121 Magic Golden Peacock

    Dong! A deep drum sound reverberated.

    A huge figure descended from the skies above. It was actually a black ape about ten meters in height. Within its hand, there was a huge mace spanning more than ten meters long!

    "Transcendent Refiner Organism," Xue Ying murmured.

    The first match of every round would be relatively safer than the following matches.

    Regardless of whether it was the Qi avatar of Gong Liang Yuan or this Refiner Organism in front of him, at the very most, they would heavily injure Xue Ying, but not kill him! However, the eight match and nine match thereafter would be true life and death battles.

    Even though it was relatively safer compared to other matches, the difficulty was still very high.

    He did not have an easy win over the Qi avatar! As for this Refiner Organism... it would be harder!

    Roar~ The black ape rushed forward as it waved the mace in its hand. Anyone would be appalled just by looking at its ferocity,

    Xue Ying immediately used his Power Bloodline, causing faint blood streams to surround him as he moved forward to match the attack.

    Hong hong hong...

    They exchanged tens of moves within the blink of an eye, causing Xue Ying to feel helpless, 'This Transcendent Refiner Organism has immense strength and is indestructible... I cannot win with just the Profound Mystery of Water!'

    The spear technique imbued with the Profound Mystery of Water was too soft and not fierce enough! Even under the influence of his Power Bloodline, Xue Ying could not affect this big and powerful Transcendent Refiner Organism.


    Turbulent flames suddenly pervaded the surroundings. This flame had an extreme temperature. Coupled with an unseen pressure formed from the power of that flame, it suppressed the Transcendent Refiner Organism.

    "Realm of Myriad Existences second level?"

    All the Transcendents in the viewing platform stood up in shock, including those powerful Demigods.

    "Fall." Xue Ying's battle techniques clearly dominated the Refiner Organism. With a flash, he swept out his spear, bringing with it the turbulent flame as it struck the left knee joint of the ape... at the same time, the black ape's body tilted sideways, which Xue Ying followed up with a fierce hack right to its face!

    Peng~ The black ape rocketed onto the ground!

    Being a Refiner Organism, its level of battle techniques could never be compared to human Transcendents. It only had an indestructible body and a powerful strength that made it hard to be defeated. Softness and unpredictability had no meaning to it. It could only be hurt with a strong enough power.


    "He actually won!" A faint red light appeared in City Lord Bu's beautiful eyes as she looked downwards. With a slight upturn of her lips she said, "Who would have thought that this little brat has actually reached the second level of the Realm of Myriad Existences at such a young age."

    "Si Kong, congratulations to you." Mountain Lord He said from beside him.

    "Haha..." Faction  Head Si Kong Yang laughed and replied modestly, "He is still very young. Even though his current talent is quite good, that does not mean that he will certainly be an outstanding expert in the future!"

    Mountain Lord He lightly replied, "Being able to comprehend the second level of the Realm of Myriad Existences means that he will definitely step into the Saint realm."

    "But if he cannot become a Demigod, that would become a laughing matter," Si Kong Yang added casually.

    Only becoming a Demigod would one be a true overlord of this world.

    The rules and regulations of this world were decided by the many Demigods. With the human race having taken over most of the advantages of the world, it could be said that humans were the true rulers of this world.

    Of course, even though all Transcendents of the Sky realm and the Saint realm held onto that hope of becoming a Demigod, only the most talented ones had a chance of succeeding.


    The Infernal Palace would allow these Sky Realm Transcendents to have the chance to refine themselves through life and death battles! As for the Saint Realm Transcendents, they would have to risk their lives and adventure in the many minor and major Transcendent worlds! Only through these adventures would more Demigods emerge from amongst the Saint Realm Transcendents.


    Xue Ying had understood this simple logic. That was why he needed to display his own prowess in this Transcendent Battle of Life and Death! Only when his prowess was magnificent enough would the Infernal Palace regard him highly and groom him! That would lower the chance of dying along his road of being a Transcendent.

    After all, most Sky Realm Transcendents actually died within the Infernal World.

    As for those who died of old age, only a very few Transcendents fell into that category!

    Dong~ A deep drum beat sounded.

    The eighth match started.

    Many mortals anxiously watched the matches with excitement.

    "The eighth match. It's actually the eighth match! Even after living in the Xia Capital for more than 80 years, this is my first time seeing the eighth match in the Transcendent Battle of Life and Death!"

    "Me too. I've not seen one before."

    "This Dong Bo Xue Ying is so young, and yet he could fight  his way through to the eighth match."

    All the mortals softly discussed this topic as they watched the battle nervously. They wanted to see who Xue Ying's opponent was in this eighth match.

    Even Transcendents were all excited and anxious at the same time. Many people were viewing the battle standing up!


    A beautiful figure descended.

    It was a beautiful golden peacock of about four to five meters tall. A red eyed female, this was actually the 'Magic Golden Peacock' from the legends and was an extremely powerful beast, usually of the sixth rank. As for this Magic Golden Peacock... she had transcended to the peak of Sky realm!

    'My opponent in this eighth match is actually a Transcendent beast!'

    The opponent in the seventh match was a Transcendent Refiner Organism with an extremely low level of inherent danger in combat.

    As for the eighth match, it was actually a Transcendent beast caught by humankind! The Beast Clan and Human Clan had a long history, with both sides killing each other for countless ages. They had massacred each other in the past, brewing a hate that was impossible to be removed - a hatred inborn between the races.

    As for the opponent he would face in the ninth match, it was an  Abyss Demon from the legends! A demon that was caught by humankind.

    Due to the rarity of Abyss Demons that were caught, they were placed at the ninth match! Many Demigods might not even see a ninth match occurring at the Transcendent Battle of Life and Death! After all, only by winning the first eight matches would one have the qualifications to battle in the ninth match.

    'After killing this Transcendent beast, my next opponent will be a demon.' Xue Ying was honestly looking forward to it.

    "You are just at the middle stage of Sky Realm and your human Demigods decided to use me as your opponent?" The Magic Golden Peacock had a sharp voice. A pair of narrow and long blood-coloured eyes stared at Xue Ying. She closely observed Xue Ying as she spoke. The Beast Clan did not lose out to the humans in terms of intelligence. She was currently trying to find a vulnerability in Xue Ying.

    Hong~ Invisible flames began forming as it enveloped the surroundings. This flame had a strength that suppressed the Magic Golden Peacock.

    The Magic Golden Peacock had a layer of golden light surrounding her, separating her from the flames. However, she was startled. Clearly, this human had a higher comprehension of the Realms than her. Her comprehension had only reached the first level.

    As she looked on from afar, the peacock did not take the initiative to attack!

    "Receive my attack!" Xue Ying began his attack.

    Only after killing his opponent would he win! Thus, if his opponent did not move, he would have to be the one to take the initiative!


    In a flash, he reached the side of the Magic Golden Peacock with his Power Bloodline activated! Right now, every battle he fought would require him to release his Power Bloodline! That was because the moment he relaxed, there might be a chance of losing his life.

    A spear just like a Flood Dragon stabbed outwards at Xue Ying's opponent.

    Shua. The Magic Golden Peacock flapped her wings once, causing her figure to swiftly dodge the attack.

    'So fast.' Xue Ying was startled.

    Xiu xiu xiu...

    As the spear whipped forward, apparitions could be seen alongside the Profound Mystery of the Water of Myriad Existences. The crux of this type of spear technique was more appropriate for defending. Thus, it had an even weaker power and slower speed. The movement of the peacock was erratic and unpredictable, preventing him from hitting his target.

    "Your spear is too slow!" The Magic Golden Peacock sharply said. At the same time, she rushed forward. She flapped her wings. A golden stream could be seen surrounding them, making those wings seemed just like a razor cutting directly at Xue Ying.

    Xue Ying immediately exerted strength, causing his spear to sweep over with the power of flames.


    The spear that swept across clashed with the wings.

    The Magic Golden Peacock flew backwards from the clash. Her movement remained  as erratic as before. Not even a single sign of damage could be seen on her feathers.

    'The eighth match is actually so difficult?' Xue Ying felt shocked. This was on a different level of difficulty as compared to what he had estimated, 'This Magic Golden Peacock's outer feather is too tough. Bombarding it with attacks will be useless. I guess I'll have to depend on the sharpness of the spearhead! Maybe this will let me penetrate through the protective feathers and kill it.'
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