577 Escape Plan

    Relying on his superior power to control the Starfield Flying Ship, Xue Ying soon arrived at the 40th layer world of the Dark Abyss.

    Xue Ying felt like a giant bear being hunted by the five Abyss Sovereigns. Fortunately, these hunters could do no more than slow him down slightly.

    "Dong Bo Xue Ying!"

    "Dong Bo Xue Ying, do you dare go even deeper into the Dark Abyss?"

    Some shadows began charging towards him.

    Xue Ying felt it-there were more than eleven Abyss Sovereigns in the 40th layer world of the Dark Abyss! Some of them had pursued him from the previous levels, while others had arrived to intercept him from the levels below.

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    'As time drags on, even more of them will show up. My defensive ability is decent thanks to the Extreme Annihilation Mysterious Body, but that's only when it comes to ordinary powerful existences. Any stronger opponent, especially if the difference in strength is too pronounced, I would have no confidence in facing with this
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