248 This is Enough

    Xue Ying stood and watched everything happening in the distance, beginning to feel worried in his heart.

    Who was that?

    That mysterious crimson-armored man had such shocking combat power that he could suppress the Grand Elder Palace Head even on the ocean! With that strength, he should be clearly be known to everyone as the number one expert under the heavens. Any ordinary expert from the Demonic Faction would not count for much, but this expert was considered 'the number one expert under the heavens', which was enough to cause worry. What Xue Ying feared most, however...was that he had never heard of such an expert before!

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    What exactly are the Demonic Faction and Sorcerer Palace planning by hiding such an expert all this time! Not only that, they have even cultivated a Deity Avatar! Xue Ying frowned. Is this crimson-armored man someone I'd recognize from the Xia Clan? But there are only 17 Demigods in total, excluding those from the Temple of the Earth God and the Bloodshed Tavern. Th
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