95 They have come!

    The big, tall knight who was wearing bronze armour had a face that looked similar to that of a sculpture. Looking towards the direction of Dark Night Sword Devil 'Tu Liang' who had already vanished, he coldly snorted before looking towards Xue Ying. Smiling, he said,  "I am Wen Liang from the Temple of the Earth God."

    Saint rankings number twenty-one: Water-Deity Knight Wen Liang, Knight of the Temple of the Earth God, comprehended the 'True Meaning of Water'.

    Xue Ying was breathless.

    Wen Liang? Yet another expert who was ranked upon the Saint rankings? One must know that amongst the entire human race, Transcendent World Aborigines, and beasts, only a total of thirty were ranked in the Saint rankings.

    "My Temple of the Earth God has the richest resources. Many unique cultivation methods are passed down from the Deity world, with only those who belong to the inner circle of our Temple of the Earth God allowed to cultivate them." The Water-Deity Knight Wen Liang laughed, "Thus, if you look at this from a wider perspective, my Temple of the Earth God and Bloodshed Tavern's total combat power would be greater than the rest by a whole level. But of course, if you were to consider the number one ranker on the Saint rankings - Eternal Wind Knight Chi Qiu Bai, it was purely because he has a great innate perception. Yet the method that he currently cultivates could never be compared to those we have."

    "This is the item list." Similarly, Wen Liang threw out a glowing-red paper towards Xue Ying, "Since you could comprehend both the Water and Flames of Myriad Existences... you are much more powerful than what our intelligence reported. Thus, the precious resources written on top can be decided by me, increasing by half of what it was initially."

    "I'll remain here in the Azure River County for the next ten days. If you decided to join my Temple of the Earth God, just tear that piece of paper, and I'll be informed."

    Xue Ying took that piece of paper, looking at the conditions written on top.

    "I'll leave first." Wen Liang lightly nodded, before suddenly rushing up and  disappearing into the night sky.

    "These two Saint ranked experts came quickly and left quickly as well." Xue Ying looked towards the two item lists. One was the conditions given by the Temple of the Earth God and the other by the Bloodshed Tavern.

    On the list from Bloodshed Tavern-

    One could freely choose any Transcendent weapon with a total worth of, at most, 15 kilograms of third-grade Origin Stones.

    Pick one amongst the five Deity-Grade secret killing techniques.

    Choose any Qi cultivation methods.

    One hundred and fifty kilograms worth of third-grade Origin Stones.

    On the list from the Temple of the Earth God -

    One could freely choose any Transcendent weapon with a total worth of, at most, 25 kilograms of third-grade Origin Stones.

    Pick one amongst the ten Deity-Grade secret techniques.

    Choose any cultivation Qi methods.

    One hundred and fifty kilograms worth of third-grade Origin Stone.


    Xue Ying went back inside the castle and sat upon his bed before lightly nodding as he looked at the papers, "It is actually a Deity-Grade secret technique! How desirable. What a pity that the regulations of both Temple of the Earth God and Bloodshed Tavern are much stricter."

    As for Transcendent weapons, Origin Stones, ...

    Xue Ying did not care about these!

    To a Transcendent, Origin Stones were extremely important as it could help increase one's cultivation speed by a huge margin! For instance, cultivating from Sky Realm beginning stage all the way to Saint Realm beginning stage, not counting the possibilities of bottlenecks, just simply measuring the amount of required energy accumulation... if one were to only absorb the energy from the World, one would require approximately 700 years of time! Yet a Sky Realm Transcendent only had a total lifespan of 800 years.

    But of course, in order to breakthrough, comprehending the different Realms would be more important!

    "Origin Stones are indeed important, but Elder Lei Zhen had prepared a large amount of such stones that year when he tried to breakthrough to Demigod. Even though he used up a large amount, there is still over 1500 kilograms worth leftover." Xue Ying thought, other than the Stone of Oceanic World and a protective inner vest, this Elder Lei Zhen exchanged all the treasures he attained over his entire life-time for more Origin Stones.

    He exchanged up to more than 5000 kilograms worth for the sake of breaking through to Demigod, and despite using more than half, there were still many stones remaining.

    One thousand five hundred kilograms of Origin Stones. One must know that to a Saint Realm peak expert, or an old freak who put his life in peril while spending a large amount of time trying to gather more stones, or the relatively powerful expert like Chi Qiu Bai, or the odd yet ordinary peak Saint Realm experts, usually, the worth of all their treasures pooled together would not be more than 1500 kilograms of Origin Stones.

    Normally, the 'Origin Stones' one frequently saw would be classified as third-grade.

    With so many Origin Stones with him, Xue Ying, of course, felt rich and powerful. Thus, he would attach a greater value to cultivation methods and secret techniques!

    Bloodshed Tavern and Temple of the Earth God's Deity-Grade secret techniques were all passed down from the Deity World and were absolutely barred from being shared with outsiders. They were the strongest secret techniques under the heavens. Unless one joined these two organisations, or that one joined the Demonic Faction, one would never be able to learn any of these Deity-Grade secret techniques.

    "But the rules and regulations are too strict, making me uneasy!" Xue Ying immediately decided, "I'll temporarily put these two organisations on hold."

    The more proud a person was, the less likely they would like being bounded by rules!

    Regardless of whether it was the number one expert on the Saint rankings, Chi Qiu Bai, or the number one expert on the Demigod rankings, 'Mountain Lord He', neither of them belonged to the Temple of the Earth God nor the Bloodshed Tavern.

    How could these magnificent and peerless characters be willing to get shackled by rules?


    As the night passed.

    It was dawn the next day. Tranquil Sun Province, Dragon Mountain Manor, Manor Lord 'Yi Hong' came to find Xue Ying.

    Within the pavilion...

    The two of them were seated face-to-face.

    "Sir Dong Bo, you are making me suffer." Yi Hong said helplessly, "I just found out from a source yesterday night that you displayed both Flame and Water of Myriad Existences in the Eastfields Province, Bellfeather County?"

    "Yes." Xue Ying nodded. He had utilised the flow of water in smacking a group of protectors up into the skies.

    "You actually comprehended both the Flame and Water of Myriad Existences at the same time and did not tell anybody." Yi Hong helplessly continued, "You should know that the greater your combat power, the higher the conditions will be given by the various Transcendent organisations. I've actually spent my entire night in transmitting this information to the various organisations."

    "I feel ashamed. It's my fault on this matter," Xue Ying said.

    "Are you still hiding any of your combat power?" Yi Hong asked, "Whatever power you have, just speak out."

    "Is awakening the Primordial Bloodline when I was a mortal counted?" Xue Ying teased.

    "It's definitely counted!" Yi Hong eyes widened, "Could it operate the World Energy? Or..."

    "Power Bloodline." Xue Ying had a faint mocking smile.

    Yi Hong was stunned, before he continued, "Alright, let's take it that I did not ask you this matter!"

    Power Bloodline was of no use to the comprehension of the different Realms. Unless of course it was the secondary awakening... but Primordial Bloodline secondary awakening was too difficult. Even today, there was not a single Transcendent who could awaken his Primordial Bloodline a second time! After all, if it was awakened the second time, he would be able to rival a Primordial being.

    "Yi?" Yi Hong gasped  as he looked towards the distant skies.Seeing this, Xue Ying turned his head.

    Amidst the skies, there were two figures walking shoulder-by-shoulder towards them. One of them was a white-haired handsome man, and the other was an orc, a lion-man.

    "Eternal Wind Knight, Leftmound Knight." Yi Hong greeted in amazement.

    "It's them?" Xue Ying was shocked, "The strongest humans within Saint rankings?"

    Within the top five of Saint rankings, only one of them was a human, and that was Eternal Wind Knight Chi Qiu Bai!

    Saint ranking number six: Leftmound Knight 'Tan Shi', Water-Deity Palace Elder, started with the comprehension of Profound Mystery behind the Great Mountain, grasped the 'True Meaning of Leftmound', had immense strength, number one behind the Saint rankings middle category.

    "Sir Dong Bo, it seems that everyone looks highly upon you, with ranked elders from the various organisations coming to invite you." Yi Hong marveled.

    "Mn." Dong Bo nodded.

    Including those two from yesterday, Dark Night Sword Devil and Water-Deity Knight, there had now been four who came, and all of them were ranked in the Saint rankings.

    Hu! Hu!

    Chi Qiu Bai and Tan Shi landed together.

    "Dong Bo Xue Ying." Tan Shi grinned, "Your two uncles are of the beastman race?"

    "Yes." Xue Ying nodded.

    Tan Shi had a friendly look towards Xue Ying. Amongst humans, those belonging to the beastman race would usually have a lower status. Even though according to the law set down a long time ago, the beastman race had an equal status to others from the human race, there would still be cases of discrimination towards these people. Also, amongst Transcendents, there were even some who were quite discriminatory towards the beastmen. Adding on the fact that they were the minority in the group of Transcendents, the beastmen would naturally feel suffocated.

    Due to the fact that there were two beastmen within Xue Ying's relatives, Tan Shi would naturally have a more pleasant feeling towards Xue Ying.

    "Dong Bo Xue Ying." Chi Qiu Bai started with a gentler voice and a more introverted expression, "I reckon you've met with the people from both Temple of the Earth God and Bloodshed Tavern. Considering the secret techniques, our four great Transcendent organisations would definitely not be comparable to them. However, they have more rules, and are stricter about it! My Water Daoist Faction can remedy you in other areas. This is the list of items."

    Saying that, he threw out a  piece of paper. Similarly, Tan Shi who was beside him threw out one as well.

    Yet another two lists of items!

    Xue Ying gave both lists a look. Good fellows. Indeed, the Water-Deity Palace and Water Daoist Faction gave a greater amount of treasures, with Water Daoist Faction having the most!

    You are from the Tranquil Sun Province, and I am similarly from here as well." Chi Qiu Bai smiled, "I hope that you can join my Water Daoist Faction. After all, the northern five provinces are under my Water Daoist Faction's protection. As of today, there were already two Saint Realm experts from my Tranquil Sun Province. I hope for you to become the third."

    "Eternal Wind, he just broke through to Transcendent and you already believe that he will become enter the Saint Realm?" Tan Shi teased.

    "I dare not guarantee."

    Chi Qiu Bai looked at Xue Ying, "Your innate talents are good. Stepping into Transcendent at such a young age. Furthermore, you even comprehended both Profound mysteries behind Flame and Water of Myriad Existences! I reckon that this time, all the experts sent out by the various big Transcendent organisations would belong to the Saint Realm. Why? That's because everyone feels that you should have a high chance of entering the Saint Realm!"

    "Estimating the conditions given by everyone, the Origin Stones given should be enough for you to cultivate until the initial stage of Saint Realm! As for the Temple of the Earth God and Bloodshed Tavern, I reckon they would directly allow you to choose a Deity-Grade secret technique?"

    Xue Ying nodded.

    Usually, the ordinary Transcendents from the Temple of the Earth God would need to undergo a trial and contribute to the organisation before they might obtain a Deity-Grade secret technique!

    As for Xue Ying, he could immediately obtain one the moment he joined!

    Like the 300 kilograms of Origin Stones  the Water Daoist Faction offered, if Xue Ying did not absorb any energy from the World and simply absorbed the energy from the stones, he would be able to breakthrough from Sky Realm beginning stage to Saint Real beginning stage! Clearly, all the organisations felt that Xue Ying was a good seedling with hopes of becoming the backbone of human race in the future. Thus, they would certainly put in more effort in grooming him.

    "Haha, this little brat, you should certainly strive for a high goal." Tan Shi gazed sideways at Chi Qiu Bai beside  him, "During this last thousand years, initially, it was this guy beside me who was the youngest to break through to Transcendent, but now, you have surpassed him in that! If you do not become a Saint, Chi Qiu Bai would certainly feel very frustrated."

    Chi Qiu Bai smiled at that.


    That day, during the afternoon and evening, those of the Cloud City and Black White Deity Mountain were similarly, experts from the Saint rankings, showing clearly the high value placed upon Xue Ying.

    All the big six Transcendent organisations had finally sent out their invitations.

    Which should he join? The final decision was up to Dong Bo Xue Ying himself to make!
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