717 Two Days

    After a moment, "Your Majesty God-Emperor." Mysterious North Imperial Empress, Monarch Hex Cricket and Heavenly Emperor of Great Destruction relied upon the array to teleport out swiftly from the Arcadia Flying Ship. They arrived at where Bloodshed God-Emperor was.

    Bloodshed God-Emperor nodded.

    Closely following that, this region turned into a piece of primal chaos fuzziness, preventing others from seeing what they were doing.

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    "Bloodshed is quite careful." Primal Master chuckled.

    "He should have an arrangement. After all, the number of moves he had is more than ours." Abyss Primogenitor laughed too. Bloodshed God-Emperor was the number one in direct combat, in refinement, and on arrays within the entire Cultivator Cosmos. He had reached the Ruler realm in all three Daos. He was the most all-rounded and perfect Ruler. Even though Monarch Green had the same demeanor as he did for Monarch Green specialized in three Daos too.

    But Monarch Green concentrated
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