452 Hidden Move

    For the sake of Big Brother White Sand's gambling match, I have to do my best. Xue Ying might have been focused on refining his secret skills, but he didn't neglect killing the black-scaled mutated beasts at a quick pace. He would deal with any beast within a short period of time after its appearance.The mutated beasts are getting stronger and stronger, and my secret skills are already losing effectiveness against them. I have to start using Star Meteor Annihilation now.

    Xue Ying's secret skill based on Extreme Piercing, Star Aggregation, was barely able to pierce their hides, while 'Chaotic Suppression would cause his opponents to vomit blood at most. Such injuries were too light, allowing him to kill off one beast after two or three breaths worth of time.

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    Too slow!

    He had to start using his Star Meteor Annihilation! He began coordinating his spear techniques, while launching a final Star Annihilation Meteor strike as the killing move. This allowed him to barely m
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