Chapter 487: Good Enough?

    Chapter 487: Good Enough?

    It was true that the Avenue was powerful. However, a closer look inspired less awe. Two of its Paragons were newly ascended, and their powerful Clairvoyant had reached the end of his days. Even with the backing of the East, the North could take what they wanted. There was too great a gulf in strength between them.

    However, circumstances were different than before. Now a foreign enemy was bearing down upon them. The tournament, like the miracle battle before it, was meant to inspire the next generation of soldiers. DreamNet's upgrade achieved the same aim. Everything was designed to help humanity prepare for the inevitable battle.

    The Terminator feared the future of the Avenue, but he couldn't go to the extreme. The Clairvoyant's successor was the greatest threat.

    Lan Jue would be a Paragon, but rising to the level of his Master, Jue Di, would be no easy feat. Still, if Jue Di were alive he wouldn't appreciate a disciple in trouble. Besides Lan Jue was a hero. The East's response to having such a luminary kidnapped would be intense. The North would have trouble keeping its head above water. In the end Hua LI's move had been wise; the North couldn't stop Lan Jue from leaving now that everyone knew who he was.

    Jun'er was a different story, and once she grew in to her powers she would be the darling of the North. He came upon this decision because he felt that taking one would avoid a multitude of problems in the future. To him, there was nothing more important! It was also the least harmful path for relations between the Conclave and the Avenue.

    There was also the Pharmacist, a woman of great strength and Talent herself. If he had her daughter, how could she leave? With those two under Northern control, the others could leave and it would still be a resounding victory. If only they would come peaceably, he thought. With the North's advanced technology and strength, the opportunities available to them would be many. All he would need is time to win them over. The Epochrion was not a Northerner, but she had chosen them - and so would they.

    The Pharmacist glared at the Paragon with eyes that glimmered with a frigid light. "If you want my daughter, you better think about what it will cost you." She wasn't the least bit disturbed by the power of the man, and faced him with the same imposing air she was famous for.

    "You're all intelligent people," the Terminator pleaded. "So am I. I didn't come here alone."

    They were suddenly aware of another figure, descended from the sky in to their field of vision. The Epochrion.

    She hovered in the air, her face concealed behind a veil. Like a statue, the second Northern Paragon regarded them with a dispassionate gaze. In the same moment several other figures began to emerge from their surroundings.

    Over a hundred Adepts from the Great Conclave surrounded them. Among them were Titan, Yan Ningya and several other Northerners who'd performed well during the tournament. More mechas arrived with them, both by land and air. The Skyfire Avenue Adepts had nowhere to turn.

    The situation was beginning to look as hopeless as it was inescapable. And yet, in the face of a thousand mechas, a hundred Adepts and two Paragons, the Easterners were calm.

    The Gourmet answered him, calmly. "It's pretty telling how much firepower you've brought. Mechas, warriors, disciples... The Great Conclave must have quite the impression of us."

    "Just enough firepower to show you what the consequences are," the Terminator rumbled. "I brought the show of force because I had hoped I wouldn't need to use it. I know you have plans, but don't think they'll be enough. I'll say it again: Leave the girl and the two swordsmen, then you can leave. We won't stop you."

    The Gourmet laughed. "The Avenue's government may not be as strict as yours, but don't mistake that for weakness. As a Paragon of Skyfire, no partner will be left behind so long as I draw breath. Did you really believe that any show of strength would make us bow to you?"

    A dangerous light flashed in the Terminator's eyes. "Still not enough? Then we'll up the stakes."

    He punctuated the sentence with a clap. Several figures hidden behind the line of mechs extricated themselves from the crowd and moved to the Terminator's side.

    The Gourmet watched. He was calm, but then, a change.

    Metatron, Constantine, Sariel and a cadre of lackies appeared. Lucifer also made his presence known, with the Lich-descendant Jiang Yuan, the Wolf King, and even the vampire Princess Lina in tow. Chu Cheng's former crush looked pained to be there, but was bound by her commitment to the Dark Citadel.

    The Great Conclave had joined with both of the West's houses. They were joined in their nefarious plot to overcome these few foreign Talents. Clearly, the Avenue hadn't been the only one making plans! The Terminator had been busy as well. He seemed better prepared.

    "Good enough?" The Terminator asked sarcastically.

    At last, the Gourmet's calm expression broke. His features turned in to a dark, threatening scowl. He began to walk slowly forward. "Are you prepared to make an enemy out of Skyfire Avenue, Terminator? An enemy of the East?"

    The Terminator's deep voice replied. "I've told you, our only enemies are those who are coming to destroy all of humanity. We're allies."

    This made the Infernal Vanguard bubble with laughter. "Allies? This is how you think an ally behaves? What's more - this still isn't enough. There's a lot of potential destruction standing here. I pause to think of the damage it'd cause this planet."

    This did cause the Terminator to hesitate. The Gourmet had just reached Paragon, but he was harder to deal with than the Terminator could have guessed.
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