s Starfall

    Chapter 90: Electro-Squall, Thor's Starfall

    The abyssal flames burned, consuming Thor's shields for every moment they licked at it's surface. The overwhelming heat of the fires had begun to turn the mecha's sapphire blue exterior to a pale red.

    Michael's face was grim. Those self-same fires were devouring him in the same way he hoped they were destroying Zeus. He could already hear the frame of his Angel of War groaning, growing weak as the alloys softened. But where he was slowly being melted to slag, the situation was rapidly worsening for Thor.

    The red of it's surface had darkened to an angry maroon as it's shields began to fail. However, despite the heat Thor had yet to display any signs of melting. Whatever alloy it was composed of was valiantly resisting destruction. The cockpit of the great mecha was similarly protected by virtue of a thin, pale shield.

    The area around them had become indistinct. The air rippled like waves of water, making anyone outside the area of effect unable to clearly distinguish what was happening within. They could only feel the fires as they burned.

    Lin Guoguo looked at Ke'er, who in turn looked back. They did not exchange any words, but they didn't need to. Their concern was clear as day on their faces.

    Guoguo gritted her teeth, the gold in her eyes shimmering dangerously. Mika began to stir to consciousness in her arms.

    Mika shook the confusion from her muddled head. Once clarity returned she shot to her feet. The quick motion startled Lin Guoguo, and as she pulled at Mika she almost feel from the air. At the eight level, an Adept could rely on their Discipline for flight. One's speed and control was reliant on their particular set of abilities.

    "Mika..." Lin Guoguo whispered towards her.

    "What do we do?" Ke'er looked at the two questioningly.

    Mika had a hard look in her eyes. "We wait, and watch. The boss' discipline may not be a match for Michael, but we know how strong Thor is. If it's too much for him we'll engage the knights ourselves. Even if it means our death."

    Ke'er nodded resolutely. She leaned close, whispering softly in to Mika's ear.

    Mika's body trembled at the words. "No! You..."

    Ke'er shot her an impish smile. "You said it yourself - you'd give everything to save the boss, to pay him back for what he's done. If you're willing to go to such lengths, how can we not also? Not to mention in this situation, my discipline would be the right move. Right now, I'd be more effective than you would."

    Contrary to expectations Mika wasn't angry with Ke'er's estimation. Instead, she opened her arms wide and embraced her sister in a tight hug. "You're a wonderful person. I'll try not to fight so much with you in the future."

    Lin Guo gently bit her lower lip. "The boss will win, he has to! Because he's ours!"

    The words weren't a few seconds past her lips when the two mecha burst in to an eruption of white light. As the light-warping waves of heat dissipated, and the fires burned out, no trace of them remained.

    "That's..." The Messenger of Death and the Angel of healing stared at the empty space. The light was similar to one they'd seem before, emanating from Lan Jue. Only this time is encapsulated Thor, and Zeus along with it.

    In the ensuing silence seven twinkling lights appeared. They shone like diamonds, flaring with white light. They descended in the shape of the Big Dipper. Seven glimmering stars falling from the heavens.

    "The Big Dipper... ? That's... !" Gabriel and Raphael nearly mirrored each others' scowls. The constellation was not one native to the Scattered Starfields. Whatever these lights were, they weren't what they pretended to be.

    "Thor's Starfall! It's the boss!" Lin Guoguo called out.

    Boom, boom, boom. Boom boom, boom boom! Seven thunderous blasts, one on top of the other. It almost sounded like one continued blast, but in the distance seven distinct mushroom clouds roiled towards the atmosphere. It's distinct shape was maintained through the display.

    The lights began to move again, interweaving as they raced across the sky. The blasts continued as though the entire world were tearing at the seams.

    "Electro-squall, Thor's Starfall!" Mika, Ke'er and Lin Guoguo shouted towards the lights. Pride and surprise lit their eyes.

    Incandescent light, no less dazzling than the sun, lit half of Moonfiend in it's glow.


    The Moonfiend Empress stood at her balcony, squinting in to the distance as the blinding lights arose. Tears stung her eyes, fuzzy from the stabbing light. She covered her mouth as the scene unfolded, attempting to quell her sobs.


    Blinding rays of light shot past, filtering through the porthole. Xiuxiu shot up from her seat, belting a triumphant yell.

    The Accountant watched also, slack-jawed. "By the... it's like grandpa's positron cannon! Ah Jewelry Master - so full of secrets."


    The awesome display continued for half a minute before slowly beginning to fade. High above a white outline of lightning refused to vanish, but eventually it too began to die away revealing the two massive figures within it.

    "Michael!" Gabriel and Raphael raced towards the hovering figures. But before they could get far, their advance was cut off.

    Mika stood before them, her eyes blazing a deep crimson. Behind her hovered an indistinct figure exuding a suffocating ferocity.

    Lin Guoguo hovered peacefully with hands pressed before her chest. Her eyes were shut, and her body was encased in a golden aura. She almost looked like a statue cast in gold.

    Ke'er soared before the other two, arms outstretched. Fierce winds whirled around her. With her short cut blue hair flitting in every direction she had a distinctly pixie-like demeanor. A blue light arose from the center of her chest. It strengthened and expanded until it overcame even Mika's murderous aura.

    The pulsating waves of energy radiating from the three women threatened to swallow the two angels by virtue of their fury alone.

    Even thirty minutes before this moment, neither Gabriel nor Raphael would have been these women could content with them, even together. But now, seeing the pure destructive capabilities of Thor, they didn't dare make any further assumptions. Who knew what kind of disciples the madman Zeus would dare to create.

    And now, with this blue-haired girl's aura blotting out the world around them, their fear and uncertainty grew. Stronger even than the vicious aura of the Stygian Succubus - they genuinely feared for their lives.
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