482 Prisoner 2

    A tiny man was currently sitting within Xue Ying's sea of consciousness. This tiny man was actually Xue Ying's soul, as well as his True Deity Heart!

    At the moment, the tiny man had a very tender and cute appearance, but his aura was becoming stronger by the second. Around him, a huge illusory world was revolving around the tiny figure, becoming clearer and clearer. It seemed like every single action taken by man was now filled with boundless might.

    The world is me; I am the world.


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    Xue Ying's Deity sea had long since opened, having reached the limit of the Deity realm.

    Now, under the action of Xue Ying's True Deity Heart, the mighty Deity sea began to change. The scene seemed similar to the Creation of Heaven and Earth, down to the emergence of Myriad Existences. The land began expanding; mountains were raised, followed by valleys forming and the vegetation on the plains growing. With the huge amount of treasures provided by his teacher, as w
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