608 Receiving a Disciple

    Hearing Xue Ying promised him without hesitation, Forefather Scarlet Flame felt his heart relaxing. At the same time, he said, "To purify a piece of Sun Star Nucleus Stone, the price is huge. If you require any treasure, I'll try my best to pay for it! If I can't, then I'll let you, Xue Ying, help me."

    "No need." Xue Ying had just started saying...

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    When Forefather Scarlet Flame's expression turned sullen: "Xue Ying, I am sure how much favor you will have to owe for this endeavor. There might even be several expenses far beyond what some treasures could be worth! If I can't do anything, I'll rather not have the Sun Star Nucleus Stone!"

    Xue Ying was startled after seeing this. He understood that powerful existences had their dignity! Forefather Scarlet Flame had sought for help without caring about his pride because of a colossal matter like cultivation. If all the treasures were paid for by Xue Ying from his pocket... then that would be greatly hurt his dignity.

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