298 Secret Skill

    "Is your body that much stronger than Ku Meng's?" Xue Ying stared at Lord You Lan. "I can kill him with a single spear, and I can do the same to you!"

    "General Ku Meng's demonic body might be powerful, but how can it compare to mine? Hmph." Lord You Lan had just finished half of his sentence when he suddenly shot out both his palms without warning. His arms starting elongating explosively, and within the blink of an eye, those two black arms had reached Xue Ying. This pair of enormous palms was covered with gold seals, and some circles of gold seals were also amassed on his fingers.

    That pair of enormous palms directly slapped against the body of Xue Ying.


    Xue Ying's body dissipated, leaving behind only a destroyed illusion.

    Hong hong!

    Even though those enormous palms had suddenly stopped, the airflow they had generated produced two rays that rushed forward, gouging two large scars on the ground.

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    "Another illusion!" Lord You Lan
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