493 Offering an Apology

    "I will need your help with purchasing more Golden Fiend Beads and Demon Bone Ash," Xue Ying began. "For the moment, I'll need thirty-eight Golden Fiend Beads. I've already passed a hundred million Deity crystals to you a while ago, and that should suffice. As for the Demon Bone Ash, just go out and find someone to buy some from. If you obtain any information, I will go negotiate personally."

    "Yes." Xi Wei smiled. She had lived for so long within Crimson Rock Mountain, as she had followed the Sacred Master Crimson Dust, and had begun to feel truly stifled. At some point while they were still there, Xue Ying's true body had handed her a hundred million Deity crystals.

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    Xue Ying nodded.

    Golden Fiend Beads and Demon Bone Ash were rare treasures which he needed in order to continue his cultivation of the "Luminous Sun". His teacher had only given him enough treasures to reach the second volume. From the third volume and until the final sixth volume, he would have to pre
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