620 Acting for the First Time after 700,000 Years

    Black Fog Sea, Monarch Dong Bo Residence.

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    Jing Qiu and Dong Bo Yu were both looking at Xue Ying and Forefather Scarlet Flame in confusion.

    "Father, Forefather, what happened?" Dong Bo Yu could not help but ask.

    "There are some minor issues." Xue Ying frowned.

    Forefather Scarlet Flame was slightly anxious. He grew ashen. After a while, his entire figure became powerless. He turned to Xue Ying, saying in a low voice, "Xue Ying, this time, I am unable to protect the Sun Star Nucleus Stone. Everything is because of me. In the future, if you still have to return the Sun Star Nucleus Stone to Ripple Lady Planet Master, everything will be handled by me." Forefather Scarlet Flame said with a feeble voice.

    Forefather Scarlet Flame was clear that he had no means of returning it! The Sun Star Nucleus Stone was such a precious treasure!

    "I am sorry, I am sorry." Forefather Scarlet Flame said in a low tone. Rage, guilt, and anguish filled him at this moment. H
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