246 Despair of the Demon Generals


    The sound of a large explosion coming from the distance could be heard, the undulations of space intensifying.

    Xue Ying's facial expression slightly changed as he immediately stepped forward, his figure distorting before entering the Mirage. As he moved closed towards the battle by flying at his fastest speed, he finally saw a huge battle occurring!

    Atop the indigo-colored sea, a big, tall icy-blue demon was currently roaring as he tried his best to escape!

    "Frost demon, you'll never escape from this!" A shout resounded across the heavens. A silver-robed woman with a crown atop her head was also there. Her crown was no other than one of the two Clan Protection Deity weapons of the Sea Deity Palace-the Sea Deity Crown- a weapon best suited for Transcendent mages. It was currently emitting countless threads that were enveloping an area of over a thousand kilometers of sea.

    Countless seals appeared on top of the seawater, ultimately forming threads that bound the frost demon.

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