405 The News Goes Public

    "I'm still only at the start." Despite Xue Ying's surging emotions, he didn't hold the slightest trace of arrogance and instead remained very clear-headed. "I was already destined to become a stage one World Deity as soon as I succeeded in comprehending the grade one True Meaning of the Realm and reaching its Deity Heart realm."

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    Crimson Rock also nodded from nearby. "Indeed. When it comes to grade one True Meaning Transcendents, it is far from difficult to become a stage one World Deity. But when it comes to becoming a stage two, three, or four World Deity, taking even one step forward means going through much hardship! Even then, it might seem very hard, but your prospects are very large. Remember that many stage one World Deities would cultivate to insanity, even to the point of their original Deity Heart dissipating, and still be unable to reach the second stage."

    Xue Ying smiled. He understood that to be true.

    Even he suffered like so; after cultivating for tho
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