633 Assassinating Xue Ying

    "Protector Qian." The huge fanged-hunk lightly mentioned, though his voice had rapidly resounded in the quiet secret room.

    A monkey-like beast located within this quiet secret room was seated cross-legged like a human. He had golden hair and a look of calm. The moment he heard the voice called out by the religious leader, he opened his eyes. That pair of golden eyes were filled with loyalty and devotion.

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    This golden-haired monkey stood up. The door of the secret room automatically opened.


    He took a step before crossing through a vast distance, arriving right outside the huge bronze door of the towering palace hall. The big bronze door was also opening by itself.

    The golden-haired monkey remained like a wild monkey with his back hunched as he entered the room. The big bronze door soon closed up once again.

    "Religious leader." The golden-haired monkey sat down cross-legged.

    "Protector Qian, there's a matter which requires you to act." T
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