757 Deep Sleep

    Jing Qiu had fallen into a daze. This person, who she truly believed had an unfathomable strength and was one of the three ancestors, 'Xue Ying', actually just fallen down on the ground, unconscious? The laws of the material realm were extremely protective of the lifeforms within the realm. Even Bloodshed God-Emperor, Temporal Island Lord and other Rulers could at most kill a stage three World Deity by relying on the karma formed from oaths.

    With Xue Ying's current power? He should be entirely safe in the material realm!

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    "Xue Ying, Xue Ying, quickly wake up, quickly wake up!" Jing Qiu tried to send a strand of World Deity energy into his body. "Chi chi chi", just as it touched the skin of Xue Ying, it suffered from an unseen repulsion. Even though he had fallen into deep sleep, his fleshly body was something Jing Qiu could not permeate with her strength.

    "Mother, what happened? What happened to father?" The Crimson Rock Mountain Crimson Dust Island was only so big.
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