Chapter 271: Host Mo Xiao

    Chapter 271: Host Mo Xiao

    Xiuxiu spent more time with Lan Jue than all the other Amazons combined, so certainly she knew who Mo Xiao was. President of the Gobi Entertainment Group, and Poseidon's agent.

    Upon seeing her here, she was also reminded of the fact that Mo Xiao was the most famous host personality in the West, renowned throughout all the Alliances.

    In fact, choosing to manage Poseidon was effectively retirement. She bowed out at the height of her career to preside of someone else's.

    At the age of fifteen she was lauded as the best Holographic Presenter in the Western Alliance. Relying on her stunning appearance, moving voice and aloof persona, in a year she was a household name. She was often the host of DreamNet competitions since then, especially considering she was a god-ranked pilot herself. Her poignant commentary during the fights was enough to convince all skeptics. All of this culminated to make her the pre-eminent emcee to approach for this job.

    In all of humanity, there was no shortage of beautiful women. But finding one who was strong, capable, intelligent and wife? That was as rare a find as an s-ranked gem stone.

    Mo Xiao's reputation never waned, even after leaving the world of television personalities. On the contrary, it only increased. When the news of her taking over the Gobi Group hit the media, it spread like wildfire. Beforehand the decision had been kept very secret, which was surprising considering Gobi Group - or, as it was sometimes called, the Poseidon Group - was the largest and most successful media group in history. When the announcement was released that she would be taking over Gobi, it also revealed that she would be acting as Poseidon's manager, much to the crazed cheers of her fans.

    Soon after, the news generated quite a lot of controversy. All of her male fans couldn't accept the revelation, but there was nothing they could do. After all, no matter who they were or how they looked, there was no way they could match up to Poseidon. Poseidon's female fans were likewise distressed, for after torturous self-examination none could claim to be a match for Mo Xiao.

    They were helpless witnesses to the natural pairing of the universes two most beautiful people, before their very eyes. With the two of them as a team, it was inevitable that they should take the entertainment world by storm.

    Hua Li's earlier assurance were true; he was the biggest star humanity possessed. However, it was only after Mo Xiao's involvement that his reputation began to truly skyrocket, much higher than he'd ever have been able to achieve on his own. Mo Xiao's change from the front of the stage to behind, hiding herself from public view, actually earned her a great deal of support and adulation as well. Even Poseidon's female fans had to admire this competitor for the singer's heart.

    Mo Xiao's appearance in this moment was an uproarious surprise, sending nearly all visitors to Dreamburg in to a tizzy. Viewer ratings nearly doubled, instantaneously.

    Fortunately, DreamNet organizers anticipated this so their upgraded servers were able to handle the load. Mo Xiao, meanwhile, stood silent and regal within the column of light. With a small smile, she continued her introduction.

    "It has been quite some time since I've stood on a stage, and this doubly true for DreamNet. Frankly speaking, I feel like a fish out of water. I promised myself when I acquired Gobi, that it would be my focus. This life was done."

    "The Gobi Group has been my life now for years. But today, I break that oath. Today, because of you, I've returned home."

    Cheers erupted in the area. Digital flowers rained upon Mo Xiao; gifts from loyal fans. It meant more knowing these transient gifts were more costly than anyone would care to admit.

    Smiling, Mo Xiao continued. "When the DreamNet organizers approached me, they told me about this event. I knew that if I let this opportunity pass, I would regret it for the rest of my life."

    "It is well known, that the DreamNet god battles are among the most splendid spectacles in all the Alliances. These battles see only the greatest pilots competing for glory, and prestige. Since the inception of Dreamburg, none of these magnificent clashes have been broadcast to the general public. In the world of mecha combat knowledge is key, therefore it was a legitimate concern to these pilots that showing off their abilities would ultimately bring them misfortune. With their tactics, strategies and habits laid bare, they ran the risk of inviting stiffer competition - maybe even the threat of harm. So it was that these battles were conducted in secret. Moreover, they have grown rarer. After all, rounding up ten god-ranked pilots for a friendly spar isn't an easy task."

    At this point in her introduction, the faintest whisper of bitterness invaded her placid features. "To speak candidly, in my heart I did not wish for this competition to proceed. As you well know, Poseidon is among the competitors tonight. To me, he is the greatest pilot to have ever lived, and I do not wish anything to threaten that."

    Her apprehension resonated with Poseidon's many fans. Beyond a doubt, the performer's popularity outshone everyone else's.

    Mo Xiao paused, as though in thought. After a moment she went on. "But despite my concerns, Poseidon agreed. His brothers in arms, agreed. He even fled from me, his manager, so he could participate. In fact, I haven't seen him since the recent Sounds of Nature concert. I guess I'm here mostly to make sure he doesn't run off again."

    The faintest hint of underlying fury showed she wasn't saying this in jest.

    When Mo Xiao arrived, the massive screens arrayed around Dreamburg flashed to life. Her image was displayed in every corner. Hua Li, too, was surprised to see her appear. He had no idea she would be in attendance.

    With her final assurances that there would be no escape, Hua Li's face dropped in helplessness. It would likely be a while before he was able to leave her side.

    "Poseidon, I know you can hear me. You better not try to run when this is finished. We still have a tour to perform. If you don't, I'm pretty sure your fans will come after Gobi."

    It was a naked threat! Hua Li unconsciously tightened his hands in to fists.

    Chu Cheng snickered at his friend's side. "She gets crueler every time I see her. Bold, threatening you in front of hundreds of millions of people - and yet, awesome publicity. She really is something else! Why don't I have such a talented secretary, huh? I tell you what A-Li, I think you should run. Go, be free. I'll, uh... I'll handle Mo Xiao."

    Hua Li shot the lascivious young man a glare. "How about you not give my dad a heart-attack. Try to be decent. Just, give it a try. Might feel good."

    Meanwhile, Mo Xiao continued. "I'm sure by now everyone is very curious who the Four Divine Monarchs will be facing in the arena today. I'm happy to share them with you. I could have secretly told Poseidon to help prepare him - but I did not. But alas, when he fled, Poseidon blocked my communicator number. I've been monitoring DreamNet since I received the news. So I ask you, ladies and gentlemen: do you want to know who has been chosen, and given a chance to route the mighty Divine Monarchs?"

    "I'm sure you do, but before I introduce our challengers, allow me to share some background. Then perhaps you can guess their identities."

    "First, it must be mentioned that this magnificent display is hosted by DreamNet. They have spared no expense in making this the greatest celebration of mecha piloting in its history. With such high monetary stakes on the line, it must follow that the challengers have sufficient ability to challenge our heavily favored Monarchs. Where this not the case, what fun would it be to watch?"

    "You know, the very first time I got my hands on the challenger list, my first instinct was to let out a slew of expletives. Fortunately, I was able to control myself. Such awful things aren't in my vocabulary, and even if they were I wouldn't dare use them today. Though I did not accept any payment to host this event, business ethics come first and foremost."

    Here, Mo Xiao heaved a sigh. "I'm certain that by this point there has been no small amount of gambling surrounding today's fight. Allow me to share my thoughts with you, before the bookies close up shop. If afterwards you want to change your bet, you should still have the opportunity."

    "Speaking emotionally, of course it is my hope that the Divine Monarchs prove victorious. Our beloved Poseidon is among them, so how could I not? How could they possibly lose? But upon seeing their competitors, I am not so sure. According to my own estimations, the Divine Monarchs have no more than a thirty-percent chance at victory. That's a... hopeful estimate."

    All three Alliances exploded in a storm of shocked commotion.

    The Four Divine Monarchs had dominated the DreamNet ranking for many years, and yet Mo Xiao appeared before them to give a generous estimate of thirty-percent! It was practically unthinkable. If she didn't explain herself, even her reputation wouldn't be enough to save her from being drowned in the spit of their angry fans.

    Mo Xiao's face bore a small grin. "Alright, let's dispense with the suspenseful talk, shall we? You've heard my determination, so now you understand why I reacted the way I did. Now let's meet today's challengers!"

    "The team our Divine Monarchs will be facing today, have given their team the name Star Alliance 1. They are composed of five members. Let's welcome the first!"

    At this time, a beam of shimmering light appeared at her back. It was a dazzling golden color that pierced the eyes of the viewers, and within it hung an indistinct silhouette.

    "This challenger is ranked first in Dreamburg in the area of hand speed, with a staggering recorded speed of one hundred and three CPS! Single-handedly responsible for more hand cramps than anyone, it's our own Phantom Knave of the Stars!"

    The audience erupted. By now more than eleven billion people were tuned in, more than any other time in the history of DreamNet.

    The Knave! This simple and humorous name rang like a thunderclap.

    1. Full credit for the English name goes to viole1369. Today we're a translator team!
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