499 Overbearing, Terrifying!

    Powerful combat power, that was the true way to intimidate someone!

    Once the ones present at the scene saw the terrifying might behind Xue Ying's strike, they were all left in shock and disbelief, and the status they had assigned to Xue Ying in their hearts was surging ever upward. By now, it was not just Xue Ying's potential that was great; his actual combat power had already reached such a terrifying stage that he could easily intimidate others.

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    The Venomous Ying World Deity suddenly disappeared, while large amounts of fog appeared all over the place and eventually condensed into another Venomous Ying World Deity. She was standing there, holding onto her poisonous trident and looking at Xue Ying in disbelief. She was the only one to truly feel that palm strike with her own skin, and she clearly realized just how powerful it was.

    In an instant, Xue Ying's figure expanded to a towering height of about five million kilometers. He then extended his right ha
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