Chapter 466: Can We Not?

    Chapter 466: Can We Not?

    For those student who had gone to one of Professor Lan's few etiquette classes, they could talk about nothing else. The A.R.C. students didn't have that luxury. The Savage Goddess was already barking for them to continue their cultivation. However, they didn't mind. Watching their teacher perform so incredibly, who wouldn't want to one day become someone so widely admired?

    When Lan Jue awoke, he found himself in the hotel. Things were different, though. The day had gone and evening light crept through the window. He ached all over, like he'd been flattened by a steam roller. It wasn't a pleasant feeling.

    He stirred beneath the covers, and was suddenly aware of something soft and warm beside him. He turned his head, and the first thing he saw was a head of thick black hair. They hung like silken strands across a pretty face.


    He gently lifted the hair to reveal the familiar, alluring features. But it wasn't necessary. Even without seeing, he knew near every inch of the body beside him.

    He took a hard gulp. Lan Jue's whole body felt mangled, but everything seemed to be in working order. The relief also came with a slight pang of regret, however. He had the capabilities, but he still couldn't be any more intimate than right now. Otherwise, they'd just join.

    He couldn't know when she had been released from within him. So long as no one saw, then that was fine.

    Qianlin - as though she'd dreamt something - cuddled closer against his chest. Lan Jue responded by regarding her with warm eyes, and pulling her closer in to a gentle embrace. She even smelled spectacular. Holding her, he felt complete.

    With nothing else but to wait, Lan Jue shut his eyes. He turned his intention inward to see how he was recovering.

    He wasn't in terribly good shape. There were clear signs of trauma to several of his meridians. But things weren't dire, either. Those meridians were still functioning and his organs didn't appear to be affected... maybe a little displaced. None of that was irrevocable.

    What he was surprised to discover was not the damage, but the benefits. Because of the demands he'd put on them, his meridians were wider than they had been to allow for more movement of energy. That was why every bit of him hurt so badly.

    His Core was quietly suspended in the center of his chest, where it had always been. The energies within it were purer, and his conflict with Titan appeared to have shrunken his Core even more. An unintentional boon! If someone would have asked him yesterday, he'd have said he didn't think his core could shrink any further, but it was now four times smaller than it had been before the tournament. He could no longer see traces of the energy swirling within, making it look like an opaque gemstone. Even the shell of lightning was gone. These were all signs of continued purification, and more concentrated power.

    From what he could sense, his Discipline had broken through as well. Third rank! Now he was at the border of ninth level's beginning ranks. It was still retracing his steps, but at this speed he had no complaints whatsoever.

    Qianlin stirred at his side, and he looked down at her just as her eyes fluttered open. They looked at one another. Then, her eyes squeezed shut; if you didn't see it, it never happened.

    A hearty laugh bubbled up from within him. He saw no reason to pretend, and yet he could feel her slowly retracting her leg from on top of his. She scootched away little by little as though she were trying to disappear in to the bed sheets. It also started to push the comforter down toward the end of the bed.

    Before Lan Jue knew it, she'd completely kicked the covers off of him, leaving him naked to the air. Qianlin's eyes were still tightly shut.

    "Can we not?" Lan Jue muttered helplessly.

    "Where are your clothes?!" She said, her face scrunched tight.

    Lan Jue blinked. That's right! Where did all my clothes go!? Who brought me back yesterday... sis? This is no good at all!

    There was a knock at the door.

    Lan Jue almost jumped out of his skin. He gathered up the blankets and covered himself, then stood. Qianlin had a different idea, and lunged at him before he could go any farther. She planted her lips hard against his. There was that familiar white light, then she was gone. Now he was all alone with whatever embarrassing situation he was going to have to address.

    "Are you up!" The Pharmacist shouted at him from the other side of the door, but didn't come in. She seemed anxious to avoid awkward exchanges, too.

    "I'm up!" He answered hastily. "I'm up. Sis, was it you who brought me back here yesterday?"

    "Me and the Gourmet. He helped get you out of your clothes. How do you feel?" She continued their conversation with the door between them. "I took the liberty of giving you a quick exam, and things looked ok considering. Your vitality was buzzing to meet the need, so most medicines were inappropriate but I made a specialized formula. Take it and see how you feel."

    Lan Jue was out of bed and had thrown on some clothes. He finally pulled open the door and stepped out to meet his compatriot.

    Today she was in an emerald green qipao. When she saw him and his disheveled appearance, she couldn't help but laugh. "Are you alright?"

    "I'm fine, I'm fine," he assured her. "My body's alright, just a little achy. Feels like I pushed myself too far, is all."

    The Pharmacist extended a small porcelain bowl. "This is a formula to shore-up yuan qi and fortify health. It's especially good for recovering damage to the meridians. It'll help you feel better."

    Lan Jue nodded. "Thanks, sis."

    "Congratulations are in order," she said. "You made it to the semi-finals."

    He chuckled. "Thanks to no small amount of luck, don't forget. Man, who'd have thought Titan would suddenly get so strong."

    The Pharmacist shook her head. "This has nothing to do with luck. You achieved this by virtue of your own strength. This is certainly going to earn you even more of a name than you already have. That also means that I have to remind you - your mask was broken. Everyone knows who Zeus is."

    There was nothing he could do for it. Lan Jue's tone was grudgingly accepting. "Something given, something taken away. There's nothing I can do about it now. Anyway I'll be going back with the Avenue. None of my enemies would dare make a move."

    The Avenue was enjoying a wonderful position of power - a sun at its zenith. Anyone after him would have to find a way passed four Paragons.

    The Pharmacist went on. "Eat something then take some medicine. You've improved very quickly, but now it's time to be calm. You don't want to rush - the best thing for you in rest.

    "Mm." Lan Jue nodded in understanding.
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