474 Entering the Sealed World Pagoda

    On the same day, just as it was getting dark, the Bloodshed God Emperor's disciples held a sumptuous feast within the Crimson Stone Courtyard, to which they also invited Xue Ying.

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    "Disciple Brother, when we first entered teacher's tutelage, most of us only received a single command token for the Sealed World Pagoda. You, on the other hand, got two. Tell me, how can we not be jealous about that?"

    "That's what you're jealous about? Didn't you hear what Disciple Sister Gong Feng said? He'll get to consume some Nine-Fruit every year for a total of a thousand years."

    "So what if we envy him? Disciple Brother Dong Bo will most likely grasp a grade one Deity Heart within a few thousand years. With a cultivation speed that fast, he's almost at the level of those grade one True Meaning Transcendents. I'm sure it'll be a breeze for him to become a stage four World Deity." The disciples were chatting and laughing amongst themselves, most of their conversation revolving primar
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