675 Ultra-Miniature Cosmos

    As Xue Ying and his wife brought their children via the time-space tunnel to the Bloodshed God Palace, suddenly, a familiar voice sounded by their ears, "Xue Ying, come over to my side first."

    "Jing Qiu, bring Yu'er and Qing Yao to the Main Palace. I'll go see Teacher first before going there." Xue Ying immediately said to his wife.

    "Alright." Jing Qiu nodded.

    The eyes of the nearby Dong Bo Yu and Qing Yao brightened. Meeting the God-Emperor! His father was going to meet with the rumored strongest cultivator in the Deity world.

    "Remember to be more reserved tacit in today's banquet." Xue Ying reminded them once more. There were likely to be a few Rulers participating in today's banquet. Xue Ying would definitely be losing face if his children created some disturbances.

    "Don't worry, father."

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    "Father, why don't you go see his majesty the God-Emperor first."

    Dong Bo Yu and her brother both successively urged him.

    Only after this did Xue
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