125 Boiling

    "This time, you are dead!" The demon Lavda roared out as he shot forward in a flash towards Xue Ying.

    'His speed has become much faster!' Xue Ying understood this immediately.

    At the same time, he held onto his spear while inviting the attack, 'Let me see what moves you, as a hemon, have. Don't disappoint me!'

    Since he had revealed the Water and Fire Flood Dragon Attack, he might as well just attack with his full power from now on!

    "Hong!" "Hong!"

    The two figures clashed relentlessly against each other. This conflict marked the start of the fierce battle between them.

    And neither of them decided to flee!

    Even though his body had become smaller and thinner, demon Lavda's strength did not have any changes. Instead, his speed and flexibility clearly had a marked increase such that even under the suppression of Xue Ying's flames, the demon was still somewhat more powerful than Xue Ying!

    And Xue Ying's Water and Fire Flood Dragon Attack was used time after time!

    Unpredictability! Fierce power!

    His technique completely absorbed the strong points of both the Profound Mysteries of Water and Fire, while at the same time, it created a stacking effect of great increase in both the areas of unpredictability and power!

    "Damn!" The demon Lavda gritted his teeth.

    The spearhead tore through one of his arms, causing the scales on it to fly all over the place. A huge wound appeared there - it was so deep that bones could be seen.

    'This human's spear techniques are too difficult to block! And his power is also great as well.' Madness appeared within his eyes. He decided that since it was so difficult to block the 'Water and Fire Flood Dragon Attack', he might as well just ignore it. At the very least, he would want to kill this human even if he was to incur some injuries!

    Pu chi! Si la! Hua la!

    This battle between them became more bloody.

    The scales covering demon Lavda's body were fragmented into pieces. Wounds were seen everywhere, with one of them being a bloody cavity.

    "Si." Even though Xue Ying's spear techniques were mysterious and his defense was great, under the demon's crazed attack, he was clawed on his chest.

    With just an early stage Sky realm Transcendent Qi protecting his body, it was easily broken through. The ordinary black robe he was wearing did not have much help in protecting his chest as well. A huge injury could be seen on his chest where blood or flesh could not be discerned clearly. However, this injury was currently recovering at a fast rate. Even though Xue Ying's restoration rate was not as fast as this demon's, it was still relatively fast compared to mortals.


    The many mortals felt nervous and excited at the same time as they watched the black-robed young man, belonging to their human race, fighting against a frightening demon who was madly attacking head-on! It seemed that neither of them were disadvantaged in this match, leading to the excitement everyone felt.

    That young man's upper shirt was fragmented and tattered, showing a robust upper body that had well-defined muscular lines. Although there was an injury on his body which was healing gradually, before it could be fully healed, another injury would be incurred on his body! As for the demon, his injuries were much more serious than Xue Ying's. The demon, however, was not in danger of being killed due to his frightening restoration speed despite his many serious injuries.

    "That demon is being constantly suppressed."

    "If not for his fast restoration rate, he'd been killed long ago."

    The mortals continued watching nervously.

    The battle was being carried out at such a fast pace that they could only see how the combatants looked during the momentary pauses which occasionally occurred when the two clashed.

    And when the many women saw the revealed upper half of Xue Ying's body, they felt shy and excited.

    "Dong Bo Xue Ying." Yu Jing Qiu looked on nervously.


    The three top Demigod overlords under the heavens - Mountain Lord He, Faction Head Si Kong Yang, and City Lord Bu all watched joyfully.

    "By just comprehending the early stage of fusion between the Profound Mysteries of Water and Fire, he could be so formidable already." City Lord Bu laughed as she drank down the wine, "No wonder the True Meaning of Water and Fire can be rated a fourth grade True Meaning out of nine possible grades for the different True Meanings within the Deity World."

    True Meaning could be graded into nine different levels according to the sorting determined by the Deity World.

    Categorising the countless True Meanings comprehended within the Material World and the Deity World into different grades, the peak True Meanings were categorised as grade one. Actually, those grade two True Meanings were already spoken of only in legends, with the possibility of comprehending them being almost zilch!

    In reality, even the heaven-shaking 'True Meaning of Void Cleavage' was only a grade three True Meaning! It was merely higher by one grade than the True Meaning of Water and Fire. Right now, amongst all existences under the heavens, including humans, Transcendent natives and those from the Beast Clan, the most heaven-shaking True Meaning was one of grade three. This could be considered as extremely, extremely formidable already as it allowed Chi Qiu Bai to kill a Demigod native when he was only at peak stage Saint realm and to defeat a human Demigod overlord as well!

    As for the majority of the Transcendents, they would only comprehend a grade nine, eight or seven True Meaning! Those who could comprehend a grade six True Meaning would be considered as someone amazing.

    As for the grade four 'True Meaning of Water and Fire', with it, one would be able to disdain all others.

    "He just took his first step. Wanting to successfully control the True Meaning of Water and Fire isn't something easy," Si Kong Yang humbly replied.

    "Ha, this Dong Bo Xue Ying could take the first step at such a young age, implying that it's not such a huge problem for him to comprehend the True Meaning of Water and Fire." Mountain Lord He laughed, "The more important point is that he should not veer off from the path for the next thousand years, less he comprehend the 'True Meaning of Icy Fire' instead. It would be such a pity then."

    This True Meaning of Icy Fire was considered a branch of the 'True Meaning of Water and Fire', and could only be considered as a grade five True Meaning!

    As for the True Meaning of Void Cleavage, it was actually a branch of the rumoured 'True Meaning of Space' passed down from the legends. After all, it could only be considered as an area of space.

    "I don't think he will." Si Kong Yang looked at the battle below, "Dong Bo Xue Ying is currently using the Profound Mystery of Water with unpredictability and softness as the main point of usage! There is nothing ice-related, thus I doubt he will walk down the path for 'True Meaning of Icy Fire'."


    Within the battleground.

    Xue Ying's battle prowess put on display an extremely tragic and bedraggled demon Lavdac. At the very least, Xue Ying was still focused on defending and thus, his injuries were relatively light. As for the demon Lavda, he was only preventing the attacks from injuring his critical areas. As for attacks which were non-fatal, he would just ignore them. Of course, attacks that created an injury like the huge cavity on the left side of his chest, making his heart shatter, would certainly be dodged by the demon Lavda if he could.

    'Damn. I cannot let this go on. I can feel that my physical strength might not allow me to carry on for long!' Even though Xue Ying held the upperhand when the overall situation was considered, he knew something was awry! His Power Bloodline release consumed his energy at an immense rate, thus preventing him from prolonging the battle.


    Xue Ying suddenly retreated.

    "Mn?" The demon Lavda stared blankly, before grinning, "Haha, you can't hold on any longer? I knew that this would happen. Even if my injuries are heavier than yours, with my greater life force, I'm much stronger than you. At least, I can resist on for a longer time than you can."

    Even as he was saying those words, the demon Lavda had already chased down Xue Ying. He did not want to give him any chance of respite.

    "Not good!"

    "Dong Bo Xue Ying is in trouble."

    "I don't think he can hold on any longer with the release of his primordial bloodline." The many Transcendents made their own conclusions. There were many different innate talents one would gain from the primordial bloodline. Some might increase one's speed greatly, or some might increase one's power greatly. Such bloodlines would rapidly consume one's physical strength. As for those bloodline like the talent of teleportation... one would certainly have a limit to how many times he could teleport. Of course, the stronger one's combat power was, the more teleportations he could utilise!

    It was only some bloodlines like the undying body that did not require one to release it. It just gave one the ability for his body to be undying. Other bloodlines like those that controlled the World Energy also consumed very little energy.

    As for Xue Ying's Power Bloodline, it could clearly be seen that his physical strength was being consumed at a rapid rate.


    The wind was roaring.

    The demon Lavda was chasing after Xue Ying as he did not give him any chance of a respite, 'I mustn't let him rest. This is the opportunity I must take advantage of to get rid of him.'

    His speed was much faster, allowing him to reach Xue Ying in a short moment and forcing Xue Ying to keep changing direction continuously.


    Unexpectedly, the spear suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

    The demon Lavda instantly paled and felt extreme fear.

    Too fast! Too fast!

    Obviously, Xue Ying had been planning to catch him off guard with a sudden thrust! Once the demon Lavda's speed reached a maximum, and the distance between both of them became closer, Xue Ying would suddenly turn his body and stab out his spear without giving any concern to his body falling down. His only movement was to twist his body and stab out his spear! At the speed of the spear stabbing out and the top-speed which the demon Lavda was travelling at, the distance between them began shortening rapidly!

    The spearhead contained a frightening rotational power as it stabbed against the head of the demon Lavda!

    And the head was absolutely a vital point for anyone!

    "No- " The demon Lavda panicked. He was not willing to just die like that. Yet this time around, this sudden thrust was too fast! He could neither raise his arms in time to block against the attack nor could be retreat in time. Even his brain was not processing fast enough for him to think of what he should do next.

    The instinct of life was actually the combat instinct of a demon.

    That led to demon Lavda taking the initiative in receiving the attack by the spearhead at a faster speed, pu chi ! One must know that the spear was slanted upwards at an angle towards the demon's head. Ever since the demon's instinctive movement initiated an increase in speed, the spearhead stabbed through his collarbone instead!

    This spear was too fast for demon Lavda.

    And for Xue Ying, such an attack was similarly too fast for him. Due to the top-speed which the enemy was at when chasing after him, his spear did not have enough time to change before it stabbed through the collarbone. The spear had with it a powerful rotational force, carving out a huge cavity around the collarbone and causing the thick scaled throat of that demon to be partly torn apart.

    "Hong!" The Qi contained in the spear exploded out, though it was markedly weaker by much.

    Even after being stabbed through, the demon Lavda still continued on at top-speed in chasing after Xue Ying. He had a great desire to kill this damn human.

    As the demon came rushing over, Xue Ying did not have enough time to pull out his spear.


    He could only awkwardly let go of his spear in decision to escape. In his hands, another longer and thicker spear appeared. One had to understand that the weapons rack was filled with many weapons. Thus, there were many spears of different dimensions for different people of different sizes. Xue Ying had decided to take with him the entire weapons rack at the beginning of the battle.

    After his body was stabbed through with a spear of over two meters in length, the demon Lavda ceased his chase.

    "Damn." The demon took out the spear, showing the huge bloody cavity incurred from the attack. At this point, the injury was recovering at a rapid rate.

    "Healing again?" Xue Ying gasped. The sudden thrust tactic could only be used once. The next time he used it against the same opponent, he could  hardly hope it would have any effect any longer.

    "Mn?" The demon Lavda's expression changed suddenly.


    His body had a sudden change. From its initial thin and small body figure, it transformed back to the inflated and muscular one he had previously when the battle had initially began. Unlike last time, however, the demon's breath was clearly much weaker! The small and thin form was actually the form he used for burst attacks.

    Xue Ying stared for a while before revealing a joyful expression, "Haha, your body has tried restoring itself too many times. Now that you have used up so much of your energy, I guess you can't hold on much longer?"

    Previously, this demon had been stabbed at the chest, with his heart being destroyed! Such a frightening injury would normally mean death for Xue Ying. Yet not only the demon in front of him recovered back to his usual self, it still had the strength to enter his burst form. After that, he had incurred a huge amount of other serious injuries - injuries that would make even Xue Ying's heart tremble - yet he could still seemingly easily recover from each wound.

    This situation made Xue Ying feel... that a demon's life force was too terrifying.

    In reality though, even a much more powerful life force would have a limit!

    With the multitude of injuries, indubitably, an immense amount of his life force would certainly be used up. Finally, this recent sudden thrust by Xue Ying had created yet another fatal injury that the demon had to use up his body's demonic energy to recover himself. Thus, clearly seen, his life force could not hold on any longer, causing him to change back to his ordinary form.

    'Restoration' came at a cost, and, as such, it was not unlimited.

    Even if it was the undying body from the legends... if it was destroyed time after time, that person would still die eventually once that limit was reached!

    "Go to hell!" Xue Ying held on to the new spear in his hand. He immediately rushed forward to kill the demon. Demon Lavda was in panic as he tried to escape, yet when he was in his ordinary form while under the suppression of flames, his speed could never be faster than Xue Ying's.

    Pu chi!

    After the abrupt consumption of his strength, the demon Lavda's combat power declined sharply. After just three moves by Xue Ying, the demon was finally stabbed in his head!


    Xue Ying was barefoot and not wearing any shirt. His body was filled with many light injuries. Holding onto a spear, Xue Ying displayed demon Lavda's dead body impaled through the spear's tip!

    The ninth battle - victory!

    Demon - dead!

    "Wa!" A great wave of cheering erupted as it filled the entire battleground like a huge wave. The cheers were so strong that they could even blow away the roof of the Hall of Life and Death. Looking at the dead demon's body at the end of that human's young man's spear, all of them felt exhilarated. This scene would most likely be etched in their minds for the rest of their lives.

    Even the Transcendents viewing the platform were all hot-blooded after watching the battle.

    Most of them had not seen a demon before. Of course, neither had they before seen the scene showing what Xue Ying was currently doing - hauling up a dead body of a demon with his spear!
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