465 Final Stage 1


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    White fog enveloped the towering mountain, and another Xue Ying appeared in the middle of the three present before. The four figures looked toward the distant ugly man who wielded a blood-colored arc-blade and lightly greeted, "Wan Jiu from the Milky Way Prefecture."

    "That's me." The corners of the ugly man's lip curled upward ever so slightly.

    Wan Jiu had taken first place in both the ranking battle and the survival battle of the Milky Way Prefecture Selections.

    "One-on-one. Even if one of us is about to die, neither of my comrades will interfere," the ugly man continued, his eyes betraying his expectation. He was currently ranked ninth in the Bloodshed God Palace Battle, and with only seventy people still alive for the moment, it was no doubt that he and his comrades would rank in the top hundred. However, there were only twenty three powerful existences, including the three grand elders and His Majesty, currently in the Bloodshed God Palace. Once the
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