129 The Hundred-Battle Chamber

    Early morning.

    Xue Ying, Chi Qiu Bai, Peng Shan and the rest had drunk until their entire selves were reeking of alcohol. Having finished their celebrations, they went back to their respective mansions.

    "Master." The doors were opened early beforehand as the female housekeeper Xu Qin, who was garbed in white robe, greeted joyfully. Behind her, there were several maidservants and guards greeting him respectfully.

    "You've waited for the entire night?" Xue Ying asked.

    "It's something we should do." The female housekeeper Xu Qin's heart warmed at the question. Some Transcendents would not even care about the servants staying in the mansion.

    "The next time, you all need not wait. There is no need for these kind of acts." Having said that, Xue Ying went into the mansion.

    Walking to the back garden, he slouched on his favourite chair. With a thought in his mind, the Transcendent Qi immediately purged the alcohol within his body, completely, allowing him to become totally sober. Casually taking the flask, he tilted it downwards before drinking a mouthful of the spiritual liquid condensed with the Stone of Oceanic World! Concurrently, he could feel his entire self and spirit become fresh and refreshed.

    'After this, it'll be the period for cultivation as a Transcendent.' Xue Ying silently thought to himself, 'I better think through this and plan my schedule well.'

    Right now, it could be said that Xue Ying had finally truly become a Transcendent.

    Transcendents had a long lifespan, with Sky realm Transcendents reaching upwards of 800 years, Saint realm Transcendents reached 1500 years, and Demigods reaching a frightening 3000 years! He reckoned that he would be able to reach the Saint realm without any problems. Thus, he would have an estimated lifespan of at least 1500 years! And that was just saying it simply. In reality, this was an extremely long period of time. Some mortals would only have a lifespan of 100 years. Those Transcendents with a lifespan of more than 1000 years could be a living history to them.

    Right now, he was merely 29 years old... and that meant he was just a juvenile! Even amongst the Sky realm Transcendents, there would by many who could suppress him.

    'I think I should first continue with my previous cultivation method.'

    'Endlessly chasing after the dream of perfection in my spear techniques!'

    'While I am cultivating, I should do some Transcendent missions.' Xue Ying was currently contemplating. Any new Transcendents would have to complete ten life-death missions within ten years! Before completing these ten missions, they would be forbidden from leaving the Infernal World. Thus, that was the reason why Xue Ying told his family members that the latest he would reunite with them would be ten years later.

    If he was fast, a few years would be enough.

    Xue Ying did not want to rush through this mission requirement. He would rather be prudent when doing the missions.

    'I should also collect some biographies of the Transcendent ancestors of Xia Clan so that I might glean something which I can learn from during their entire life.' Xue Ying thought. He was someone who loved learning. Ever since he was young, he would read many folk tales of Transcendents. Yet because those were merely stories passed down from legends, the important information inherent within was too little.

    Right now, since he had become a Transcendent, he would definitely be able to find a lot of information in the histories of Transcendents, and the mistakes made by several ancestors - which he would definitely not commit! At the same time, he could also learn some good cultivation methods from them.

    After some time.


    "Dong Bo Xue Ying!"

    A voice was transmitted from mid-air. Xue Ying was startled by that as he raised his head only to see a yellow-robed figure, with eyes that flickered like lightning, looking down at Xue Ying.

    An unseen suppression made Xue Ying feel a knot in his heart.

    It was a Demigod!

    Xue Ying immediately stood up before greeting respectfully, "Dong Bo Xue Ying greets this senior."

    "Come with me," The yellow-robed old man said.

    "Yes." Xue Ying immediately flew to the skies and followed quickly behind the yellow-robed old man. There were many maidservants below in the mansion panicking, though they did not dare to shout.

    The yellow-robed old man did not say anything. He only led the way with Xue Ying obediently following.

    A Demigod came, and he dared not spout some nonsense. One must know that there were only that many Demigods living under the heavens, and all of them were frightening overlords of their own domains.


    Xue Ying was filled with bewilderment in his heart as he followed the yellow-robed old man towards the Infernal Palace.

    'We've come to the Infernal Palace?' Xue Ying was puzzled.


    The yellow-robed old man rapidly descended, with Xue Ying following closely behind. They landed on a meandering corridor.

    "That is the Hundred-Battle Chamber." The yellow-robed old man pointed out to a pavilion that was completely sealed, "Dong Bo Xue Ying, you are still very young. Who knows, you might even break the records set in the Hundred-Battle Chamber."

    "Senior looks too highly upon this junior." Xue Ying immediately replied. At the same time, he deeply looked at that ancient-looking sealed chambers.

    The Hundred-Battle Chamber was known amongst all the Transcendents.

    The chamber was filled with a hundred Refiner Organisms which all had a peak stage Sky realm combat ability. Furthermore, they were able to harmonize with each other's fighting styles perfectly well! Whenever a Transcendent expert entered, they would be surrounded and attacked! Facing against one Refiner Organism would be taxing on one's strength already, much less to say against 100 synchronized enemies at once. This was a battle causing one to feel absolute despair, with more than 90 percent of Transcendent at Sky realm Transcendents facing immediate defeat.

    But the rewards for completing this Hundred-Battle Chamber challenge were great.

    Facing against 100 and winning against them would allow one to obtain 10,000 contribution points!

    Sky realm Transcendents below 60 years of age could win another 100,000 contribution points if they win!

    Those were an extremely crazy amount of rewards.

    To these Transcendents with a lifespan of 800 years, sixty years of age were just like the juvenile periods of mortals! If one wanted to attain victory in this Hundred-Battles Chamber at such a young age, the difficulty would be so great that it made many feel despair. According to Xue Ying's understanding... in the entire Xia Clan's past ten thousand years, none had attained such a great accomplishment before! After all, many had only become a Transcendent after 60 years of age.

    Like Xue Ying who became a Transcendent at 28 years of age, he would be considered the youngest Transcendent in the past thousand years! Thus, from the moment he transcended, he would only have 32 years to try his best against the chamber!

    "One should have a target." The yellow-robed old man laughed.

    "Wanting to win this, one should have at least a middle stage Saint realm combat power." Xue Ying felt the pressure. A Sky realm Transcendent wishing to have the combat power of a middle stage Saint realm? That was too difficult!

    "There are many middle stage Saint realm Transcendents who can't even 'succeed in this." The yellow-robed old man had an expression that seemed to be laughing and not laughing, "However, since you are still young, you might have the chance to try your luck."

    "This junior will try his best," Xue Ying murmured.

    Was this Demigod making fun of him?


    The Hundred-Battle Chamber could be attempted by any human Sky realm Transcendents. However, they could only attempt the challenge once every ten years!

    "Da da da!" The yellow-robed old man walked on within the corridor with Xue Ying following obediently.

    They turned a few times within the enormous Infernal Palace before reaching a low hill. This hill was over 200 meters high with a waterfall gushing downwards, pouring into a lake that had been formed by the water's impact on the ground.

    "The next time you come, just follow the road I used to bring you here. If you were to fly within the Infernal Palace forcefully, you would get lost within the space." The yellow-robed old man said, "Go, let's enter."

    Only then did he fly towards the waterfall.

    Xue Ying followed behind him obediently.


    At the moment when his body contacted the waterfall, even though the water touched his body, the space around them became distorted. The scenery in front of Xue Ying revealed itself as an illusion. As everything brightened up in front of him, a vast space space appeared with undulating mountains and clouds floating in the skies.

    "So beautiful." Xue Ying was shocked. He had not thought that there would be such a vast space hidden within the Infernal Palace.

    He had not heard of this before. According to the memoirs left behind by Elder Lei Zhen of the Sea Deity Palace, and the many Transcendents he drank and chatted with, none of them knew of such a vast space hidden in the Infernal Palace.

    "The Infernal Palace is a clan protection Deity treasure with many secrets hidden in it." The yellow-robed old man laughed, "Dong Bo Xue Ying, for the next hundred years or more, you may cultivate in this location!"

    "Ah, I, I can cultivate here?" Xue Ying was surprised.

    "That's right. Due to the suggestion provided by Elder Chao Qing, my Xia Clan's Elder gathering decided to name you as a Substitute Elder. That's why you can come here." The yellow-robed old man laughed, "I'm called Gong Yu, the master of someone amongst you and your friends. You may call me Master Gong."

    Xue Ying was stunned.

    Senior Chao Qing? Xia Clan's Elder gathering? He was named as a Substitute Elder?
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