402 Emperor Xue Ying

    "The Beast Clan is finished." Elder Ao Lan overlooked the Transcendents of his clan before him and felt a fit of sorrow resonate in his heart. "The Xia Clan humans have borne Xue Ying, an apex Transcendent. I regret, extremely so, how much not just I, but even the Sorcerer God, had underestimated Xue Ying's threat level. Now, he has matured, and no one can stop him."

    "He'll become the Lord of the Xia Clan world! And our Beast Clan... will fall down and even be exterminated." Elder Ao Lan closed his eyes.



    Yet, he understood that this mortal world was destined to be the Xia Clan's. His Beast Clan had lost-a crushing defeat!

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    In the distant Dark Abyss, The Great Demonic God Da Er Hao also knew that Xue Ying had become a Deity. After all, within the Xia Clan, many Evil God and Demonic God believers were hidden amongst the countless mortals. Although the Demonic God's faction had been destroyed, he still secretly had a few believers lef
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